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Matt Borgard
Author and software engineer.
Author and software engineer.

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Carrie Fisher has died. Princess Leia lives on.
C arrie Fisher passed away today. She was depressingly young--only 60 years old. She had more wit, more snark, more acerbic takedowns of Hollywood culture to give to us. We will never get to hear them. Many people have spoken at length about Carrie's most i...

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The Fight Never Ends
I read, with some bemusement and a lot of frustration, an article asserting that President Obama "permanently" protected Planned Parenthood by executive action. It's interesting to me that this piece was written prior to the election, but only went viral af...

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Will I "Give Trump a Chance?" Sure. Here It Is.
Over the weekend, liberal and conservative pundits alike were falling over themselves to implore us to give President-Elect a chance. A chance to do what, exactly, is terrifying to think about. But let's assume the best. Let's say we do give Mr. Trump a cha...

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White Liberals Need to Listen -- But Not to Other White People
Over the past few days, I've been hearing two sentiments repeated among my liberal friends -- most of them white. "I'm disappointed. I knew there were racists and xenophobes. I just never thought it was a majority." and "We should have listened more to the ...

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Craymer vs. Craymer: A Podcast about Politics, Pop Culture and Philosophy
Hey everyone, hold on to your butts! If you just can't get enough of my musings, you can head over to and check out my new-ish podcast, Craymer vs. Craymer! It's a discussion show I run with my cohost, White Locke, It's generally half-comedy...

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Retro Review: Legend of Dragoon
I'm something of a retro game connoisseur, especially when it comes to role-playing games. But even I have blind spots. For the past month or so, I've been working though Legend of Dragoon, a game with the reputation of being a me-too copycat of other, bett...

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Rebooting the Prequels - Bad Idea, or Worst Idea?
Miles Teller IS Anakin Skywalker 2.0! My prequel post from last week got me thinking about a topic that's popped up here and there since The Force Awakened was announced. Even more than an era of prequels, we live in an era of reboots and remakes. Red Dawn,...

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Attack of the Prequels
This is a cross-post of an article which appeared on a different site, a long, long time ago. But with the release of X-Men Apocalypse, I still think it's relevant. Enjoy! L et’s be honest. Most of the time, “prequel” is a dirty word. Or if not a dirty word...

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What I've Been Reading - 5/4/16
H appy Hump Day! Negativity's got me kind of down. God knows I've been participating in plenty of it. With a certain orange-hued demon grabbing the GOP nomination for president, and the Rabid Puppies pooping all over the Hugo Awards floor, it's hard not wan...

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The Hugo Nominations Are Again Filled With Garbage
Well, boys and girls, the Hugo nods are out again . And they're slightly less fucked than last year! I don't want to recap the situation too much, but here's a short primer. The Hugos are the most prestigious speculative fiction awards. Last year, some gros...
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