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This is actually pretty huge news in the world of search. We brought in a bunch of cameras and recorded discussion from our weekly quality meeting where we decide which algorithms to launch. Below you can watch eight minutes of discussion about a specific algorithmic change. I'm really excited that we're offering this inside view into some of the most sensitive stuff we work on.
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the times they are a changin :)
Matt- This is a great inside view to the machinations of Google Search. Thanks for sharing another facet of my favorite online company-Google
Also great insight into what it is like to work at Google. Highly intellectual, fact-based discussions. Great stuff!
very cool insights on what goes on for quality management.
Very cool. I love how you guys were like that is only 0.1% of queries, but hey we can still do better. ^.^
yup....liked watching this very much....Google engineers are quite a team, eh! & I hope to see this kind of a vid become a regular occurance!
It happens only at Google!.... Purely and truly awesome... I am sure every SEO and search professional must be hoping to be there after watching this video...THANKS FOR SHARING ....
Matt this was just amazing, keep up the good work! I would love to see other similar videos!!!
This is wonderful, thanks!

Could elaborate more on the decision to release this clip? In particular, I wonder if you could say something about how Google approaches the ethical issues concerning transparency and openness in how performs search.

The absolute centrality of search in the digital age has led me to think that eventually some future analog of Google will ultimately have to be turned over to the public domain as a utility to be operated for the public good, like other utility services. Of course, something like that is probably decades away, but Google's decision to release a clip like this seems to indicate they are pointed in that direction as well. At least, that's what my inner idealist hopes :)
This is fascinating, especially for us non-techies looking to get more techie.
I like the discussion culture. Thanks for sharing.
Fun to watch Matt, but it made my brain hurt :)
Best part of the video: +Matt Cutts and the other cool guy sporting IBM Thinkpad is a room full of Macbook Pros :-)
+Stephen Lane and +Jake Wilson I do run Ubuntu on my Thinkpad. There's not a lot of Windows machines in Google engineering after .

+Daniel Estrada I think Google has made enormous strides on transparency, especially in the last five years or so. There's still some tension in that trade-off, because if some of our algorithms were completely transparent, that would help the people who want to cheat/game Google in various ways. But I like to think of our goal as being as transparent as possible, and then see how close we can get to that goal.
I'd absolutely love to see a followup video of how (or if) these changes were implemented.
Also, absolutely love the jargon. Always fascinating to get a peek into the alternate domains and get a taste.
Thanks +Matt Cutts, is nice to see some of the inside workings of Google. I can see the challenge balancing transparency with the need for internal privacy.

I do wonder about the concern for latency on queries above 10 words. If I am typing in or copy and pasting more than ten words I would not be so concerned with latency. If I am under the 10 word scenario latency becomes a much larger issue. I guess I am saying if a large number of words are handled differently than only a few then latency is less of issue.

Wow, it is fun living vicariously through your meeting :)
Really interesting to contrast the comments on YouTube with those here on Google+. The YouTube comments are directed at the nationalities of the people in the meeting and the brand of laptops. On Google+ the comments are directed at the corporate culture.
+Neil Fraser Generally, +YouTube seems to be the Wild West (for comments). Often times, there is a sense of anonymity and insult in the Youtube croud, whereas the +Google+ environment is crafted around true social interaction.

It's why I love +Google+!!
Cool, awesome, and fascinating to watch this. About the video itself, though.... I love having the transcription of the discussion and the annotations too, but they overlap on the screen. Next time (here's hoping there is one), would it be possible to have the transcription at the bottom of the screen and the annotations at the top?
Note to Matt: definitely smart of you to have worn the lightest shirt of the group, to make you stand out in the video.
Enjoyed the video however it did look like a giant international boys club with a few ladies peeking their heads in from behind. Are there any women that participate in the discussion?
This is great to see first hand +Matt Cutts How frequently do you think we'll get a look into the inner workings like this? Im sure a video production company would be shooting a few videos a day to keep up with all the innovation! Thanks again
The most interesting part of this entire thing is how well you guys conduct yourselves. I love that it's a group of intelligent, glasses-toting (albeit male only) engineers, working TOGETHER. Looks like a surgical level of productivity - really amazing to watch. Thanks for posting this!
very dynamic-obviously focused with valid input and challenges - thanks for sharing.
Cool to see the thought process, the depth of thought and the 'customer' in y'alls discussion!

Matt, at the SXSW, during your conversation with Danny and Duane - "Dear Google & Bing: Help Me Rank Better!" >audio> ( ) - you mentioned changes were coming... regarding 'over-optimization' and the inclusion of rank-measures for social promenience (Duane eloborated on his side). I hope Google will communicate these changes thoroughly, early and often, so we can prepare clients and give them adequate time to make any decisions these changes may require of them.

I see opportunity; however, also the potential for unsatisfied end-user customers.

My fear is how disruptive Google's move from a search model built around Larry's patent on the "Method of Node Ranking in a Linked Database" ( ); to a model that includes measures/ranks; social-presence, social-resource, social-authority, social-citations or social-volume?

Seems a very large and potentially disruptive change; for example, how does one measure-&-rank a page-or-site with little written content and even less meta data, like Pinterest? And you mentioned "coming weeks"; would that be for an announcement or the move to the "changes"? Thanks Matt!
Watched video but then at the end that red light....wiped my memory....trick I tell you, trick.
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