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Hi guys, I have a quick question for you experts about a new multi location client. I understand that with Possum update Google began to filter out similar businesses very close to each other - I know this update was rolled back shortly afterwards. What I wanted to know is if Google still filters results if they're the same company. I.e if a Starbucks has two locations in the same shopping mall will one of them be filtered in local search? Any blog posts that look at this question would be amazing!

Hi guys, quick question! Do you know how you can populate the "located in" field in GMB. Is this something you have control over or does Google populate this? An example might be a Starbucks inside a Walmart. Any help would be appreciated!

Hi guys,

I'm looking for recommendations for a social media tool to help effectively manage Facebook for a 400 location client. If anyone has any experience within the space please let me know!

Thanks in advance


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Hi guys,

I was hoping you could help with something strange I've seen where users are unable to leave a review for a specific Google My Business listing.

If you see this listing -->

There's no "leave a review" section (screenshot

I'm trying to create a "leave review" link for Google but when I create the URL the review box won't pop up and there's nowhere to leave a review on the Local Knowledge Box which makes me think there's an underlying issue that I'm not seeing here.

Any help would be appreciated!

Hi UK Local Search Pros!

I was hoping you could help. I'm looking for recommendations for a long term client who is looking for a web development agency to help with a new site build.

They're looking to speak with agencies who have experience with site builds and local seo for multi location companies. They have about 60 locations currently.

Because this client is UK based they are looking to speak with an agency also in the UK. Any recommendations are welcomed!

Hi guys,

Got a puzzler for you GMB experts out there.

New potential partner has a hotel client with an issue with an old business name showing on their local knowledge box on GMB. They have rebranded from "Dazzler" to "The Tillary Hotel Brooklyn" in March 2017.

Their GMB profile says "The Tillary Hotel Brooklyn" screenshot -->

But "Dazzler" is showing up on their local knowledge box

Link to local knowledge box -->,duf3-2-30-0x89c25a3560b36099:0x72c5470a3f065f30

I'm going to try and manually clean up all old data sources which reference the Dazzler but I wanted to see if anyone else had any previous experience on how to resolve outside of this.

Any advice is appreciated!

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Hey guys, question for UK folk that use MozLocal - somebody has just fwd me this email that they got from MozLocal saying that they're not taking new submissions for UK businesses. Has anyone else seen a message like this / know any more?

Hi guys, I was hoping you could help. I've got an enterprise customer who's looking for a store locator product to help them build unique landing pages for their stores (they don't have the dev resources internally). Can anybody recommend a good product?

Hey guys,

Quick question - have you ever heard of google reviews getting removed if a business is taken over/rebranded etc? Have a client who's rebranded and lost some GMB reviews and wanted to see if anyone had any advice.



Hi guys,

I was hoping a Canadian Local SEO could help me out.

We're finding some sites are stripping the special characters from addresses with special characters. e.g

a.) 4e étage. Entrée
b.) 4e etage. Entree

Option 'a' will become option 'b' after a citation is put live.

Does anyone know whether this is potentially seen as an address inconsistency? Or whether this is absolutely fine.

Any thoughts/ experience would be greatly appreciated!


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