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And done with the marathon. That was pretty wild.

Added: The watch is a Garmin Forerunner 610. It's crazy expensive (with the heart rate monitor, it's $400! For that much, it should run the race for you!), but I love it enough to use it as my main watch:

The 610 has a touch screen that is much better than the Forerunner 410. The 610 is lightly waterproof (enough to rinse it in water), but I wouldn't trust it for a triathlon swim. For triathletes, the Forerunner 305 or 310XT would be better.

And the 610 will tell you how many calories you burned. For me, the marathon took 2713 calories. The 610 is rechargeable with a magnetic clip; with 3-4 mile runs each day, you can go ~5-6 days between recharging.
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Gratz. Make sure you hydrate after!
Congrats! Applause!
congrats. It's is a goal many only wonder about
Nicely done, congrats. :) Largest distance I've ever done was half-marathon.
Congratulations, sir. A full marathon is no mean feat.
Vijay S
hey Matt congrats!!!!
Congratulations! I was in San Francisco this time last year and made a point of applauding some of the last few finishers across the line. Anyone who even starts a marathon deserves applause, let alone finishes one...
Wow a marathon without really meaning to...awesome
Hey, good to see you didn't hit the wall then head for a taxi stand. ;-)

Nice job!
Wow! Congratulations! That is quite the achievement. 
Congrats!! I could never do it. :)
if you keep showing me this watch and I'm going to have to buy it ;) great job man!
wow, great work! congratz. running for 5 hours is insane lol
congrats, Matt. Every marathon I have completed has been life changing in some way or other ... Hope yours is too!!!
Congrats and love the picture. Might be a new trend for G+ that I hope I remember to capture when I finish my Marathon this October.
Many congratulations... well done
Props. Get those legs in cold water. As cold as you can stand. Speeds recovery. 
Congratulations! Very inspirational. 
How did you take the photos along the way?
ouahhh absolute amaizing, incridible... enfin si on considére que le record du monde est autour de 2H...mais bon c'est THE Matt.
moi ce week end j'ai pas tondu la pelouse, j'ai fait une ballade à versailles pour admirer les jeux d'eau avec ma fille et profiter enfin du soleil de l'été.
Hey Matt! I saw you twice and cheered "go matt go" the second time. Congratulations from a fellow Googler! 
Congrats Matt, now put that 26 sticker on your car's bumper. #gomattgo
Did you really? Hard to believe you have time to run marathon.
Congratulations Matt!!! You Did it!!
Awesome Matt! Inspired me to sign up for next year's Chicago marathon before it fills up.
Excellent job. Congratulations. I hear there's a little race happening around the April timeframe in Boston. Might want to consider that one next.
Congratulations! Finishing the full marathon having not done a half before? Pretty impressive!
You should share the gps trail, so we can all gasp at all the hills you've climbed!
congrats - that's a tough marathon (i did it a few years ago)
Congratulations Matt. (Garmin Forerunner 610... if viewers were wondering like I was.)
Way to Go Matt!! You will find that after your first, the next ones are easier ;-)

Cool New Garmin!
wow. so full on full marathons now!
Very cool you went for the whole thing, good pace too! Jacuzzi time!
I'm running vicariously through you
Spectacular! Bravo! (26.2) sticker for you!
Well done! Now you have a baseline, let me know if you want to beat it next year. 
Congrats, I can't imagine running for that long. 
Congrats +Matt Cutts ! Finally mental determination built by past long runs resulted in achievement of Goal..! Great.!
I'm impressed, +Matt Cutts. Especially considering you wanted to run the half marathon at first. Kuddos! #gomattgo
5 hours? Sounds like it was hard, congrats !
Congrats! Neosporin will help.
Congratulations Matt. Way to go on the negative split.
That looks like the Garmin 110 - I just got my gf the 350 even though it's bulkier 
Congratulation of your accomplishment
Great job man.. nothing to sneeze at all. Ran the Queens Half Marathon myself yesterday. No desire whatsoever to run anymore than that! lOl
Very impressive! I definitely felt like a bit of a cheater just doing the 2nd half and running alongside all the full marathoners . Maybe I'll go for the full next year...
I'm certainly not a man of sports, so I admire your courage and your perseverance, congratulations!
that's a nice watch you have there.

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Good for you. Beating your goal of 5:27:00!!!!
Congrats Matt, looks like you and I run at about the same pace. Nothing like the feeling of crossing the finish line of a marathon!
That's great. Now that you're in shape to run a marathon, +Matt Cutts, the Klondike Relay, a little more than a month from now should be a breeze. Get some googlers and form a team. It's beautiful scenery...
love your's Google Watch..
Thanks for the good wishes, everyone!
I change my earlier answer to another question. You can share your watch. Forget the SEO and personal stuff, just the watch will do. :P

Glad you made out OK in the run, must've been that magic tee-shirt the misses made. :)
The 13 was full, so you signed up for the 26 - impressed.
A wristwatch sized GPS device that made it over 5 hours - impressed.
My 2007 Garmin heart rate GPS would not last 2 hours without needing a recharge. Did you stop and charge it?
cool... was definitely curious regarding the watch. Thanks for sharing.
It's a good day for Amazon and Garmin.
alex wu
oh, matt, it very nice, i want to get one, hehe..
Great achievement Matt!
really expensive. ..but it is a nice watch.
Good job.
You try now to run less than 5h ;-)
Congratulations! :) Nice job, especially for someone who wasn't expecting to run the full! :D
Matt, you are running marathons by making us handicap #panda #poorsitesrankinghigh. Congratulations for the successful run and btw...your watch is truly a beauty.

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But does it have a Google+ interface?
Matt, that's really impressive work. A) because I never intend to run a full marathon... 1/2 is about my speed (so much training time otherwise), and B) if you were hitting an 8:14 split you were seriously moving (and well trained). My first 1/2 in Nashville this year was an 8:33, and I thought I might die.
Please add me on Google +, I am new here and need more friends :) thanks
I still like the 410. Pretty much the exact same thing as the 610. Oh and congrats! You beat my PR by one minute.
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