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Perfection is Flawed
Perfection is Flawed


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Today, I talk about Marriage and Marriage Equality, in the aftermath of the Australian Marriage Equality Postal Survey.
I have a lot to say.
The Word of the Day is: MARRIAGE

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Tonight, Season 2 of Stranger Things Comes out!
I wrote a blog post about it this show and why I enjoy it so much, but I don't blame you if you would rather go and start watching the show first.

If, however, you aren't watching Stranger Things - Well, perhaps this post will explain why you ought to be . . .

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Why are People so Stupid?
Today, we explore the answer to this question, with a simple educational thought experiment. So, consider for a moment, what if we thought of "stupidity" as a sickness?

The Word of the Day is: MEME

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8 - The Final Chapter of this Five-Night, Furry Fright-fest!

Experience the epic conclusion of Five Nights at Furries . . .

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5N@Fur, Night 1

When Jerry Milton is hired as the new Doomben Convention Centre security guard, he's excited to start work at a relatively simple job. But some of the things he sees on the monitors make his skin crawl . . .

This is the first night of this Story. return tomorrow for the next chapter!

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I posted this yesterday, since I was a bit tired and forgot, but I hope nobody's feeling ignored.
This is the first post of the 2017 Halloween Countdown.
The Word of the Day is: IGNORANT
This year, the theme for this Countdown bill be the horrors that come from lack of thought, bigotry, simplicity and foolishness.

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I recently went to the Brisbane Writer's Festival, and I truly enjoyed the day, but some of the events helped to bring to light something which I have been thinking about recently.
The Word of the Day is: UNWRITTEN

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Brian Lockburn has been working at the Kitchen for almost 10 months now, working through the daily grind. But, when one of their scientists die, he is sent to finish off the filing that she can no longer complete on account of being deceased.
But as he works through the filing, he starts to understand why exactly such a careful and diligent scientist lost her life . . .

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The Word of the Day is: SOUL

Today, I explain why your god doesn't exist. If you believe in god, you might find this blog post informative, if perhaps a little irreverent.
If you don't believe in god, you may still find this informative as I talk about different aspects of belief, science, logic and magic.

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The Word of the Day is: VEGETARIAN
And today, I talk about why I don't agree with moral vegetarianism, and why I think you shouldn't either.
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