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Matt Cutts

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You can get adb with less hassle now!
Ever wanted to download adb or fastboot without having to download the whole of Android Studio?

...but didn't want to download executables from some random warez site?

Good news this week:

These links will always return the adb/fastboot binaries currently shipping with Android Studio. No need to guess what the current version is, or update your own links: just follow these and get the latest binaries, direct from the source.

This is thanks to +Siva Velusamy and Kevin Quinn, not me.
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+Matt Cutts Hey Matt,
My name is Tony and I’m a first-year student of the University of Ariel, Israel. Majoring in digital media and communication. I became interested in your work in google and I admire your contribution to google and to digital media. Since I’m a first-year student, I was wondering, if you could give me some advice regarding how to advance in the world of digital media? How would you describe your experience working at google? What were the challenges and why did you eventually decide to move to US Digital Service?
I’ve read your blog and I was very impressed by it. I became interested in your background, I was wondering how did you enter the world of digital marketing and what is your favorite niche?
Thanks in advance for your time,
looking forward to hear from you,
With Regards,
tony.makeev at msmail dot ariel dot ac dot il
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Matt Cutts

Shared publicly  - is a good site for California, Illinois, and New York voters looking to understand their ballot. It's by the folks who do MapLight (non-partisan site dedicated to money in politics), so you can see who is funding various things on the ballot.
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+Steve Bertolacci
podesta is italian stock nigga and so are you. so you cover because you have same dna chain, faggy
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Matt Cutts

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For February, I'm not reading news or social media.

Is there anything that you've always dreamed about doing? Why not try it on for size with your own fun 30 day challenge this month?
Is there something you've always meant to do, wanted to do, but just ... haven't? Matt Cutts suggests: Try it for 30 days. This short, lighthearted talk offers a neat way to think about setting and achieving goals.
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Hi Matt, maybe you can help me? I run a small travel agency in Dortmund. Several years ago I had a web agency worked for me that made me SEO. I did not know exactly what they do. Now we have since good 4 years simply does nothing more done and were all the time affected by a manual action. I am 22.7. submitted an application for revision. This was also upheld. That the manual action was lifted. But now it is so that our Rankinks have changed to 0.0 and I'm at a loss, that we normalize us again. For me, the Total is existential. I do not know how I otherwise can you contact, therefore I write here a comment. It is really important that we just get normal results again. I thank you very much preliminary and remain with greetings from Dortmund. RTS Travel Agency Sebastian Hosbach
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Matt Cutts

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Pretty cool..
To help make deep learning even more accessible to engineers and data scientists at large, we are launching a new Deep Learning Course developed in collaboration with Udacity.

This short, intensive course provides you with all the basic tools and vocabulary to get started with deep learning. For more details, see the Research blog post linked below, and register for the course at 
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Interesting.  This isn't like "Deep Thoughts" on Saturday Night Live, though?!
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Matt Cutts

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HSTS is a way you can "pin" your website to indicate that it should always be accessed securely. Some good info from +John Mueller​ about HSTS here.
HTTPS & HSTS: 301, 302, or 307? If the combination of these letters & numbers mean anything to you, you might be curious to know why Chrome shows you a 307 redirect for HSTS pages.

In the end, it's pretty easy. After seeing the HTTPS URL with the HSTS header (for example, with any redirect from the HTTP version), Chrome will act like it's seeing a 307 redirect the next time you try to access the HTTP page. Your server's not returning a 307, Chrome is just showing it to you as such to explain that it's doing the redirect for you. You can confirm that by looking at the size of the response -- 0 bytes for the 307 "redirect." In other words, the 307 isn't actually a redirect at all, it's just a placeholder.

This is not the redirect you're looking for.
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Zuia H
Yes it is good
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Matt Cutts

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Machine learning does even better now.
Rethinking the Inception Architecture for Computer Vision

An Arxiv paper posted yesterday at
by my colleagues +Christian Szegedy, +Vincent Vanhoucke, +Sergey Ioffe, +Jon Shlens, and +Zbigniew Wojna details a bunch of improvements to the Inception image classification model that they've been working on. An ensemble of four of these models achieves 3.46% top-5 error on the validation set of the Imagenet whole image ILSVRC2012 classification task, compared with an ensemble of the initial version of Inception that won last year's 2014 Imagenet classification challenge with a 6.66% top-5 error rate (a 49% reduction in top-5 error rate).

