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Not sure of the point of what I'm seeing. Also way too dark, and the processing seems really grainy. #delete
It seems dark for me and not enough of the person on the left for me to tell what is going on.

I don't agree with the "grainy" comment from Rachel.  However I do agree with her that the image is too dark. But that's the least of this image's problem.
The man on the left isn't adding anything since all one sees is the ear and he appears to be looking down and NOT at the man on the left. The main subject is framed way too low giving him a sinking feeling. Then there's the on-camera flash - it's absolutely hideous light. #delete2
perhaps a different crop? I'm not sure the subject, the way it is frame tells a good story. #delete5  
Composition is not anywhere to say something about this.
Exposure needs work
Maybe because I don't know the story behind this image.  As a standalone, it's not working for me.   #delete8
I'm sorry, this photo was deleted by the Light Box Group.  Feel free to try again tomorrow with another photo.
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