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Updates to Android Design

We've updated Android Design with some important new content!

Patterns → Settings (NEW!) (
Design guidelines for application settings.

Patterns → Navigation (
We've updated the "Navigation into Your App via Home Screen Widgets and Notifications" section ( and added the "Navigation Between Apps" section (
Settings is a place in your app where users indicate their preferences for how your app should behave. This benefits users because: You don't need to interrupt them with the same questions over an...
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Thanks for all the effort you guys are putting behind to make more clear Holo.

I was blown away by the vector stencils.

Unfortunately, desktop Chrome is terrible at renderig Roboto font used in the site.
i love ics best os in the world!!! all it need is a print option and i want it to be much much smoother talking about wow that butter smooth
ICS on my Nexus S is wonderful, but some apps (like Google+ and Google search) always close with no reason!
This is great stuff, but I wonder how you guys can encourage developers, especially new developers, to go holo rather than just porting iOS or making their own messy apps.

I'm all for developers having creative freedom to break the rules if.they've got a better idea, but what we have now is developers making apps that would look and run a lot better if only they followed the guidelines.

Maybe we need an iOS to Holo converter :-o na, never mind
Here's a question, +Matias Duarte

Why does the refresh button in the Android Google+ app differ from the refresh button in the Holo guidelines?

Is there a different meaning to the single arrow?

Also, the YouTube app doesn't seem to follow Android's design language at all. [yes it does]
+Anthony Kelly I hear ya, man, I try to avoid apps that break all the guidelines, such as Titanium Backup, I'd rather use ROM Toolbox's App Manager, at least the design looks nice, and is somewhat consistent with ICS's UI.
Even +Engadget , a tech blog app, is using iOS icons and layout in its Android app. It's very unprofessional, but many devs do it.

The resources that Google and Matias are giving us are good, but it seems like a lot of devs just aren't taking notice.

Can we just auto-blacklist any app that uses iOS bottom tabs and share/back icons? :-D
+Anthony Kelly the YouTube app does a fine job of following the ICS guidelines o_O

Some screenshots I took a while ago

A lot of devs indeed don't take notice, but with these guidelines out there, the pressure will increase for them to follow it a little more, and I'm seeing more than a few revamped / newly released apps that respect the guidelines.

As someone else mentioned, instead of discouraging the bad, the Google Play store should really put more effort into its "editorial" picks and promote really good design; some of the apps on there are shocking.
+Abhilash Kuduvalli that it does :-) thanks for pointing out my mistake.

I was watching YouTube on a Gingerbread device at the time of writing, and it still had that horrible old share button.

How about the Google+ app in ICS? Have they updated the refresh icon too? I know it's not too important, but it would be nice to see even more consistency across apps.
Nope, that is still indeed an old style refresh icon, but hey, they're getting there
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