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What online music service do you like, and why? Rdio, Spotify, MOG, Pandora, or something else?
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Ian Tang
Google Music, duh. Just add your music without syncing! But also Pandora to discover new music. Spotify is okay, but you can't take the music everywhere unless you pay.
I just stream triple J. Works for me. =D
I mix it up. I use Spotify at the office. I use Pandora when I'm writing and I listen to Google Music on my phone.
rdio has a very nice Android client, and having a web interface is a big plus. Would love Google Music in Australia...
Pandora + Rdio

Pandora is great for "set it and forget it" tunes, and the price is right. For full albums/specific songs, I go with Rdio because they have a good sized library and dont require a FB login (ahem Spotify and MOG ahem). Switched to Rdio from MOG, and so far, I am happy.
Spotify, but will probably move over to google music soon.
Spotify for custom playlists; it's entirely replaced iTunes for me. However, I spend the most time on Pandora by far. Its ability to discern what I like based on a single song or artist is creepily accurate.
YouTube because it has UI that I am comfortable using and a vast amount of music videos / audio to choose from.
rudy s
I used to use and love rdio, now i dont have as much need for one so i unsubscribed. thinking of resubscribing though.
MOG. Good database, links to songs & albums, doesn't spam Facebook, you choose what to listen to
I listen to Pandora at my desk all day and on rare occasions in the car or during a run. (for as long as I have a decent data signal, which usually isn't that long)
Can't help but "YouTube", all the services you mentioned don't work outside the US..
Pandora for discovery of music
Google music and you tube
I use Google Music and have a free MOG account. For the desktop, MOG uses high bitrates and only requires a browser.
All my stuff is on Google Music, it's all I use. Mainly because of the convenience/connection of being on Google's cloud and integrated with my Android devices--phone, tablet, tv.
Pandora, Slacker, and Google Music
Spotify because I can choose exactly what I want to listen to.
Spotify, I like it because I can listen to whatever I want, used Pandora before and didn't like it because I couldn't choose what to listen to
Google music for my personal music and pandora to find new music
Spotify. Very little I can't find on spotify. For $10/month I can listen to any song I want through my phone. The mobile app is great and buffers amazingly well. I can typically listen to streaming audio all the way to work, even through some pretty large coverage deadzones along my 45 mile commute.
Spotify for finding music from my friends whom musical taste i usually seek out ( this replaced youtube for social sharing ), pandora for random discovery, soundcloud for finding musicians / producers to collaborate with.

Google music is what i'm starting to use in conjunction with G drive to actually work / collaborate with musicians though and will eventually be the back bone for hosting .wav files sync'ed with my DAW through ( g drive ) for remixing contests / open sourcing my productions.

So they've all got their place...
Used to use Pandora up until it stopped working with Google Chrome. I've been using Google Play (Music) for the past few months. Unfortunately, I've stopped even that because of some annoying issues (bugs, perhaps) with the service.

Now, all I hear is the sound of silence (pun intended).
Spotify paid is absolutely fantastic, if you want a cheaper alternative to the iTunes store, and you are sick of ads on Pandora (unless of course you have a jailbroken iphone, in which case you can skip the ads). For the longest time I was a pirate, but when an affordable service came along with such a huge selection of music? Hell yeah I'll pay for it.

Not to mention, you can select as much as you want for OFFLINE play. No need to be always connected to the internet.
I generally buy MP3s from Amazon or Google and stream them from my home server using Ampache. I use Pandora as a discovery platform, and I sometimes preview entire albums with Spotify before purchasing.
+Lap Fung Lee Spotify was launched in US the last year if I'm not wrong. Before that you could only enjoy it in Europe I believe. However, you can still use Spotify Premium if you are outside US/Europe as long as you pay with an US Debit/Credit card.
Rdio has a great catalog, great app, and I picked their service at a time when Spotify was not available in the US. I am happily paying a monthly fee and tracking my usage on (which I started using way before Rdio)
Are you guys going to buy whoever most people choose as their favourite? ;)
Google Music, as soon as it becomes available in Canada :-P
Pandora is what we use at our job sites. We pay the 30.00 a year. Well worth the $ for all the new music we've been introduced too. Pick a mood and Pandora does the rest, commercial free,all day long......
Spotify for browsing. Google Music for things I own.
Why, Radio Paradise of course!

