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That's right, Google has released an 8-bit version of Google Maps! I think you can play with it at
Saturday, March 31, 2012 at 8:11 AM. We're constantly making improvements to Google Maps in order to take advantage of better hardware and web standards. For example, last October we launched Maps...
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So, is there a hole somewhere in the map that will let me jump into Alefgard?
This is brilliant... Just tried it out on Google Maps... So funky.. but for the NES version, you should have put a wifi chip in the cartridge ;)
Can I tape it to my 8-track so I can do navigation in my car?
Gary F
I found something that would be a great improvement. I got directions from Detroit to San Diego and I was noticing that the route has tolls. I would prefer to be notified when the route has trolls.
Oh yeah... it's April 1st here in Indonesia, sir :-D
Propeller beanies FTW. This may be the best one yet.
I should have kept my NES! Looks so fun. :-)
Its available when using Google maps now.
Ady Co
not that obvious for people having lat-long issues on 5-year old maps ;))
Will it work on my Sega Master System?
(showing my age there eh?)
This would be great, but can Google put it on a cassette tape so I can upload it to my TI 99/4a? I don't have a disk drive yet.
To overcome the NES's technical limitations you don't need a hundred thousand servers, you need a hammer and a dustbin. :)
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