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Matt Bepler
Husband, Father of two sons, The Pacific NW is home.
Husband, Father of two sons, The Pacific NW is home.

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math and js... shred the grid, go on... it's fun!

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This is pretty cool. Surely cooler things are on the way, but this is a big step (leap?) from what most of us use. Don't see it totally replacing a keyboard. Yet.
This is absolutely amazing. Guess it's time to get rid of that mouse and keyboard?

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Smells like a winner - for your business.

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Gravitate Design Studio - Home in Downtown Vancouver, Wa.

It's the little things sometimes... like ones and zeros. 10:11:11 on 10-11-11. Time to call it a night on this winding down of a "lot" of 47. The big triple-11, next month!

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Making the rounds (and I by rounds, I mean circles) after a few busy days outside the social. Wrapping up classes @ClarkCollege for the summer, and hoping to enjoy some rare NW sunshine this weekend. Also, noticing the amount of "feed" on channels FB, TW, and G+ since I last checked in. G+ is definitely the path less traveled. And that's not a bad thing...

Do. Not. Take. Yourself. TOO.

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Aviator glasses that you would not want to see your pilot wearing. Random post. tweet? plus? i...

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i must admit. Friday night. Geeking out a bit on ∞energy. Infinite is good, as long as it's stable, and sustainable. Power. to the people. Chain Reaction(1996)
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