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Google turns 15 this month. This easter egg shows what Google looked like a long time ago: 
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Any screenshots from then?
Has Google gone flat? I'm not seeing the bevel.
Everything of Google Updates....Some are awesome..
but some changes we hate
Happy birthday Google! Quite a fantastic product and company.
Not working on mobile.
Where can we see the mobile version of Google from 1998?
just kidding

Happy birthday!
Happy Birthday Google! ...and don't get so easily manipulated in the future :)
Happy 15th Google! Just notice that "GoogleScout" before and was change to "Similar"  now.
Let's create a trend by searching "Happy birthday Google" on Google tomorrow as a gift to them :)
+Matt Cutts - It doesn't work on mobile (Chrome/Android). It just redirects to a modern mobile SERP.
heheheheh: I LOVE GOOGLE ❣❣❣
Suggestion: Make a GOOGLE PARTY ✓
Label: Web's SUMMER TIME ❤❤❤ adolescent with a teenager's quirks and tantrums off late :)
Someone please to help me know this place am new and know nothing pliz help
Someone please to help me know this place am new and know nothing pliz help
Happy birthday Google! Back in the day you were just another annoying search engine to keep track of.  You're still annoying but in a completely different way.  Congrats on becoming the most popular "thing" in the world in the short span of only 15 years!  
hey matt , I tried to post a comment on your blog and it flagged me as a spammer when i entered my websites url , no wonder my site has lost ranking , you think this is funny you having my business website on your spammers list ,  a business  I wore my knuckles to the bone building  for the past 10 years  , how did iI end up on spammer list  , this is ridiculous,
Fortunately the teenage Google doesn't tell you to get out of it's life when you search! ;))
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