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It's cool that Chrome is the #1 free app on iOS in just one day. You can sync tabs, sync your passwords, browse in incognito mode, etc. Plus it has a lot of the Chrome look and feel, like the integrated omnibox for searching or typing urls.
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Well deserved. Already my go-to browser on iOS. I just wish there weren't so many limitation as to what Chrome could do in it. 
Does it suffer from the SVG regression bugs we keep getting on the desktop version? I've been fighting them all week :-(
It deserved to be No.1, Chrome is the greatest Browser <3
Much, much better alternative to Safari!
Works nicely. You need an "open in chrome" bookmarklet for Safari though. And it would really be nice if it supported multiple accounts, so I don't have to chose between work and home.
It is good although not thrilled with the implementation of bookmarks on the iPad. Also, too bad Apple does not allow changing your default browser (that is without a jailbreak). 
Awesome, I'm downloading it as we speak!
It's just unfortunate that Apple forced Google to use a lower quality (i.e. slower) javascript engine for Chrome for iOS than their own browser uses.
Chrome for Honeycomb would be nice, I don't care about the Ipad.
Firs thoughts? I love it. I like how it syncs into my chrome account so I can view what i'm currently browsing on my desktop. So much better than Safari. I will be converting over to Android very soon anyway :)
+Eric Stegemann Thanks. I thought it was running slower than I expected. I suspect Apple didn't want everyone to notice how much faster Google's version of WebKit is :)
All the Android phone owners who don't have ICS and are being ignored by their carriers(therefore will not ever see Chrome) are curious as to how the iPhone users are enjoying it.
One question: what about Ctrl+F ? Is it there in chrome
It's better on the iPad than it is on Android which is sad. It's still too buggy and constantly crashes on Android. Both ICS and Jellybean. 
+Matt Cutts what's the deal with that?
It defaults to Tagalog when accessing it in the Philippines. How do you turn off localization so it defaults to English instead?
thomas sullivan - never had a single issue with Chrome for ICS on my S Note. 
Does anybody know if one can change DNS Servers in Chrome, or block sites? I dont want Facebook tracking me on my phone.
Isn't Apple working on barring Google apps from iOS devices mostly due to their lawsuit, fight (whatever)?
Too bad it's a sucky version of Safari. :(
+Ryan Katsanes It fixes a lot of the issues I have with Safari (8 tabs, really?). The crappiness that you see is Safari's/Apple's UIWebView competition-crippler. If Apple had some balls they would compete in a fair marketplace.
how is this going to effect not provided data at the keyword level. are we going to see a spike now even more from people using this app and being logged in. 
+Matt Cutts I just downloaded it and I was thinking we already have the google app so why do we need this? 
Chrome is a GREAT iOS app. Safari got kicked to the curb on my iPhone. Thanks Google
This finally feels like a real browser on my iPad.  It's the first time that I've honestly sat in front of my tablet to use the web for fun.
Love it! Now if only we could make Chrome the default iPad browser (without a jailbreak). 
It's like Google gave everyone the ability to pretend they don't have a cruddy iOS device, for free!
Would be nice to have the Chrome apps integrated from the Chrome store which is not supported on IOS yet.
finally !!  this was really missing from iOS , had it installed in 30 secs after reading your post , thank you :)
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