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Matt Boersma
I study dead languages and the stories written in them.
I study dead languages and the stories written in them.

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So +Nykki B and I were asked to bring our "Motley Kids" from Who's Yer Con to GenCon this year. Having just copied the event schedule onto our own webpage from the GenCon Event system, it's starting to hit me what sort of insanity we've planned for ourselves....
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Hey, there's this cool, free gaming convention coming up soon! Whosyercon! Come check it out!
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I have some Kid Track Tent-Signs to go on/around/near kid-friendly game menus. I think I have something in line with the other signage.  Couple questions:

Are there suggestions for improvements?

Does anyone know if this usage of Finn from Adventure Time is covered by Fair Use? (I am a Bad Internet Person and didn't take note of where I pulled it from. If this is a problem, I'll find another image.)

I'm working on Kid-Track Signs/Tents to go on Kid-Friendly menus (either on the menus or to help corral them together).

Anyway, what font(s) are we using so I can keep this consistent? Also, if anyone knows the color codes being used I'll try to match those as well.
(+Jason Morningstar +Mikael Andersson ?)


+James Mendez Hodes and +Jeremy Friesen, I wanted to check in about the plan for family/kids gaming at GenCon. What's the plan?

+Steve Segedy, you had mentioned to get in touch with someone re: GenCon GoD kids track stuff worked out and i've misplaced that. who am i supposed to contact?

Do current GenCon GoD plans include any kid/family-friendly gaming "system", or is the current plan simply to ask GMs to mark which of their games might fall into that category? Just curious where things are standing presently.

So in my session on Saturday, I ran a kid-friendly Dungeon World adventure for a friend's kid and two other tweens (or whatever they're calling them these days). There were also a couple adults along for the ride. I had a teen at a later session with her step-dad. I'm wondering: do we want to do a kid-track or designate specific hours as kid-friendly and run either kid friendly versions or kid-friendly systems (Little Wizards, Do, etc.)?

Part of what sparked this was that Paizo was running a kid-friendly beginner track just down the hall from us, letting kids as young as 5 play. I overheard some of their GMs mentioning some sort of training/approval to run kid games, but I don't know if that was Paizo or GenCon initiated. 

(And I'm not saying we have to run all kid friendly stuff. I'm just thinking next year, I might offer 4 games, two being our normal fare and two being something like Little Wizards or Do and marking them kid-friendly.)

GenCon GoD crew: I had a blast helping again this year. I think the boarding pass system worked out great. I heard several comments that we were one of the best organized events of GenCon. Can't wait to help out again next year.
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