This station plays music hand picked by a human, is relevant, non-abrasive, and commercial free. Sometimes he (Bill Goldsmith) is subtle and crafty in what he plays together, something no software algorithm will ever achieve. #refreshing
I used Pandora for couple of times. I hated it at the beginning because they kept playing these stupid songs that I would never listen to and They limit the amount where you can skip a song and that you have to listen to the full song.
I've been using as opposed to Pandora lately - more varied selection of music.
Other than that Google Music - Easy syncing/streaming of music and convenience.
I uploaded all my CDs to Google Music, but for stuff I don't have, I use Spotify because all I listen to is classical music, and there's no other service for that. At $9.99/month, it's less than the cost of a CD. Also, Spotify works with Sonos, the wireless audio system I have at home.
Gum still my main source for smooth jazz music
Pandora. Great music discovery, particularly since my tastes are a bit different (pretty classical).

When I purchase from Pandora, I put it into Amazon MP3 -- probably because they got to me before Google Music. If someone has a killer reason to switch, I might.
Mobile is where its at-- my current favs are iHeart Radio and TuneIn Radio
Pandora no doubt. Love creating stations based on artists. It's almost intuitive at selecting the tracks it suggests for me.
Pandora user for a long time and my trusty, tank-like iPod Classic with iTunes. Takes care of everything I need at home and on the road.
Wow only one person, +Cameron Bryant, mentioned grooveshark. It's by far the best music streaming site for desktop.
+Jim Meehan Sonos rocks! I too have duplicated all our music up to Google Music, which is great for listening on my Android phone, but I'd like to be able to play it on our Sonos too. Hmm, wonder if we'll see something new sonos-like on the Android@Home frontlines at I/O this year....
+Jon Sanders saw your comment after I posted mine. guess many haven't seen the beautiful interface and collection it has.
Sorry but is my overall favorite, mostly because of the artist discovery and the better selection. Been a member before they started charging but i sub and couldnt be happier
Ryan R
2 I host my own collection and can access it from my Android or via the slick web interface.
Only services where I can upload. My tastes are obscure, library services inevitably only have a small portion of what I listen to.
Grooveshark and Jango. The others won't play outside the USA.
Opps lol Soundcloud is definitely another one as well :)
Spotify & YouTube for discovery, Soundcloud for indie tracks, TuneIn in the car.
I'm old-fashioned: recommendations from friends are how I find composers I don't know.
Since we're outside US:
1. Spotify on anonymiser
2. YouTube with this cool Chrome plug-in seevl for artist info & discovery of similar music 
I used Spotify during the pre-US beta and it totally changed the way I consume music. 5 years ago Pandora+Spotify was how I listened to all my music.

Today, Rdio has replaced both. The mobile syncing means I don't have to use iTunes. Their "Radio" feature is almost as good as Pandora. And their catalog is great and growing every day. They were also the first to work with Sonos.

<3 Rdio
I haven't seen anyone mention Songza. All curated play lists.
Pandora. We have good history and it's everywhere I want to be.
Rdio, the only one available in Brazil
Rdio, for the good approach to social discovery among friends. I haven't used Spotify, though.
Spotify just came to Australia. It's pretty cool!
I'm a big Spotify guy. Especially since I used to spend about $40-$100 a month on iTunes (mostly albums). Now I spend $10/mo and still listen to all the music I was spending 4-10x as much on before. Also, I can use the Google Play specials on albums to continue filling my collection in case I ever decide to ditch Spotify. +Louis Gray was the one who convinced me to get on the Spotify train.
A new tools has come up which is like a one for free music called Tuner Coin. Its kinda good
Google Music works but the volume seems very soft compared to other services. I like Spotify and iHeart Radio mostly.
Rdio. But honestly, has been my goto app for a while now. Browser extension syncs with their mobile app. Seamless cross platform experience. Just works. 
Spotify still had no web client as of when I dumped it a few months ago. That was the deal killer for me.

