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Ready Player One. 
FATcast 2: Lucian Copeland

My guest this week is Lucian Copeland, one of the founders of NullSpace VR, a startup that’s building a haptic jacket and gloves for virtual reality.


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#FATcast #vr #VirtualReality #podcast


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Classic Star Wars Galaxies. #starwars #swg


A little background on the issue..we had a Google Account for our business called, but for some reason we deleted the email account but didn't transfer the YouTube/Google+ Linked to it. After many tears, I accepted this was a total accident (and apparently everything isn't stored on the internet FOREVER, we lost a lot of videos).

Anyway! I'm trying to re-make the Google+ page and set the Custom URL, it isn't letting me put "", even though that doesn't exist anymore. It wants me to put extra characters on it, which I do not want to do.

Totally lost on this one, seems like a bug. Does anyone have any guidance?

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