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Because it is awesome. I really love mine and I will not miss it.

+Michael Panzer both. The hardware and the quality is really good and also the software is very fine.
Wish I could get one.. had to return 5 of them.
+Peter Hayduk and +Anthony Morris If that's true, Google and Asus should make the TF700 with a S4 Pro to a Google Nexus device and get themselves the next winner for sure!
Congratulations! Please bring it to Brasil! Awesome!
Enjoying the use of mine. Its taken me away from my beloved Galaxy Nexus though :'(
Now if we could get the accessories to go with it... I want my landscape dock :(
Best $200 I ever spent... Congrats Google... Nexus 7 is awesome!
Congrats Google, Asus and the Nexus team.  Well done and well deserved! Now for the love of Thor, get cracking on decent accessories.  The N7 is awesome but your accessory selection, months after release, still sucks monkey nuts.  I had to spend hours searching on line before I found an awesome case for my N7 (3rd gen poetic slimline if you're interested).  This is something that should have been available form the get go right from Google Play (or from Asus or the retailers selling the tablet).  Apple and Amazon have this part of the business down pat.
+Matias Duarte , your contribution to the Android design didn't go unnoticed. Waiting for the other 2/3 of the way to be as exciting as the first. Thanks!
Big win for all involved, congratulations. Hopefully a certain LG device will be equally well received.
Totally awesome! Writing this om my US import Nexus 7, please release it in Norway soon! Very pleased with it - both hardware and software, well the stuff that works here anyway.
Nice! I love my N7 with Jelly Bean! It's so stable and lag free.
I really want a Nexus 7 but I am not aloud one.
Love my N7 looking forward to a N10 now
Love my Nexus...I do everything on this little miracle of a device, phone calls, texting, gaming, networking, a lot of bang for very few bucks. :-)
coool I am getting 1 for chrimbo! :)
Awesome! I'm just getting ready to order 2 of them for my house!
I wish this tablet was out when I bought my CRAPPY Kindle Fire! :(
Mr +Matias Duarte was wondering if you are working to find a fix for the 3gb bug that it effecting performance of the 16gb model? Or is not ur side of things to solve lol. Thanx
Wat is it i just see a tablet enlighten me
It's really fabulous. I am enjoying my nexus.
Yey! I love my Nexus 7 and to see it get 2 top awards makes me feel all warm and fuzzy. Total Android convert now. In fact I've just ordered a Phillips Speaker Dock for Android so my one remaining Apple product will be redundant.
Will the iPad mini take the crown again? We will see. 
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I love my Nexus 7. Any chance your team is working on a 10inch version?
I bought it last month - it was instant love, despite being my second tablet next to a galaxy tab 10.1
Gotta say it is a very good tablet and its bloody good. Makes my Samsung 7tab feel old literally.
Kindle Fire HD is a pretty strong contender but not listed here.
Just sayin'.
It is fabulous and expensive I like
I had a play with one in a store, nice bit of kit
But I still got the iPad!!
Just been to Paris , metro apps saved me hours , amazing gadget
Congrats to the team for a great device!
just my personal opinion... what about the Samsung Galaxy Tab (7 plus)? I think it's a really good tablet - just my own experience~ :)
Posting from my N7. Excellent product.
Glad I waited to get one. Best bang per buck I spent. Great device!
I need to get a tablet. It would be than reading a book on my razor Max
+Matias Duarte I love my Nexus 7, but disappointed with a couple of things:
1. You don't advertise it anywhere near enough in the UK. 
2. Mine was a victim of the low-space massive slow-down bug and I had to re-flash it using stock images. Hopefully 4.1.2 has a fix for that as I can't put anything on the storage for fear of it happening again.
Still an awesome little device for the money. The size and weight are absolutely perfect. Don't bother making a 10" Nexus tablet, this is perfection.
The image posted above seems to be of Nexus 7.Is it?
The spell checker doesn't work on it. It doesn't list any suggestions despite being turned on in settings. You need to fix that before I will buy one. I'm fed up with tablets that won't correct your spelling. My phone does, so why not the Nexus?
wow its sophiscated,touchy dat can quench ma taste
I have the Google nexus it is amazing like it if you want one or have one
Was going to buy one this past weekend but decided to hold off for a few weeks because of the 32gb variant rumors. Would much rather have that.
I could not agree more. When something just blends so nicely into your life like its always been there, They got it right.  Thx Google, Asus.
I love my nexus 7. Can't wait for the next nexus phone!
My Nexus 7 is all i am using for commuting/ kindle is somewhere around the house..i do not miss it at all...
I so wish it had expandable memory.
Congratulations to Google and Asus
Fantastic result guys.......I never doubted it for a second.
+Matias Duarte well deserved, a fantastic device. Now if you could just bring the entire Google Play experience to the UK....:)
Will spank the iPad any day!
Keeping the price low meant not including what I think is an essential feature... Memory expansion.
My Toshiba Thrive has a full size SD card slot, a full size USB as well as a mini USB and a full size HDMI.
It was also twice that price, but I am completely satisfied.
Whomever deserves the credit, Apple will claim it.
+David Andrews. I am with you 200%. I love my Thrive and all its built in features. I am up to 48gb using the sd slot but could go higher. The full sized usb connector is a must. I download from my camera a lot and can due that anywhere.
Just got my second one last week(setting it up for my mom to use). Will most likely be buying a third one at some point. JB works great on this device. Can't wait to see what the new release(KLP?) will bring. 
+Bill Koerner I imagine you could chop onions with it if you used enough force, its quite thin. Maybe only to half an onion though. I'd stick with a knife, you could order one with the Tablet!
Congratulations, and parabens from northern Portugal !!!!!!
Congratulations!!! I'm not surprised at all
The Nexus 7 has been the most useful and enjoyable tablet I've owned.  It has lots of little touches that make it a pleasure to use.  The bezel is so well thought out, the soft touch back is incredible, the UI is great, and the responsiveness is excellent.  