So I use pandora when I want to hear something I might not have thought of on my own (also great for kids music), rdio when I want to listen to something specific, or to try something out, and google music when I want to listen to something specific from my collection that isn't available on rdio (e.g., Beatles).

I saw a review maybe six months ago comparing the bands exclusively available on spotify vs. rdio, and I liked the ones on rdio better anyway. But a lot changes in six months. Also, rdio's selection of classical is decent, while I felt like spotify's was not good (esp. for opera).
I use Pandora a lot... its free and available on everything.. I use pianobar to listen to Pandora from a linux shell (and not just because I work for them :P ) and Google Music
This is good way for Google to know what it should buy next when it wants.
I use Spotify and I like that the two can connect to each other. I actually built a web application to pull scrobbled tracks from and generate a Spotify link to play in Spotify. Pretty fun to be able to keep track of my friend's music and instantly play it!
Lately, I've used Spotify the most to seek out specific music or listen to a playlist of songs I like. I use to discover new music and revisit tracks as they go through the rankings system there.
Rdio has a great website, good desktop apps, fair pricing and has supported Canada when other streaming music sites did not.
I have enjoyed +Spotify since the first day I got my hands on it. I stopped using iTunes altogether. I was happy to back up that music I had purchased to Google Music, and I use that every day while at work, but Spotify has practically any track from any artist on demand. It's seemingly infinite.
Google (Play) Music for sure. Best Android integration, great web store, instantly and automatically synced to all my devices.
(Google Play Music) there are lot of things which can be done.
Spotify, because it's the only one in New Zealand that has any sort of library available.
Pandora, but will check out Google music. Interestingly enough started checking out Pandora vs Spotify and it appears these guys are hurting in revenue vs operating expenses. If they plan on making money on ads and I like Google music that will be one less fan for them uhmm
Rdio. It has a great android app and it beats buying music.
All these music services not yet available in Israel.
Personally I like, because of the beautiful, geeky data they generate for me.
Grooveshark because you can listen to any song anytime and build and share playlists. 
Pandora, after several years of input it pretty much gets it right.
Simple, no online music service. I just listen to online radio of and avoid any online music management while still listening to great music :-)
Pandora seems to always get the job done.
I used pandora but eventually I got tired of always the same songs... I like the idea of Spotify (well of course... free music on demand!), but I mostly use google music.
Google Music, Amanzon Music, Pandora.
I use google music. But I miss podcasts from Itunes
Rdio. Great UX, pretty complete catalogue, and good mobile app. And most importantly, subscription model.
soundcloud, ilike, soundkick. The first two: because I can also upload (own) music, the latter: easy to track concerts of personal musician favorites
Grooveshark. I find it very easy to organize playlists and/or discover the music I want to listen to.
We have only just got Spotify in NZ and have had Rdio for a few months. I like both but Rdio is slightly ahead for me because it deals with albums better and it can be used from a browser.
Google Music for playback and for discovery... I really find the usage/listening info useful and interesting (especially comparison over time)
I love LastFM. You search for an artist and then you start a "station" with music that is related to his music. This way I discover a whole genre.
Pandora... because it has years of the herd's refinements in its storehouses...
Spotify, because I can find nearly all the music I listen to. But i don't like the design of fhe linux nor the android client...
Spotify - easy to curate music I like
Pandora - for discovering music I've never heard before
+Spotify as it's now available in Australia. I just wish it was a bit easier to explore / find new music but it definitely gets me through those long days of coding +5150 Studios
+Rdio it has all the music I like (rock, alternative) and I can pick an play what ever songs I want. Also has mobile platform.
Spotify! It has the biggest library and a lot of the obscure stuff that I love. Still the service has lot's of downtime and feels buggy the last few months, which might get me to check out Deezer or Rdio when it's available here.
I can't decide between Spotify & Napster/Rhapsody, so I use both :)
Pandora... Just out of habit, and since they have my music preference for so many years, it's easy to hear great new music that I will like. Which one do you use Matt?
Grooveshark for me. Biggest catalogue (albeit variable quality), Android app is great for in-car audio.
Gus K
After closed down, I did a serious search for the next best streaming music site. I ended up choosing MOG after several days of comparisons and became a paid subscriber until my listening habits changed. Now days, I mostly use Pandora because I enjoy passive listening and discovery. If I hear something I really like, I jump over to YouTube or another service to dig deeper. Spotify is decent, but its catalog is surprisingly limited for some genres and I prefer a browser-based service since I use my Cr-48 often. Rdio has a good selection, but lacks some of what MOG has. MOG lacks some of what Rdio has. Grooveshark has one of the best libraries, but it can be slow to get newer releases and doesn't have a good mobile app. Overall, I use a combination of Pandora, YouTube, Grooveshark, MOG, and Rdio.
8tracks is my favourite. I like ordering things into neat genre specific boxes. Probably why I'm obsessed with Pinterest. ;)
Google Music: it's free and has great streaming quality on my cell phone.
Mixcloud is great, and soundcloud is pretty decent.
I sort of have a process...
- Pandora for discovery
- Spotify for cultivating
- Google Play Music for my permanent library

