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Want to live longer? Some good recommendations in here: "do not smoke; drink in moderation; sleep seven to eight hours; exercise at least moderately; eat regular meals; maintain a moderate weight; eat breakfast."
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Well, is longer, but less pleasurable life really worth it ;-)?
Did you check his seven habits of healthy living? They seem … reasonable and not very ascetic to boot.
"Not available in your country".

I kid, I kid!
+Matt Cutts It is not the habits which makes people live longer but it is Almighty who blesses them whom He wishes to live longer.
+Khaleel Ahamed so if I am an overweight drunk that smokes two packs a day, but I am willing to live, I'll be preserved healthy as I can be? Gotta love religion.
Anybody else have the Queen song "Who Wants to Live Forever" in their heads right now?
All the right stuff and common sense - problem is execution.
i've got an aunt-grandma who just turned 100 last March 25.
her secret?
1. she didn't marry
2. was stingy with money
3. ate moderately
4. considering her lifestyle she slept a good 8 hours/day
5. and she didn't exercise at all!
aunt-grandma? Never married. Let's analyse. She's a sibling to your parent to be your aunt since she's not an aunt by marriage. But she's your grandmother? Again, not by marriage. So, she's a mother to one of your parents. So, one of her children knocked her up?

Or did I miss something +Bogz Borja Maybe you just meant to say "great aunt"?
There are some excellent ideas about how to not die, not sure if that's the same as "living longer" :)
+grant marlenee i used "aunt grandma" coz that was the closest i could think i just remembered, she's actually the 2nd degree cousin of my late grandfather :D

if you want something more confusing, ill give ya

im 27 yrs but i already have 3 "distant grandsons in law" of some sort & one of them is the same age as me. my father even has a hard time explaining it but it goes something like this:

we've got an old guy in the family who remarried a girl a couple of yrs his junior who was probably an in-law of his & voila! their descendants resulted in me having "distant grandsons in law"......this happened two generations before me. so that makes their father a "distant cousin" who btw, is over 50 yrs old
Adelle Davis emphasized that breakfast was the most important meal of the day!
+Bogz Borja Well, that one caught my eye since I did have an aunt-grandma, but by marriage. My mother's father (grandpa) married my father's sister (aunt) very late in life after they lost their respective spouses. That made my aunt also my (step) grandmother.
guess im wont be living that long as i don't really eat

+grant marlenee wonder my comment caught your eye. i called her grandma bcoz in our culture anyone old enough to be our grandparents is automatically called grandma/grandpa. we stick to the honorifics rather than calling them by names which is sometimes confusing to westerners

...and when it comes to family friends specially if these were close friends of our folks (or close to their age) we'd commonly call them aunt/
live a boring life and if it is not longer it will feel like it is
均恆的飲食,心情平穩,保持運動習慣 !
Didn't quite make it to the "Smucker's Jar" RIP Lester.
All good advice, but how will this improve my search visibility! ;)
be vegetarian really helps and it is not true that you can't be strong vegetarian.
Eating a variety of delicious and nutritious foods, sleeping well, exercising and not drinking or smoking isn't boring...obviously those who want to laze about and eat bacon and drink just don't know that treating one's body feels amazing. If you're a fan of a short life so long as you have fun, that's a very self-absorbed way of thinking--it's ok that you die, you did it to yourself, but it's those you leave behind that suffer. Living well is not only good for oneself and one's family, but the environment.
I think if you have absolutely no vices life can be tedious and boring just make sure that the one or two little naughty things you do and not to excessive, and be satisfied that the secret of happiness
Yeah...and if you believe in God, you feel safe and happy. And that is very healthy for your heart!
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