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Oh man, that was hard. 21 mile run to train for the San Francisco Marathon.
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Nice! :D Keep up those long runs, and good luck in the marathon. What's your goal?
Awesome! We should make a promo site for your efforts.

Did a check - it's available!
ok I would prefer bench pressing I am not a runner ... but you have my admiration.
Awesome job. I think my last run was 0.25 mile (then it became a fast walk).  I'm just starting to get into it.  Also giving cycling a try.
Nice work man, 14 miles is my max training distance at the moment.  21 miles is outstanding, very well done.
That's a very good time, congratulations!
Now for a good breakfast! You deserve it.
Fair play to you Matt. Did you run around a running track and if so isn't that a bit tedious?
Let's get your Run on a Hangout on Air. :P
Awesome run! All on the track though? I'm at 14 miles max and I am pretty sure I couldn't stand it on the track.
Good luck ... most importantly --- enjoy it!
Good for you and good luck on the marathon. I did a half marathon a few years ago and that was tough enough!
Be glad you weren't doing that around D.C., where it's "only" hitting 95 degrees today. Good luck!
matt, that is just fantastic. you are such an inspiration professionally, but now even more, personally. 
Woohoo nice! I signed up for the SF marathon this year too, let's do this thing!
+Matt Cutts Perhaps you could tie your upcoming race to a charity where your followers could sponsor you. 
i hope it wasn't 84 loops of that track you seem to be standing on..
+Steven Baker , nope. Down the Los Gatos Creek Trail for 4.5 miles and back for nine miles, then up the hill, around the reservoir, and back down the hill for twelve miles. The discouraging thing was that my estimates were slightly low, and my watch said it was only 20.5 miles. So I had to add a couple loops around the track to make it a full 21 miles. 
Those extra laps must have been hard I bet.  On Sundays I did long slow runs and found the last bits hard.  You just run out of gas at some point.  Hitting that wall of tiredness and "I just want this over with".
Do you complete long runs on a track? If so, ouch (and good job!)
Congratulations to you!  This is a significant fitness goal for any person! :)
First read that you ran 21 miles to the train! :-) Then I got it right. Well done!
Great Job! And to think I am whining about 4 miles. 
Run long and swiftly. Good luck to you.
This post and the responses has motivated me to get running again.   Love the post run feeling, especially once you get your miles up there.   #MOTIVATE
Nice accomplishment.  I registered for the SB Marathon last night, it will be my first, I've never run more than 9 miles.  Gulp.
Great job ! The San Francisco Marathon must be a beautiful run. Hope there are not too many hills. San Francisco is my old stomping ground, I love the city !
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