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I got sick of the ghostly gray of comment text, so wrote a short GreaseMonkey script to fix it. If you use Firefox, just install the GreaseMonkey extension (if you don't have it installed already), restart Firefox, and then click the "Install" button on the script page below. The only problem I've found with the script so far is that it doesn't affect comments in the Notifications panel, but I'm working on that.

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Changes the text color for comments on G+ from gray to black
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Google Chrome users can install GreaseMonkey scripts as natural Google Chrome extensions btw :)
Oh, cool. Good to know. I keep trying Chrome, but keep coming back to Firefox.

Also, there's already an extension for Chrome called "Readability for Google Plus" that does the same basic thing as this script. But it's nice to know that Chrome users might find my script useful.
I just spotted a minor error with the script that prevented it from working on profile pages. Now fixed. Still working on getting it to apply to the Notification area.
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