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My "30 day challenge" video just topped 3 million views! November is just about to start, so it's the perfect time to try a 30 day challenge. Some ideas: is a group of people who each try to write a 50,000 word novel in 30 days. I've done it. It's hard, but incredibly rewarding. is a group of folks who grow moustaches for the month of November to raise money for charity.

Or do anything you've ever wanted to try, like taking a picture a day. Last month, I tried to practice the ukulele every day. So, what have you always thought about doing? Why not try it this coming month, just for 30 days?
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I think I'll do the picture a day again. I did it a while ago and it was awesome,
That was great. I like to do these myself
It's great to see Movember taking off in the US - It's a very fun organisation that raises a lot of money for male cancer charities. I'm ready to start growing my Mo' tomorrow!
I love that idea! Hmm.. Have to find one for myself now :D
Don't even THINK of trying to grow a moustache Cecilia - it won't work!  lmao
Where can I sign in to take my "I will work 30day for Google" challenge?
+Matt Cutts  Nice work.  You nailed it.  Short, concise and life a good TED talk should be.  I guess you can cross off "Speak at TED" off your Bucket List now.
I do some norwegian subs for them. Putting this on my todo list.
Congrats! what an accomplishment.
+Matt Cutts Thanks for the inspiration to do 30-day challenges.  I've done 3 of them since August: (1) no desserts; (2) at least 30 mins of exercise/day (which ended up being running -- major for a non-runner); (3) buy nothing new (food/utilities/software excluded). 
Perhaps I might try being positive and calm for 30 days. :-)
I'd like to learn something new every day for 30 days about Google Analytics. 
Walk up to someone different everyday. This would be a person of whom you don’t know very well and use that Kentucky smile and charm for edification and let them know that they are loved.@love_equals
Mohamed, there are no SEO "tricks", just good standards for SEO. Never try and trick an SE w black hat changes or maneuvers.

@Brain Lane can u tell me the Seo Standards or mail to me
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