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I don't know if this makes me happy, scared, or happyscared.
Experiments performed with a team of nano quadrotors at the GRASP Lab, University of Pennsylvania. Vehicles developed by KMel Robotics. Special thanks to Pro...
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i fall in the camp of creepy, scared, or creepyscared
Holy cr@* this is 2 cool
It won't take long before someone makes a horror movie about a swarm of these going on a rampage :P
Better stock up on crowbars... Looks like Halflife 2 is just around the corner...
Put this with Siri (a reliable version) and suddenly Skynet seems much closer.
Maybe it's viral marketing for Half-Life 3? I can dream, right?
Is there an android version in the making? Voice activation in combi with getting the newspaper....
Jobs for pilots are going - and they're not coming back .... but there will always be flight attendants.
This is awesome work from a control standpoint, but to put it in perspective, the location sensing and motion planning are all offboard as I understand this demo. Therefore this system can only function in a controlled lab setting.

Still, for now I'll think twice next time I head into any buzzing rooms with twenty high-end motion capture cameras mounted overhead. :)
While everyone else seems to be scared of these things, they remind me of the tiny helpers in Batteries Not Included.
Oh WOW!!! Those things are AH-mazing!
scared for the rise of Skynet for sure
I would just like to point out that this, for now at least, is a very controlled environment. The whole area is covered by motion sensor cameras, and it's this feedback that allows such precise manoeuvring. Still awesome though!
I definitely fall in the happyscared camp. That's pretty awesome, and sure it's the motion sensing cameras that allow the formation, but those are some pretty agile machines. Of course I'm sure the battery life sucks, plus they're noisy as anything... But the concepts are there, which is what frightens me more than anything.
Hans D
If I could draw cartoons, I'd have the nano quadrotor beta testing team high fiving each other in a room after the video, but they'd all have bandaged or missing fingers :)
Rise of the Machines! Where's John Connor when you need him???
can you build one big enough to lift humans? i want one for transport
"I sow this before it make me happy-scared I think"
next generation recon and warfare.
+Steve Cox It's obviously going to happen: there's a lot of research going on (and that's only what you can find on the Web.) The military would certainly find use for something like that. So would the police: want to see what the bad guys are doing before they see you? Send a few of these things in first. Not a new idea at all: plenty of precedent in science-fiction. It's just that we're finally acquiring the technical capability to pull it off.

Tie them in with those proposed mobile mesh-networked mines I was reading about recently. The flying probes could tell the mines where the intruders are.

The only issue I can see is going to be an adequate power source. Lithium-ion batteries aren't going to cut it. Fuel-cells, maybe.
Does anyone have the link to the paper regarding the swarn of nano cuadcopters?
Is it on arXiv?
Did they publish it on IEEE or IFAC or some journal or conference proceedings?

I'd really like to check the control laws they are using and the synchonization algorithm.
That is amazing. I wonder how long they fly for?
Skynet is really not far away. Amazing that this works with so little resources
Now they need to make them self-replicating...
Who is "they" We all need to get in and innovate.
+Matt Cutts it looks like every single comment from me on any of your posts with a URL in it is hidden as spam? Including my reply answering David's question above, and my comment about records vs. cost decision support in your post about Microsoft medical records.
I think I saw an episode of Star Trek like this. I would suggest staying inside if your entire wardrobe is comprised of red shirts.
Nightmares last night, wasnt that worried till i saw them flying through that window, every horror sci-fi i've watched over the years came back to me in a rush. Including Minority Report .... terrifying, watching a Tom Cruise film ..... nightmare
Seriously interesting and creepy. Who needs pilots?
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