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Help +Mathew Honan feel welcome on Google+ by recommending good stuff to him. What fun people or pages do you like on Google+? I'll start. Here's a few people I really enjoy reading on Google+: +Linus Torvalds +Alexis Ohanian +Scott Beale +Don MacAskill +Jeff Jarvis +Lauren Weinstein +Tim O'Reilly +Dare Obasanjo +Stephen Shankland +Danny Sullivan +Mike Elgan +John Scalzi +Marshall Kirkpatrick +Gina Trapani +Violet Blue .
I'm going to make a serious effort to dive into Google Plus again. I've decided I'm going to make sure I drop in (and post) every weekday for the rest of the month. But... It's boring. Every time I drop by, I see the same people linking to their own stuff, over and over again. I don't want to be that blowhard too. (I love you, but you are a blowhard. Please do not be offended. Takes one to know one.) I don't want to be that guy. Or girl. So, what's there to do here that's fun? Who should I follow that's entertaining and engaging? How can I make the most of this?
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First, Mathew, what are your top 3 interests?
"I see the same people linking to their own stuff, over and over again." yep but how is that different than Twitter or FB :)
Hi Mathew, Welcome back. Don't follow me. I'm not very engaging and I only talk about tools, lawn tractors and snow blowers. Plus:) I forget most of the time to Google Plus my articles when I write them.

I do enjoy reading here though. The people I follow are so different from this old farm boy and I learn something new every day. (Though I am getting a little tired of all the animated gifs that have recently popped up)
In all seriousness, find the pano photographers group. Some great stuff to look at even if you don't shoot.
Mathew Honan, when I click my Plus profile and scroll down, trust me, I get at least 2 interesting, non promotional stuff that I find worth my 30 seconds and +1ing.
Also: keep a big eye on the "hot" stuff. If on mobile, the locals are a hoot, depending on where you live.
Unlike FB, you do have to put some effort into getting your stream populated with good stuff. First, find posts that are interesting to you, either under the What's Hot list under Explore, or by doing searches for topics. Next, read through the comments on those posts, looking for ones that are insightful/clever/informative/funny/whatever-floats-yer-boat. Then, look at the profiles of those commenters (and the original posters of the interesting post), and see what other stuff they have posted. Last, if they regularly post stuff that's interesting to you, then circle them; if not, continue looking.
+Terence Kam Ahh... that. I always use the gtalk app for real time communication, email for direct one-one communication, and G+ stream posts for "i have no clue who cares, or who listens, so I'll broadcast this and see if it turns into interesting conversation". I don't thin I've ever played with the G+ messenger app.
+Terence Kam Unfortunately messaging isn't always clear and simple in Google+. If your intended recipient is already a Google+ user, they will see the red notification count increasing and they will receive push notifications on the mobile app. If they have enabled email notifications (it's a personal choice), they will also receive email notifications of new posts shared with them. If the recipient is an email you type directly in the share box, they should automatically receive an email. If they are in your circle that you share to, but they have not yet signed up, you need to hover over the blue circle "chip" and check "Notify about this post" for them to receive an email. I may have gotten some of this wrong, but I hope this helps.
+Tim Johnson is the best thing on Google+, hands down. Unless you don't like things that are funny.

can u add an option like this - i can make some people see invisible to Google Plus .. while remaining visible to others

and the design though looks neat and clean, there are still rough around the edges
I feel like the last kid picked in dodge ball ;(
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