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I had a few folks ask to see the process of attaching the Google prescription frames to Google Glass.  Here you go!  :)

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Your video definitely makes it look easier than it was for me! Maybe I was just too nervous about messing something up, but I fiddled with the frames for probably 10 minutes.
Any way this can work on the left eye? 
+Marvin Andro Google would need to design Glass (and the frames) specially to go over the left eye, as with the current design everything would be upside down and it would not fit over the ear properly. I would expect Google to come up with a left eye version by the time public release rolls around.
I got the invite a while back and had to decline it, asking +Google Glass for ETA on left eye option. I've not heard from them yet. 
Hi +Marvin Andro, this version of Glass has the display on the right side only. We don't have any updates on future versions of Glass, but we hear you.
+Google Glass from an engineering point of view, it shouldn't be that hard to accomplish a pair for left eye dominant people.  You could evenly distribute the weight and hardware between both ears and make the glass portion flippable.  There is a lot of room for design improvement with these.
+Tim Nelson I may not be understanding what you're describing, but I think one of the benefits of the current Glass design (ignoring for a moment its right-eye dominance) is that it is one solid unit, without hardware distributed across glasses frames. The benefit to this is that each set of frames is cheaper, since it doesn't have to encompass all the hardware that is inside the actual glass unit. 
The design could be made more modular (flippable), but I don't think that spreading out the physical hardware is necessarily the most viable option.
You had the correct idea, even weight distribution is important in some sense.  Wear these for an extended time and having all the weight on one side makes it uncomfortable.  I am not saying more weight, I am saying less weight and evenly distributed across both sides will increase comfort over time.
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