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Just added up the scorecard on this house.
Crystal Lake Golf Course is a few hundred yards away.
Pinecroft Golf Plantation is 1.9 miles away.
Champion Hill Golf Course is 2.2 miles away.
All are fun to play courses with lake views.
There are NINE more courses within 20 miles.
That's a lot of golf!

Since November 2nd, 1998, I have been a part of the +Coldwell Banker Schmidt Family of Companies. In the past 16+ years, I have learned so much, especially from Tom Gray , Ken Schmidt, +Michael Schmidt, and fellow managers. I have also witnessed first hand the personal and professional growth of Mike Schmidt, growth which has helped transform this company from a great, high performing regional company to one of the biggest and very best in the nation. Growth of a company starts with growth of it’s leaders, and I’ve been blessed to take part in that.

What comes next will be a surprise for some. I expect though that those who really know me, while surprised, actually will have seen it coming. 
Friday will be my last day as Regional Vice President for the Coldwell Banker Schmidt Family of Companies.
On Monday, I will be in Madison, New Jersey at Realogy headquarters, where I will open a new chapter in my life as Director of Leadership Development for +Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC. Over the next six months, Tammy, the boys and I will wrap things up here in Northwest Michigan and prepare to move. It’s a big move, but one that I firmly believe is a positive one for my family which will result in many, many opportunities to broaden their horizons and richen their lives as well.

Personally, I can’t wait to get started in my new position. In the book "The Compound Effect" +DARREN HARDY defined his complete formula for getting lucky:
Preparation (Personal Growth)
+ Attitude (Belief/Mindset)
+ Opportunity (a good thing coming your way 
+ Action (Doing something about it!)
= Luck
That formula certainly came in to play in opening the door to this new position, which allows me to leverage my talent, experience and passion to impact this brand that I love. I'll be helping Coldwell Banker managers and brokers grow in leadership and achieve the success of which they are capable and deserving, empowering them in turn to have a greater positive impact on the lives of their family, agents, family and their community.
I’m extremely proud to be Coldwell Banker Blue, and feel blessed to have the opportunity to make the brand even better.

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Be more human!

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Five years after I originally wrote it, not much has changed.  Worthy of a repost:

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#GenBlue No Ties Allowed:
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