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Do you want the Galaxy Nexus on AT&T? If so, go to and click +1 on the 4th comment where AT&T is polling interest levels.
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I would like to see it anywhere in the US! :) preferably VZW.. but wherever it goes, I will own it!
I just want the thing to come to Verizon this month or I may have to go to WP7
+Matt Cutts Where do we +1 for G Nexus on Sprint? :)
Hey +Matt Cutts -- Just get an unlocked Galaxy Nexus which is penta band working 3G on both t-mo and att!
T-Mobile please. Thank you.
Verizon does not get reception in my home. Please release the Galaxy Nexus on T-Mobile. Thanks!
Too bad AT&T has closed the doors on Android fixes for the Thrive. It would be nice if they would upgrade it to 4.0. Why should I rush out to buy a $500 device every other month just because they won't upgrade what I have?
+Harry Skelton Erm.. if I'm not mistaken, and correct me if I'm wrong, but AT&T doesn't decide which phone gets an update to Android 4.0. The manufacturer of the phone does so in the case of your LG Thrive it would be LG that makes the decision.
And LG wants to sell new phones so why would they upgrade their old ones.. :P
+Roberto Corsini Ok, I'll +1 you for that.

According to the folks at LG I have spoken to and e-mailed back and forth, LG sends the base Android OS (with LG drivers) to AT&T. AT&T hacks it to taste and makes it available to the users. (Such as disabling tethering, limiting navigation, forcing ringtones to be less than 300kb in size, et al). LG will not release new compiled software for the Thrive because of their agreement with AT&T. They released the source code but not the items proprietary to LG or AT&T.

2.2.x is out for the Thrive, but with Android 4.x out now - and it has only been two months since I purchased my phone and 2.3 was the big thing then - it would behoove AT&T or any carrier to upgrade devices until users are permitted to "upgrade" to another phone.

So LG/AT&T would want to upgrade the software in order to retain customers. Perhaps even to encourage folks to upgrade to a faster, better, model. Otherwise you'll see the mad rush to the more open and publicly reloadable 'Droids that other vendors are pushing.
Hello matt. A little.problem occurs when i want to see the post you gave us to +1 from my google+ on my android phone : when i click the link, it opens the browser instead.of.staying in the app. I have to identify another time. It s a pity no ?
It should have open the post in google+ app ;)
+Yannick Simon This happen to me too, it is frustrating, I'd rather just stay within the app but it's always opening G+ pages in the browser instead.
I want it on Sprint so you can get unlimited data.
Just goes to show, AT&T doesn't actually give a fuck what you think. OH, you want to tell us what to do? Here's a 404. Because fuck you, that's why.
Why not release Galaxy Nexus on every carrier? Releasing the flagship Nexus phone as a carrier exclusive hurts Android as a platform and arguably results in fragmentation. An educated customer will pick a high performance Android phone that is guaranteed to get timely updates, over one that may never receive an update during their contract period. If an update is received at all, it may be many months before that happens.

Then there is the issue of disparity in experience between the vanilla UI and its interactions versus a carrier/manufacturer specific theme; inconsistency leads to frustration when users can't apply what they learned to another device as the interactions are no longer intuitive as a carrier/manufacturer felt they needed to change it.
Clicking on link goes to blank Google+ page, and copying the link and pasting it into the browser returns a 404 Error page (Google+)
+John Grover They took down the post. Since they did that the page doesn't exist anymore. It is impossible to see it now.
I have to answer a question with a question...why wouldn't ATT NOT want to carry the hottest phone on the planet...afraid of success??
AT&T's success is only counted as success if they can hack all the features of the phone and create a service to force you to pay more to use. Such as built-in radio, GPS usage, Mapping, Tethering (Wifi, USB, Bluetooth), MP3 Ringtones larger than 300k, et al.

I'm waiting for my phone contract with AT&T to die. I'll be glad to escape their wallet sucking network.
That is why you load a custom rom on your phone, as long as it runs Android. Here is a link that I want you to check out:
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