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This is the CyanogenMod session from the 2011 Big Android BBQ. For the second year this was by far the most popular session and pretty much everyone that was at Fiesta Gardens on Saturday was at this session. +Steve Kondik and the rest of the CyanogenMod team did a great job.

The video is just short of an hour long and available in 720p. Embedding is enabled and you can link directly to the YouTube video at Big Android BBQ 2011 - CyanogenMod Session or use the shortened URL
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they all say "we do random work or don't do much" that's a lot of not much work
Big Android BBQ.... the only place u can get a CM ETA
Yeah, we'll have it done tomorrow...
Whoops we're not done.
Never giving an ETA again, something always goes wrong!
Very true +Jake Southers last year was the first time they ever gave one last year...even if it was "Soon"
At least we weren't ridiculously off-target... #blameSteve
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