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Completing a marathon in 11 years ain't too shabby when your life expectancy was only 90 days.

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Higgledy Piggledy,
Benedict Cumberbatch
Trod as Titania,
Frankenstein too.

Asked how his acting turned
Shrugging his shoulders said,
"Haven't a clue!"

(Original. CC BY-ND.)

9 years ago next month, NASA launched a spacecraft toward a planet. Everything has worked according to plan, but now that it has almost arrived, there is no planet there!

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Wait for it. Wait for it ...

The amount of email I have stored on the exchange server at work exceeds the total capacity of all the disks on my old UofC Astronomy dept's VAX780 by 30%

And of course it's all important.

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Pages '09 could do this directly. Pages 5.x, no.

My new movie project: The Life of Pi meets The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. The working title is "The Texas Circular Saw Massacre."

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Exactly right!

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A well-regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state ...
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