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Matt Crook
Somewhat socially awkward comms guy working for a charity.
Somewhat socially awkward comms guy working for a charity.


Member Google+?

Well, this place got a revamp, so I'm taking a look around. Still seems pretty quiet.

Woof woof.

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I'll get you, duck.
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I have a pic of Steve Mcfadden in my Google Photos, so I thought I'd share it with everyone. 

Facebook is down LOL.

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Was sunny yesterday.

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Such a great tune. Such an underrated band. I don't know why I'm sharing this on G+. 

To anyone in Thailand who is suffering under the Facebook block, join us here on Google+! All the cool kids are here. We've got +Jon Russell and +Dave Oliver and +Richard Barrow and +Greg Jorgensen and I don't even know who else! It's a Google+ party!

B-b-b-b-bye, bye, bye, bye
B-b-b-b-bye, bye, bye, bye

I must admit I was a clown
To be messin' around
But that doesn't mean
That you have to leave town (Come back)

Yes, and give me one more try
'Cause a love like this should-a never ever die (Come back)

Yes wi' me colour TV
And me CD-collection of Bob Marley (Come back)
Yes, wi' me bag a sensi
And we can be together for eternity
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