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I'll be up in Seattle this week for the #SMX Advanced search conference. What sights should I make sure to see?

I've already seen some of the traditional tourist places like Pike's Place, the Space Needle, and the underground tour. What are some hidden gems in Seattle?
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go north of the city into the parks and the temperate rain forests !
Snoqualmie Falls is a nice place to visit. The hiking trail is closed, but you can park near the top of the falls and enjoy a great view. The falls are located about 30 minutes drive East from Seattle.
Check out the Lenin statue near the Google office. :). The backstory to that is interesting.  The ferry is also a great idea. If you haven't done the EMP Museum it is definitely worth checking out.
snoqualmie falls? or maybe the golf club at newcastle, there's a great view of the whole area from a restaurant there.
Ferry to Bremerton (1hr ride each way) But downtown Bremerton is picking up. You can also see the aircraft carriers and battle ships from our awesome Navy. You could also swing by +Advantage Nissan and we can talk seo :) Hope it doesn't rain your entire stay up here!
depends on what you want to do, touristy stuff or off the beaten path stuff. If you have time do the underground tour, visit kurt cobain park, walk up and down broadway in capital hill, visit the punk shops on second between vine and wall, oh and if you like mexican food eat at Mama's on Second while you are on the punk rock store tour. These are all off the beaten path.
Take the ferry across to Bainbridge Island.
If you're a fan of music, you should check out the Experience Music Project. Amazing exhibits.
If you go to EMP, check out the Sci-Fi museum while you are there.
Hmm  Alice Walker & Frances Moore Lappé are apparently there this Wednesday
Do Not Ride the Duck! When I go traveling I try to do off the beaten path adventures, & when in Seattle, I found a ballroom & learned how to Tango, very fun. But I usually give in to at least one shamelessly touristy activity. And I rode the Duck. The fumes were atrocious & the lame guide patter was worse. So Tango, yes, Duck, no. ;). Also, the little boutique hotel, Lola, on 4th had a chef that I still dream about, the food was that good! 
Come by the Fremont office and check out the troll under Aurora Ave. and the statues on Fremont Ave, then go to Queen Anne and take in the view from Kerry Park. If you have time to go further afield, there are some great hikes along I-90 (I recommend Rattlesnake ledge, for one - 2 miles or so each way with reasonable climb, but a breathtaking view at the end), and if you can make it out to the San Juans, check out Deception Pass on Whidbey Island. If you have a couple days to spare, the Olympics are one of the nicest national parks. Ping me if you want recommendations for restaurants to try.
There is a King Tut exhibit here now. Also SIFF is going on this week, so you have a chance to see movies you are not likely to see otherwise. And the Chihuly glass garden just opened, it's right by the Space Needle.
+1 to Navneet - go to the San Juans if you have a day free. Arguably the best thing in Washington State.
Some great suggestions here.  Alki Beach has some awesome views of the city/area and a nice S. California-like vibe (but the water is much cooler :)
Id hit up Aster's Coffee, not just for coffee but for the waffles. The ham and cheese is pretty spectacular. If unique is what you're after, then the Freemont Rocket and Gas Works park certainly wont disappoint.
The Olympic Sculpture Park has large sculptures by celebrated artists overlooking the water. Climb the water tower in Volunteer Park for a great view, free alternative to the Space Needle in an Olmstead designed park. Have a nico at the indoor Vivace on Broadway.
Ray's Boathouse- great views & food; the Edgewater Hotel with Six-Seven restaurant; one of the Argosy Cruise- the Ballard Locks one great!
Skip the Underground tour. Rent a car and head to Mt St Helen's or Mt Rainer. Or up to the rain forest.

If you must stay in town, head up to Broadway and eat at Dick's. Sit on the pier near the ferry terminal downtown and watch the boats or better yet, hop on a ferry for a ride that's fabulous.

