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The U.S. federal government, especially the NSA, is largely responsible for causing this problem for U.S businesses. If the NSA weren't so invasive, then Europe would not have been so motivated to act. The American public should be careful what it wishes for. By ceding our rights, we have proved ourselves untrustworthy.
The EU's highest court struck down a deal that allows thousands of companies to easily transfer personal data from Europe to the United States, in a landmark ruling on Tuesday that follows revelations of mass U.S. government snooping.
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Matt BenDaniel

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I was all on Ahmed Mohammed's side, but are there facts we haven't heard yet?
The Real Story of #IStandWithAhmed stinks of leftist exploitation
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Why do we allow ignorance to be used as an excuse for slapping the "criminal" label on creative people?
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Matt BenDaniel

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+Matt BenDaniel I'd rather see at least 80% of the cuts come from the other 80% of the budget.  Defense is one of the few things that's justifiable at the federal level, though granted the Defense budget could be halved if we could ignore Congressional soft earmarks.
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You're a firm atheist, right? Tell me honestly if you were out at night alone and heard something spooky behind you, turned around and saw that thing flying right at you, you wouldn't run.
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Just because it can be explain doesn't mean divine intervention. Not to mention it would be common sense, what would you do I doubt you would get on your knees and pray?
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A balanced article. The smug "Impact Team" purports righteousness. They have criminally violated the privacy rights of millions of victims, many of whom are innocent of anything along with their families. Lives will be hurt. "Impact Team" should be outed, prosecuted, convicted, and sentenced to decades of imprisonment.
What many people are treating as an amusing sex scandal could end up as a Pandora's box.
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Matt BenDaniel

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Sierra Club: "Atoms Not Dams"
The myth of carbon-free hydropower is embedded in the Kyoto protocol to address planetary climate change, and is being implemented in COP 21 climate plans
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This is the best trailer I've ever seen. But I think they've pretty much given away the entire movie.
The horror! The horror! I hate Daylight Savings Time so and I approve this message. 
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+Jason Rennie They should have had a line about assigning a computer scientist to the problem, then he committed suicide.
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I propose a national Electronic Clock Day, on which everybody brings in the guts of an electronic clock to work, school, or playground. Plus points for flashing color LEDs, exposed chips, and wires.

I also propose that we teach science every day in schools. And religious tolerance. And the Constitution's guarantees about individuals rights. And statistics, so that American children can be made to understand that terrorism is far less of a threat than donuts. Maybe some of the kids will teach some of that to their parents.
President Obama praised an Irving high school freshman’s interest in science after his arrest raised questions of bias toward a Muslim student who happens to love tinkering.
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Matt BenDaniel

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Trump is a real thing. Article explains how. Funny but painfully true.
Trump's rise is directly related to a certain white male limpness -- and their fear of a female president
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Clinton was a "scapegoat" for Benghazi?  Who was the real culprit that did the scapegoating - Obama?
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Matt BenDaniel

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Flying Spaghetti Monster
This pasta is alive....A team from energy giant BP recently stumbled upon a wiggly, pasta-like creature more than 4,000 feet under water off the Angola coast while using a remotely operated deep-sea vehicle for oil well maintenance, according to the journal New Scientist. 

This unusual marine animal is a  speciemen of bathyphysa conifera, in the order of the siphonophorae. Each siphonophore begins as a single fertilized egg that reproduces asexually by cloning itself, sometimes thousands of times. Each new zooid has its own role within the colony and functions with the other clones as one living siphonophore.
The creature appears spaghetti-like because the stem is contracted up so that all the feeding zooids are jam-packed together.



#biodiversity   #marinecreatures   #siphonophorae  
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Flying Spaghetti Monster -- Bolognese or Genovese?? TEACH THE CONTROVERSY!
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Software Developer at Google, Nuclear Energy Advocate
Professional software developer for 25+ years.
I'm an environmental advocate, specializing in energy production technologies. I have read much and am convinced our best energy option currently is nuclear energy. Nuclear energy is much safer and cleaner than people perceive. Burning coal and petroleum are much more harmful than people know, and all fossil fuels should be taxed for the damage the do. Natural gas may emit more greenhouse gas than coal. Wind and solar are diffuse and not yet economical. Far less than 1% of our energy comes from solar/wind.

Many anti-nukes assume that pro-nukes are anti-environment and establishmentarian. I am ultra-green. I believe in steep taxes on carbon, minerals and fresh water. We could boost our economy based on green technologies and practices.

I am at best a lukewarm supporter of our current nuclear industry and the NRC. Even though nuclear energy has saved lives and has been good for the environment, the industry has mismanaged itself badly. The industry has lied to the public and done a very bad job of educating the public. The NRC is a bunch of political stuffed shirts who are hell bent on doing pretty much nothing. Both the industry and our corrupt federal government have been opposed to research and development of improved nuclear energy technologies, especially LFTR and other fast reactors. As a result, our advancement of nuclear science (our best hope for the future) has pretty much been at a standstill since 1970. I have never worked in the nuclear power industry. I have no family or close friends in the industry. Nor am I financially invested in it. The only motivation I have to support nuclear power is that it is our most underused option to save the biosphere.
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