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A bunch of great geek fun at Maker Faire today.
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Do you also have a dot matrix printer guitar? Love the keyboard bass.
Greg M
Was that Jeri Ellsworth who made that?
What happens if you hit Ctl + Alt + Del?
Terrible waste of an awesome keyboard.
Yeah, but what if it only plays Three Times a Lady?
+Joel Davis Nothing happens if you hit Ctrl-Alt-Del on a C64, you need to hit shift-run/stop #PedantGeek :)
wow..a C64. I had one of those. What memories.
We missed it today - had tickets and everything, but my daughter got sick. Looks like it was fun.
yes that is a c-64 keyboard that is so cool
Sweet I can play guitar and do a report at the same time.

C64 Bass... that's a really geeky looking axe! I wonder how it sounds?
In the era of the touchscreen phone, it's passe. Better to have a pad below your right (plucking) hand. it will take up less space and weight.
Maker Faire is epic even though im 11!!
looks better than the Rennessaince fair today
So awesome. And the commodore actually functions as a keytar!
Nalla J
Load "*", 8,1...
Let's see who gets this one....
Don't forget to type LIST afterwards!
Or actually RUN....load "$",8 was directory right? Been a little while...
Run Stop/Restore, dammit. Not ctrl/alt/delete. It's not a real computer unless it boots into BASIC.
Amazing really nice man ;)
Very awesome. I remember playing games on a C64 when I was little.
So that's what I can do with a Commodore64
or you can type for hours on end to get Garfield to float across the screen in a hot air balloon
You can play with it, drink with it, telecommunicate with it...the Commodore 64. (jingle from the I recall it anyway. 
That's epic ima geek too thumbs up😝
Wow wish I had one of those well not really
Damn it, I wish I was there!
i wana type with a gutar...... does that mean that when yuo smash the guitar the computer connected to the keyboard will go ERROR REPORT. LOST CONNECTON WITH KEYBOARD woah...true chiz
I wonder if it sounds like SID player, HA!
SID chip ftw! I remember I had the piano keyboard and rocked "Sweet Dreams" by the Euriphmics!
i would love to have that :) (though i dont know how to play guitar)
ha ha ha keyboard Guitar.......................... play it on
wow where did u get it??? i think i want one
By the way its a bass (just to be a troll)
not bad for a guy like you
I am a bass player myself and this is very cool 
Jo Hoan
what the juice
My first computer was a Commodore 64. Seeing this was quite a blast from the past.
zx spectrum, but remember the commodore 64, pretty cool though.
yes +eric ocsombre ....bufff.....I think we're a little bit were good times, wasn't?..... :D
Nura T
ajhahah FUN
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