I've lived her 40 years and I still love to do all of these things :)  
Ballard Locks are worth a visit (not the cruise, the locks themselves) and there's a decent botanical garden there as well.
If you have time, visit some of our islands. Vashon and Bainbridge are both short ferry rides away and Whidbey is a short drive/ferry north. All are gorgeous. If you have more time, spend a few days on the Olympic Peninsula. The park lodges at Lake Crescent, Kalaloch and Quinault are grand. 
Check out Mae Phim for lunch (on Pike between 2nd and 3rd), then hit KuKuRuZa next door - 23 flavors of gourmet popcorn. YUM. 
I usually take my visitors out for food:

 - Visit Paseo[1] in Fremont for a sandwich
 - Visit Portage Bay Cafe[2] in the U District, South Lake Union, or Ballard for breakfast
 - Take a tour of Theo's Chocolate Factory[3] (book in advance--they fill up)
 - Head to Brouwer's[4] in Fremont for the widest selection of beers I'm aware of
 - Try French-Korean-American fusion food to die for at Revel[5], also in Fremont
 - Have the Pad Thai at May[6] in Wallingford
 - Have the Caesar and a flaming sword or a steak at El Gaucho[7] in Belltown
 - Line up for ice cream at Molly Moon's[8] in Wallingford
 - Get something fresh from the Ballard[9] or U-District[10] farmers markets and have a friend cook it for you

The Long Beach Peninsula has a long long beach to enjoy. It's near the Oregon border so you need to have an extra day or so in Seattle to enjoy the coast.
I hear Mount Rainier has a nice bloom this time of year. I'd opt for hiking.
If you have the time, take the ferry from Edmonds to Kingston, drive from Kingston down to Bremerton, then ferry from Bremerton to Seattle. The view of Seattle from the Bremerton ferry can't be beat, and few tourists ever take the time.
Dayhike at either Rainier or Snoqualmie.
If the weather is good, rent a kayak or standup board at the shop by the UW football stadium to paddle around lake Washington.   A tiny native American museum by UW is nice. There is a boat cruise in Lake Washington as well.  The Center for Wooden Boats is great. Quaint Fremont district of Seattle features a Troll and a fabulous statue of the people's hero, Vladimir Lenin.  Trendy Broadway hill has a nice bronze Jimi Hendrix.   
Boeing Museum of Flight, Seattle waterfront, Ballard Locks, Alki Beach or come down to Tacoma and we can go shooting at the Ft Lewis Army pistol/rifle range.
If your up around Whidbey Island check out Deception Pass, The tidal action is very impressive!.
Ballard Locks. The salmon should be going up the fish ladder. It's amazing. Ping me if you're in the office and want more recs.
Seward Park. And just walk along the lake

15 minutes from downtown 
Definitely a recommendation for the Ballard Locks and the Arboretum.  On a clear day, Kerry Park, Marshall Park or Volunteer Park will probably all have good views of the Sound and the Olympics.

If the weather is nice, Gasworks park at the north end of Lake Union and the Burke-Gilman trail are nice, though the trail will probably be swarmed.  There are also several places to rent kayaks/canoes along Lake Union if you favor a paddle. (or the Google office has some kayaks you can take out at least during working hours)

The ferry/island suggest is also a good one if you've got at least half a day -- deception pass is quite nice, for example.
Gum Wall, on Post Street underneath Pike Place Market. See one of the world's biggest displays of already-chewed gum stuck on a giant wall. Don't forget to add your own! 
+Matt Cutts Check out Fremont (trolls under the bridge), a must is a trip to the Seattle public library - gorgeous building.
If you have time, Paradise is always nice, 100 miles south of SeaTac.  (On Mt. Rainier' SE side), but make sure the weather there is OK.  Mt. St. Helens visitor center is also awesome on the north side of Spirit lake.  Agree with Orcas Island ferry.  
Check out the parasailing/gliding on Tiger Mountain near Issaquah (just go straight out I-90).  You can also stop by the salmon hatchery although I believe it's too early in the season for the big fish (they can be man-sized).

Don't waste your time on "Flaming Geyser".  :)
+Matt Cutts Good question. You should Google it! :)
Stop by Kirkland and visit the new interns? :)

I'll go ahead and join the others recommending the Olympic Sculpture Garden. The Seattle Public Library is also beautiful. 
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