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There's an SEO consultant in Oregon whose parents were murdered just a few days ago: . It's really terrible news, but folks are looking for a way to turn this tragedy into something positive.

Renae and Lola Cottam loved their local library and always wanted to help rebuild it. Someone put up a donation page in case anyone wants to donate in their memory: 
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When terrorism gonna be end... (
I was born and raised in Coos County. It's a close-knit place and things like this don't often happen. Thanks for the post and for bringing attention to the memorial fund.
thanks for sharing Matt. Ugh thats terrible news but i'm glad to me a memorial fund is going to a good cause.
I've got problems when some keywords downed to page 2 on google, anyone can help me ?
tell me why and I will donate a thousand of....thank you ^^
It's one of the things about U.S: that scares me. I'd like to move to U.S. but there's too much violence there and i have a child :(
Really a sad news. People should stop being violent.:(
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