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I'm going to be on leave for a few months. See my blog post for more details. The two things to know:
- I won't be checking work email while I'm gone.
- The webspam team at Google is in very good hands. They're all better at spamfighting than I am. :)
I wanted to let folks know that I'm about to take a few months of leave. When I joined Google, my wife and I agreed that I would work for 4-5 years, and then she'd get to see more of me. I talked a...
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+Matt Cutts  Enjoy your leave. I'm looking forward to see you pick up the antispam war when you come back. I like my gmail crap free, and I have you and your team to thank for that.
Awesome - keep your promise to yourself and stay unplugged!
Have a great vacation, Matt :-) Family comes first. Enjoy life and being with family:-)
have a safe trip's a wonderful and much needed thing to take time for yourself and loved ones
Whah , we all know he is on a secret mission to fight spam from within
Good for you +Matt Cutts . Glad to hear it and I know your wife will be happy about it.
+Matt Cutts enjoy your break. I am sure first days will be tough to ignore the work and mind will take some time to understand you are not working :) have fun
+Matt Cutts   Should you visit the Sunshine Coast in Australia or Fraser Island please drop me a line. I do tour guiding in the area and I am happy to give you a personal tour
The people with the really uncalled for responses clearly don't understand the valuable role +Matt Cutts plays in the SEOcosm we all live in. 
We'll be missing you Matt, hope you have a really great time off with your family.
What a cool thing to do, +Matt Cutts and your wife must be delighted you're able to cut yourself off from work to spend quality time with her. Have a great cruise, and practice those deep drops in the ballroom.
Now seems like a great time to SPAM ALL THE THINGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   =]
The BEST decision U can make is that one that comes from the inside... is GREAT to know that U will be having LOTS of FUN...

whenever U feel like getting a peak on what's going on at work remember that there is NOTHING more important in your life that your family ;D U can find many different jobs but U find only ONE family 4U ;D

I am wishing U a great, safe trip and relax time... oh and dancing I'm sure will make U feel 22 again ;D Good luck with everything and enjoy it to the fullest MATT /I can't tag U cos my keyboard doesn't work/ ;D
Awesome +Matt Cutts! It is always good to recharge the batteries and spend time with the people you love. Enjoy your time off and best wishes on your anniversary!
Enjoy your time! Can you set the Google algorithm from 2001 back for 3 months and give us a fun vacation time as well?
Hopefully they can get on top of the algo giving priority to directories Vs true content sites! !! Reminds me of 2008-2010 days - smico
He's gone! Alright who needs discount scarves made in a Nike store in Hong Kong? Wait, I forgot to add the link
I can feel a sad emotion, not just a happy holiday leave?
Matt Cutts Rocks!  Thanks for all your help and teachings.   #SEOinVietnam  

I have watched many of your videos and like your style of answering questions.  I hope you come back.  You are a Google Icon that is personable and believable.
Have Fun +Matt Cutts !! I hope during your vacation that you find time to ride a  pure motocross bike!!!
I would even go as far as to say that it's gonna suck with no WMT videos for a while... But then again, I feel sort of led to the golden spring and now we must continue on our own with what we've already learned... Thanks Matt, See ya when you return. We got this.
Enjoy your break and the cruise!

Are we likely to see you on a TV dancing program any time soon, +Matt Cutts? :-)
Enjoy Life Matt. Come back to us when you're ready.
Have a good retirement, i don't think we'll see you again really. I hope the doctors can fix your health issues, which are in fact related to stress ( destroying so many businesses, i wouldn't be able to handle it really ).  Enjoy your new life, and relax, but as the Dalai Lama said, "occidentals lose their health to gain money, and then they lose money to regain their health, all without living a real life"... ( not sure how to translate it in english ).
Wish you wonderful holidays and enjoy:)
Great move. Family comes first. Enjoy the break.
Good advice for all of us to find some time to totally unplug. Enjoy the time off.
nooooooooooo... what about the videos?? jk..  have a good one mate.. 
If you're serious about not answering email then come to England.  Our Internet is rubbish :o)

Enjoy your break, Matt.  I'm sure there'll be plenty of spam for you to fight on your return.
+Jake Weisz SEL is headline whoring hard. Thats how they roll. Hardly "news".

Matt pls come back after your leave, youre more fun to hate than john mu, I cant stay mad at him for long.
Good for you. Enjoy your cats. 
Can't wait to see what you think up when you have more time,  +Matt Cutts 
Good way of Living life.. learning from you.. likes 30 days challenges and this new.. 
please don't come back, we will replace u with some one from blackhat forums 
Enioy your leave.
Great to know about this well thought out and planned long time off wish we all could do such a thing during our careers... Good luck and have fun
Investing in your marriage is worth more than any job.  Enjoy!  And happy anniversary!
What cruise y'all taking?
Have fun practicing facial expressions :D
Enjoy your leave! We want more quality works when you're back...
I'm feeling so guilty - I wrote this incredible reconsideration monograph after days and days of watching every video out there of how to put it together and within 24 hours of submitting it, you're leaving. I know it was my letter that broke the proverbial camel's back. But I will say - you sound really really calm and nice in those videos. Enjoy your break.
I hope your time off is enjoyable! Sometimes it's not so I hope you have a great, fun story when you get back. 
Matt,I hope you and your Family have a great time,have fun,get some rest.Can't wait to see the pictures.
wish i could take a few months off with my wife...
Enjoy your break! Come back with a fully recharged battery!
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