Every couple of weeks, I will check my recent thumbs-up in Pandora and add them to my New Music playlist in Spotify. From there I will check out more music from those artists, similar artists, etc. Occasionally I will create a Spotify station from a track, but I don't have as much luck with that as with Pandora.

When I decide I want to buy music, I'll check the Play Store, then the band website, then Amazon. I'll upload to my Play library after I buy it.
Spotify fan here. The option to listen to my ALL favorite songs, is something I can't pass to.
I would use something but I live in fucking Canada where nothing works.
Rdio, Pandora, for discovery.
Google Music for stuff I actually want to own.
Rdio and GMusic scrobble to
Funny that only a few people mention as a source. Pandora gets a little repetitive and TT prevents that by peer pressure (if you're in the right rooms).

Other than that, I hate to say it, iTunes...
Although the selection isn't as large as some others, I use MOG and Pandora because they work on my Roku, Android and Chromebook as well as regular PCs.
I love Pandora. It is easy to use and I like the way it picks songs for me that I really enjoy. My daughter Alicia loves it too. Which one do you like Matt?
Streaming radio: KCRW and The Current.
Usually Pandora, with Google Music a distant second.
Spotify at home, Pandora at work, and I still occasionally buy something from iTunes or Amazon MP3.
For browsing specific genre, and depth of catalog (particularly classical and jazz) rhapsody is great. Have had a subscription for about 7 years. Love it!
I use spotify at work. It is cheap and simple.
Grooveshark - very, very free and has most tunes on it.
Tune In Radio. Local stations or from around the world. Simple and it just works.
Pandora, I prefer a service that does most of the work for me. I don't spend much time listening to music, usually I will listen to podcasts or audio books instead of music.
Rdio because of the iPhone and Mac apps and the "save to mobile" feature. I don't get good reception at work and the ability to save to my phone makes it easy to store the music I like.
Pandora. I don't want to specify each individual song; I like to be surprised by what comes next. for me. It's like Pandora only better in every way. Also: mixcloud, for when I'd prefer human-generated playlists, and Google for music storage and sync.
Pandora for discovery, Grooveshark for everything else.
Usually Pandora and Grooveshark if I want to hear something specific and make a temporary playlist.
All of the aforementioned music streaming services are inferior to Grooveshark - it's amazing! Why, is Google hunting for an acquisition in this space?
Rdio but in Canada we don't have too many options... actually Rdio may be our only option.
MOG but that was more because Samsung already dropped that on my smartphone. Works easy.
YouTube, GrooveShark, & SoundCloud because they are free. GrooveShark because no advertises and lots of choices. Unlike Pandora, it doesn't limit how many forwards you can make. SoundCloud- easy to share and unique music from new DJs.
Spotify just seems better so far, and as it's the only one which works on my Virgin TiVo, I don't really have a choice.
Pandora! I stream Pandora on my tv & at work!
I have used for many years. They're really great for discovering new music. I don't like spotify and mog because of the requirements to sign in with facebook. I don't want facebook to become the identity provider on the internet
Spotify. Lots of new apps help me discover new music!
Pandora, grooveshark when looking for something specific
Pandora. I pay for it and love the channels and smart playlist. Buy them if they are going out of business Matt.
Spotify Premium- Like - new ipad App and that it works with Sonos at home. Dont like - that I have to have a work and home account so both family and I can listen at different venues at the same time.
