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Getting ready to tape another set of webmaster videos, so I brought a lot of different shirts in. You can still submit your question at for a couple more hours.
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You're spoiling the illusion! :(
that is awesome and quite the collection of T's
Put them all on, and then take one off after each segment. If you find yourself without a shirt, you're done.
Nooo, the mystery is ruined!
If he finds himself without a shirt - that's going to be 1 million views by +Jennifer M :D
LMAO!!!!!  I realized something about this shirt collection: Matt is not one of those "I can wear pink and still be masculine" guys. 
you've got every color covered.  nice work
Jon and Chris, I don't do well with dares. Maybe that'll be the last video I make of the day. +Jennifer M there is a pinkish-red shirt in the middle. :)
The OCD kicked in for me and was glad to see all the coat hangers facing the same way. : (
Yes, wear a pink tshirt and answer a Pink Seo question please !
Not yet. I have only 2 questions : Where do you find all this shirts ? And when will you give my PR back please ;)
I +1'd that comment Marie - Just the PR bit though. I prefer the orange shirt!
Wear the color that will provide you with the highest Page Rank!
Have you considered a striped shirt...or something with a plaid pattern perhaps?
You could earn G more money ... monetise the T-Shirts and slap up T-Ads :D
I'd like to hear some tips about optimizing photo portfolios for search if you want images to be displayed on universal SERPs.
Just submitted a question.  There were so many good questions, it was hard to think of one.  Thank you, man!
Looking forward to your answer about duplicate content within a site that users like and need (mini user guides, reasons to buy, etc.).
Why not get the topic your discussing printed on each shirt it would make it easier for us to find the right videos ;)
Some vary in foliage, and some vary materially in the relative development of their sexual organs. In most cases, the flowers appear hermaphroditic in structure, but function as either male or female. For purposes of commercial production, plants are propagated from runners and, in general, distributed as either bare root plants or plugs. Cultivation follows one of two general models, annual plasticulture or a perennial system of matted rows or mounds. A small amount of strawberries are also produced in greenhouses during the off season.
are all of those official Google colors?
Cal Worthington does the same thing when he has a lot of "taping" to do.  You're in good company.  So, are you going to stand on your head?  Have fun. :-)
joe p
It's got to be in roygbiv order
I hope my question about a name of a site (such search queries) will be answered or at least you will think about this. Now your filters influence on everything including these search queries and remove the most relevant results from search results. Google does not allow people who specially search for exact sites to find them by their names if these sites are under filters (penguin, panda and so on). A quality of search is getting lower for these people and they stop using these search queries. I have no idea why it was done. It's not good for people, they are unhappy. I could prove my point of view, but I can only write questions with a very little chance to get an answer.
Did you get through all the different tshirts in the campus google store?
So, we can assume you will answer 26 questions.:D
Now, Lyndon you know the rule. "one for good luck"
Ady Co
I like #s  3, 10 & 15...
Maybe you can wear tshirts of the countries/cities where the questions come from. 
Go a step further - sign the T-Shirt and send it to the Questioner.
Now we can also have background color ideas from your shirts Mr. Cutts
I am sure you will wear BLACK & WHITE shirt when google is going to roll out the new algo update ... 
+1 for Lydon for nice suggestion.
We saw his head shaving videos ... if you have not than here it is - 

Click on this link saying Matt loses a bet - Matt loses a bet
Does google use google crome data for serp ?"
As a digital marker working with local businesses, what is the best way to show the client actual ranking results of their Google+ Local Business Page? Even though I clear my history in Chrome, my results are different than the clients.
Thanks Michael, I will try that. I'm so used to using Google Chrome, even though I clear my history for all time, my results seem to be different than my clients who also clear their history.
@Ihar Paliashchuk  you're absolutely right, but if you want your site to appear on its name, just buy adwords :) or use a search engine instead ( bing or yahoo or duckduckgo )
Thanks Jean Peuplu. I also believe that I'm right. In other case I wouldn't write my questions about it so often.  I want to show this problem to Google and may be after that they will consider it. This problem really exists and it decreases a quality of search in Google. It's not only bad for webmaster but it's also bad for Google because it doesn't find what visitors search for. Nothing can replace a site when visitors search for it's name in most cases (such search queries as "", "sitename", "site name", "site name+other words").
Hey! I couldn't find out how to contact you, but I was wondering if you could she some light for me. I run a RV dealership website and I was wondering how one ranks well with it. The reason I ask, is because it is hard to get good content when most of the content is just products with descriptions and a list of things. Does Google look at that and think it's not very good content? How do I stand above?
+Brandon Esparza, the short answer is have a blog. Think about questions that your customers frequently ask, and each week write a short blog entry answering that question. Or you could do a write up on a new model of RV or pluses and minuses of different kinds of RVs. You're the expert. Share your knowledge with your site visitors and you'll have great content. Just make sure you don't copy and paste content from other places on your site, or anywhere else. It has to be unique content. 

If you don't have time to write unique content every week, I know people who have had success getting high school students to do a very good job for them. A lot of schools have journalism classes or work experience programs, so they'd be very happy to have a local business take on some of their students. 
why do you where dem shirtrs at the marti gra they really suit it
oi matt why you kack liam farrell and jackson fIsh heads profiles
Oi nasib, suck me off. Matt Cutts is actually cool.
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