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Some +Macro Monday on the "Leaf Theme" curated by +Kerry Murphy and +Kelli Seeger Kim and +Jennifer Eden... hope you like my image, I decided to add in an element of this little guy giving a slight juxtaposition with the lines of the plant leaves...

Shot just outside the #corcovado  national park in #costarica .
#macromonday   #macrophotography  
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What a wonderful surprise that little face sticking out from behind that grand plant!
GET OUT!  This is so fabulous (and super adorable!!)
I see opportunities like these often in the Tampa bay area of Florida...the differene is, +Matt Adcock that you got it! fun shot :)
+Betty Manousos +Justin Uriah +Morkel Erasmus , gracias :)   +Nathan Mark Phillips, yes sometimes we get used to the natural surroundings and need a little pinch...thats why I love traveling to new places!  +Jennifer Eden, gracias for noticing !!!  +Mike Spinak, thanks amigo!  I'm not 100% sure on the compositional elements... the bright white space under his head is sorta distracting, but at least the line follows that of the curves of his head :)  Cheers amigo!
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