I can't believe no one has mentioned Audiogalaxy -- I can stream my own library from my home system.
Tried everything. Rdio is the only one that has stuck for me.
We use Pandora because we can create playlists that cater to our patients taste. If they request a certain artist or theme we can provide them with that during their consultation or surgical procedure.
Grooveshark's ability to saves lists and listen to others lists of similar music is win for me.
Slacker radio or pandora, just depends where on the island I am for which one will work. Pandora is my favorite because after selecting what songs I do like it actually plays more like it
Zune, the large library and grandfathered 10 credits per month is worth the yearly price.
Spotify because of its subscription plans, collaborative playlists and great Android (beta) client. 
Music Unlimited - Sony, Because has top charts, so I get the latest and best music, I just trying the service this week.
I like They don't have everything but you can pick and choose out of whatever they have and you can have your own collection of the music you find on it.
I am in love with spotify. I love making collaborative playlists.
Al J
Still purchase music and have my own catalogue - nothing like control over my own music. Have the files in the cloud for easy access.
Spotify. Works well with my Sonos
Spotify is pretty hard to go past for desktop/phone. Offline syncing is cool. Looking forward to being launched in Australia though. since they usually pick better music than I do
Spotify, for sure. I'd use Google Play Music a lot more if it would scrobble to
Pandora can read my mind like none of the others. There can be only one.
+Spotify because it is sleek, integrated, innovative and great catalog. Playlists are the best feature of all!
I love Spotify... design is great, great playlists and it has just about everything! for discovery (I like it better than Pandora).

Google Play Music for streaming my own music.

I love Spotify on the desktop because I can find just about any obscure song I want to hear...but I'm not paying $10 a month to get it on mobile. I'm not at my desktop computer much, so I don't use it much.
Spotify. Has so mich music and both a good desktop app and phone app. Especially good when it comes to Swedish music.
i don't mind paying like...10 pounds a month to support a great service like +Spotify  ,,,seriously..its 10$ pounds a month +Kenneth Crooker  jeez
+Pui lam henry Sorry, my priorities are obviously different than yours. I have two mortgages, a car loan, a student loan, and two boys in daycare (and who eat a lot). Throw that on top of the $100 or so I spend on gas a week (65 mile commute), and that extra $10 a month becomes pretty precious. Your mileage may vary, but for me, the Spotify service just isn't worth $10/month.
Sometimes iHeartRadio to listen to my favorite Island 98.5 Honolulu. Google Music and Pandora on my phone and computer. I have a ton (>1,000) old CDs to upload... wish I could send them to Google and have them "appear" in my collection!  ;)
I use MOG with Sonos.  It is like Pandora yet I can select a particular tune provided it is in their library.  I also like to listen to 20th Century Radio on Tunein Pro.  I can use Sonos, my laptop, my nook tablet or my iPod touch to listen to Johnny Dollar, Dragnet, and other old time radio programs.
Mog,  great ipad app and the music I want to hear is there
Spotify here, ease of building playlists, speed, working the way I would 'expect' it to. I just purchased a bluetooth portable powered speaker for my wife, she is super excited to port the music from her iphone over wifi to the new speaker, as the iphone speaker is good but doesn't cut it for music.
MOG has most of the music I want, is made in the USA and works with Sonos.
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