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It's time to record webmaster videos again!

In a day or so I'm going to record new webmaster videos with +Michael Wyszomierski. If there's a question or topic you'd like me to make a video about, add it to

Remember: add your suggestion to the Google Moderator page--that's where I'll be looking, not in the comments here. :)
Be heard. Vote on questions and submit your own.
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I noticed that a certain Matt Cutts already posted a lot of questions :)
Talk about pushState and how it can be used properly as well as some bad things you've seen so far. 
Uhm... It's hard to make it into one single question ;D
I will have some pillow talk tonight❣❣❣
✈ ✈ ✈
Please your advice about SEO in 2013 Cutts .... ;)
This is not fair.. you have already asked too many questions :(
How do you post a question? Can you post the link here?
I GOT it!!
If it's not the winner please considered it for future videos ★★★
I will submit the question in a sec ;D
sorry couldn't do it... so here it goes:
I've noticed a lot of other social media users get lost in G+ and give up on it easily... I think to myself, if they only knew what I know and could use it as I use it, they would of been here LONG TIME ago!!! like letting them know they can comment on who ever post or after who ever comments and when they get replies or likes they immediately get notified, like they can write in bold letters or with characters, that they can add and remove people whenever they feel like, that they can block people if they don't want them around or report their behavior... I mean those little things that make it a GREAT new experience and not like the others that are so limited... gotta run out! but hope you caught the idea ;D THANKS!!!
I understand "Winter is coming". Could you explain how that will affect SEO for my seasonal items like knitted dire wolf booties?
+Deb Dulal Dey I didn't had the time this morning and it seems there were too many words... don't know if I can still do it but I will give it a try! THANK U!!! ;D
Matt cutts, what are you doing nowaday!
Should I try to disavow the all links for UnNatural link removal strategy
+Matt Cutts  You don't talk about impact of spam from google+? How/or does it impact on the position in SEO? 
Always waiting for your webmaster videos. I especially like the latest one “What should we expect in the next few months in terms of SEO for Google?” - hopefully Google results will be much better after this summer. As for now on I see many websites stealing content and outranking the original sources, and the backlink profile of some sites are clearly paid and not natural. Just wanted to say that while there are many webmasters who are scared of all the Pandas and Penguins, there are also many who can't wait until Google algorithm will be better at sorting which websites are legitimate and which uses blackhat techniques to outrank competitors.
How many Times Matt !
When I make a webpage and ftp (publish) it, I don't specify www. or http:// or http://www,
Then when it's accessible on the web people can find it in any one of the three ways. So why is it my problem to tell the search engines which one to use?
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