There have been some very positive changes to the look and feel of Android / Nexus devices since +Matias Duarte joined the team.  Can't wait to see what you do next!
In my country it cost's me 300$ 8gb
, but it still worths it.awsome
Min Ko
Well deserved!!
Super machine. The price is a joke! I prefer it to the iPad, even though the latter might win on the screen front slightly. Only just.
Samsung Galaxy 10.1 for me I love it love it love it madly. Xxxxxxxxxxx
Its on 5-6 hrs a day. Kids have it more then I do
Gadget of the year? Just because it's cheap? SMH
Congrats. Might have to get one now.
This is a really amazing device at such a great price. I'm addicted to mine! Unfortunately it makes the scaled down Android phone experience seem really unappealing :/
Google gets all the credit. Being the owner of one, I can say Asus isn't the best hardware maker in the world and the nexus branding is what sealed the deal for me.
Just had mine encrypt itself. Careful how you use your apps and what you download,not sure what did it but got a new one and still love it
+Archie Huertas gadget of the year bc its a beast with an amazing screen and plenty of power and it's at an affordable price.
Yeah I love it my phone is kinda the same h.t.cEvo LTE
Love my nexus 7, New slingbox update, and cell phone hotspot, I have high def tv everywhere!
It said the new iPad had the best screen ever on a mobile device and it didn't even make the short list.  Since tablets basically are screens, and it has great battery life on LTE besides, this makes zero sense to me.  Congrats though, N7 is sweet.
Dunno about nexus7, only played with past few days as minding until Christmas for nephew. Probably more due to being spoilt with my own transformer prime and s3. Nex just 2 sticking points no front camera and sd. 7inch is great size. Now if they made a higher spec, maybe the 32gb will have cam I'm sold. Even though I don't need one
Had mine less than 2 weeks and love it. I looking forward to more good times.
My first tablet...I love it ! There's so much to do...the sad thing is ,I spend more time with this than I do my sorry babe
Love my N7, in fact I'm typing this comment on mine!
Love my N7, but I can't find good accessories for it.
I would like a nexus 7 but not before I can use the whole Google Play Store in my country!
Whistling and clapping and screaming Bravo. Woohoo
Nexus 10 rumored to be made by Samsung. On topic : Congrats.
I love mine. From what I've herd 4.1.2 started tiling out today to #nexus7 owners. One great update is landscape mode.
Got two N7 in the house I love the Nexus 7 best tablet I've owned. Definitely deserves all the praise.
Nexus 7 is pukka. I have both nexus and iPad. Nexus 7 is every bit as good for fraction of the cost
+Frank Banuelos , rather, the iPad mini is a wanna-be Nexus :-)

