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I was on This Week in Google and the show is up now. It was a pretty fun show.

During the show, I said that a remote USSD security hole was in TouchWiz, but I was mistaken. I believe the hole was in stock Android, although the fix was checked in three months ago--sorry about that. More info:
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Matt, are you using the new Nexus phone? Is Sony building the new Nexus? What is the screen size? Would it be powered by Quad core Tegra 3 like the Nexus 7?
Matt, watching the show right now. I always appreciate your level-headed representation on TWIT. Not fueling any fanboy polarizing headlines. 

Plus you make engineers seem like normal people :)
Good job on publicly correcting yourself, and good job in TWiG it was a good show, despite there being a Gina-shaped hole.
Is Google working on a patch for this vulnerability?
+Matt Cutts. Always fun to have you visit the kids at TWIT. You and +Vic Gundotra have always been such great evangelists for Google. 
Just listened to the podcast.  I always enjoy Matt's appearances on TWIG. 
Interesting wording around the turn by turn navigation being the reason ios dropped google maps, and google refusing that to apple, wonder how true that is.
+Eugene Jooste This is the post about the android security issue where Matt says it was fixed 3 months ago.
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