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It's a Festivus miracle when you go to Google and search for Festivus!

Try it at
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Time for some airing of grievances!
i got a lot of problems with you people!
Its the Festivus for the rest of us.
That's how its supposed to work!  Gotta love Search, SEO and Social Media!!
The Australian telecom infrastructure provider Telstra is a huge supporter or Festivus. They install a new aluminium pole outside every new-build in Sydney. :-)
Ah, so that's why the left-hand side of the page is empty!
Hopefully after Festivus you can put the search options back there, where they're easier to use! :)
I've got my bare aluminum poll.  Shall we start airing our grievances?  
It's great on how Google has a since of humor. :)
it is interesting that we see on the left side ♥
Great, Now Search page showing good.
Hello Mr Cutts How bad would you like to say to the world that Google datacenters are running 100% on green energy? If so please contact me for a great planet and money saving green energy idea
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