Imitation is natural, and happens both ways. 
How do you win "tablet of the year" in October? Really??? Is that a "fiscal" calendar year?
Asus is just the hired manpower and hardware. Google put their name on the line and stuck their neck out to make the price attractive. That said, i have two Asus laptops and I love them. Cred to google but props to asus for stellar manufacturing.
Best $200 bucks I ever spent. Nexus 7 is the best!!! I love this thing. I love android.
Samsung and Android = Apple's biggest nemesis! :D
Well, I didn't think it was fair the tablet one... At least they should've put Asus Infinity (way better than Prime) or Galaxy Note 2! Anyway, I'm happy with the results and not surprised with any of both, just think those 2 tablets mentioned before had to be there
Sorry, I meant Galaxy Note 10.1 not the 2 lol
Greatest thing since sliced bread
The Galaxy Note 10.1 is the best tablet of the year.
just got mine, its awesome. what it can do for the rage its great.
I absolutely love this tablet. I have 3 of them in the house for all the family to use.
+Matias Duarte You guys deserve it. It really is the best tablet ever. You spent so much time and attention to the small details son it fits in hand like a glove. It is sad the build quality has not been treated with the same attention to detail. I'm on my 2nd tablet with a third en-route trying to get one that is good on all ends... but I'll keep trying until I get a good one :-)
Using one as we speak. Absolutely outstanding piece of kit for very little cost
I would like to know, what brand of tablets to consider as "Tablet of the Year ".
Mr. Duarte your contributions to android so far have been spectacular.  I mean i have seen the shift ever since google snatched you up and its been very elegant, useful and fast. The OS its the best its ever been. I have an N7 and i consider it to be a still for 200. All i want this christmas is a xperia nexus and ill be good. Keep up the good work and Mr.Rubin too
Sammy g2 or g3 both live up to the challang, those are my pick.
This demonstrated that the Nexus 7 is not the only Kindle Fire killer, The New IPad too.
Words of the article, not only mine.
Very attractive, but no expandable storage is a definitive show stopper for me
I got one, but I had quality problems and returned it. Not loving it too much. Any way my galaxy nexus is the best phone ever!
So glad they went with asus!!!! Good job Google pat urselfs on the back on I'll pat my self on thy back for buying one!!!!!
Well that's interesting. The least expensive tablet out there and it won. Ha! Not just to apple bit to all the overpriced tech out.there.HAAAA!
I love my nexus.
This just proves that price is does not always have a reflections of how good a product is.Google should be applauded for the OS of this device it seriously matches the Hardware that even Products like Ipad and Samsung Tab can take a note out of Asus book! pardon the pun.
Love my Nexus! :) Thinking on getting a nexus as my next phone... though not sure about LG :S
I just got the Motorola Razor Max a few months ago. I miss my original droid with the pop out keyboard. I just need to get used to the interface keyboard and swipe. 
Bring the 3G version to Indonesia please! It'll sell like crazy! 
When are you going to let Motorola have a Nexus phone? I and many others want to see it happen, especially since Google owns it.

Good job, +Matias Duarte . Hopefully with the new wave of tablets, we won't have to see Android tablets that look so barren compared to iPads or Windows 8 tablets. It's such a turn off for consumers:

So I hope your team is working on making a lot of awesome stock tablet widgets that don't ruin battery life or slow down performance. Either that or Android needs a complete overhaul of its interface, especially for tablets.
Cool, now bring it over to Sweden.
Bien hecho Matias. Saludos desde Los Angeles!

Thanks, gracias por su aportación señor duarte
I agree whole heartedly..that's why I am rocking one myself and using it to write this 
The nexus 7 is a very good device and the first to bring a good tablet experience to a cheap device - the form factor would be better as 4:3 though 
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