Help +Mathew Honan feel welcome on Google+ by recommending good stuff to him. What fun people or pages do you like on Google+? I'll start. Here's a few people I really enjoy reading on Google+: +Linus Torvalds +Alexis Ohanian +Scott Beale +Don MacAskill +Jeff Jarvis +Lauren Weinstein +Tim O'Reilly +Dare Obasanjo +Stephen Shankland +Danny Sullivan +Mike Elgan +John Scalzi +Marshall Kirkpatrick +Gina Trapani +Violet Blue .
I'm going to make a serious effort to dive into Google Plus again. I've decided I'm going to make sure I drop in (and post) every weekday for the rest of the month. But... It's boring. Every time I drop by, I see the same people linking to their own stuff, over and over again. I don't want to be that blowhard too. (I love you, but you are a blowhard. Please do not be offended. Takes one to know one.) I don't want to be that guy. Or girl. So, what's there to do here that's fun? Who should I follow that's entertaining and engaging? How can I make the most of this?
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