For comparison, +Andrej Karpathy estimates that a well-trained human (him) can achieve about 5.1%, as detailed in his delightfully written "_What I learned from competing against a ConvNet on ImageNet_" blog post at

The latest Inception models were trained using TensorFlow, our newly open-sourced machine learning system (see
Abstract: Convolutional networks are at the core of most state-of-the-art computer vision solutions for a wide variety of tasks. Since 2014 very deep convolutional networks started to become mainstream, yielding substantial gains in various benchmarks. Although increased model size and ...
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good luck u all guys

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Matt Cutts

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This site makes it easy to vote + remind your friends to vote!

Make sure you vote today! I really like because you can find your polling place, but you can also find your friends in important states and remind them to vote. Go ahead and give a friend in Florida or Pennsylvania a poke!
We’ll help you find your polling place and see what will be on your ballot!
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All those websites were reported to Google several times during the last 5 years, but unfortunately no action was taken.
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Matt Cutts

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To register to vote, this is a good site.
Join millions of Americans who are registered to vote by signing up in your state.
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Hello +Matt Cutts. My music facebook page was hacked/Stolen. Facebook support wont give me any help. I can prove to you that the page is mine and i created it My face is all over it. The man who stole it is from pakistan i know his facebook account But he will not give it back. Please help me heres the link to it:
Here is my email if you can help. Please please help.
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Matt Cutts

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How to get back stories to read in Google Now

A while ago I got a bad source in my Google Now story cards. I clicked in the three dots in the top right of that story and ended up clicking "Never show stories to read" (like in the screenshot) but that radically reduced the number of stories I see in Google Now.

To bring it back, click the three dots again, select "Customize Google Now" and look for the "Everything else" item at the bottom of Now preferences. Look for an item called "Interested in getting recommendations from around the web?" and change it to yes.
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Matt Cutts

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Some people get stressed about making big resolutions on New Years. Take the pressure off by trying something new for just 30 days instead!
Is there something you've always meant to do, wanted to do, but just ... haven't? Matt Cutts suggests: Try it for 30 days. This short, lighthearted talk offers a neat way to think about setting and achieving goals.
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Hello Matt I want to suggest a youtube feature can you tell me please how can I please.?
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Matt Cutts

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This is a great talk. If you don't have 40 minutes to watch, you can get most of the value just by listening.
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I'm at Ipoh so call IP for Perak.
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Matt Cutts

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Congrats to Amit Singhal on 15 years at Google!

Amit Singhal, one of the unsung heroes of Google, just celebrated 15 years at the company. If you've ever gotten a magical answer from Google, you probably have Amit to thank for it.

I can't think of another person who has taken on so many different roles--individual contributor, manager, and head of search, not to mention dealing with press--and done such a superb job in each role. When a regular person hits a wall and gets discouraged, that's when Amit is just getting started. :) It's always fun to see how he cuts to the root of a problem and solves it. I'm proud to call him my friend.
Fifteen years ago, on this day, I joined a small startup called Google; and here I am, fifteen years later, enjoying every moment of this beautiful journey that I started with Google on Nov 28, 2000.

A lot has changed in the last fifteen years, Google has grown up a lot, and I have experienced tremendous personal growth. But one thing that has not changed, is the Google mission: to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful. This mission is one of the things that keeps me so engaged at Google. I feel proud to come in everyday knowing that what I will do will improve the lives of over a Billion people, and that is exactly what my employer wants me to do.

The second reason that has kept me at Google, in fact has made the last fifteen years the best professional ride anyone could every experience is my wonderful colleagues at Google. The people at Google are just amazing, and they are not just amazing in their respective areas, they are some of the most amazing human beings you will ever meet. I have made friends at Google that will last a lifetime, and that is the true wealth I've accumulated in my life.

On a personal note, when I joined Google, my two kids were four years old and six months old. Even though I had a few jobs before coming to Google, my kids only remember their Dad as a Googler.

Today... I am feeling Thankful.

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Proud of you sir. Thumbs up
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