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Are they long shorts or short longs?
Are they long shorts or short longs?

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Experience life as an England rugby player with an Oculus Rift, nine GoPros and zero bruises

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Home Alone is free on iTunes today. If you don't own it, download the 12 Days of Gifts app, redeem the download and have it saved in the bank for Christmas 2014. Simples.

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Tesco getting into the tablet game seems like it's another 'me too' venture but the UK supermarket has a lot of positive things going for it. The price undercuts the Kindle Fire, the specs are pretty decent, and it has a lot of decent apps and services. It'll also throw in a HDMI cable so you can connect it to your TV. That's something the Nexus 7 doesn't offer and is great for new tablet users who want things running via their TVs.

Unlike Amazon, you'll actually be able to test the device in store and throw in your trolley for just £60 in ClubCard vouchers. Total impulse buy.
Tesco puts its name to a 7-inch budget tablet that you can buy with your Clubcard points... the Hudl. 

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I think my cat was a ballerina in a previous life.

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When you put the words "quantum" and "supercomputer" together, things get really nerdy. However, I can only see this being a good thing, especially if researchers can start using it to help fight disease and model weather patterns etc.

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People in the UK may soon allow us to exit their mobile contracts mid-term if operators decide they want to hike prices. Good move Ofcom.

Wishing you all a prosperous New Year. Personally, I think it will be a big one!

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So, LG's supply chain sucks. Google's customer service is poor also. If you tried to order a Nexus 4 and failed, this explains why.
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