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"It's so comfortable in one hand, the screen is incredible, and its performance is virtually flawless. Android itself has even developed into a great tablet operating system"

Looks like the Verge like our latest!

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All I need now is for the LTE version to be available. :-)
I'm a total Google fangirl, so this gives me the warm and fuzzies!
Verge Score: 9.0 - Wow! Congratulations to the team!
Can't wait to buy it in germany in some weeks :D
I saw him putting this in his pocket during the presentation. Give it phone capabilities! The idea phone size for me is the largest one that can fit in my pocket.
Hopefully it doesn't slow down like the nexus 7 when it was updated. Then again I think tegra 3 had a lot to do with it slowing down
 quoted from the review:
1. "somehow Google still can't figure out how scrolling animations work, so the Play Store is as jittery as ever "
2. "I rarely encountered stutters, jitters, or problems of any kind. (Except scrolling. Cool job Google.)"

will key lime pie address these issues? i wish android will have the smoothest animation, scrolling, and battery life of all in the future.

love the improved user experience on the graphic rendering front in android 4.3. go big, google! happy camper here..:)
+Charles Alva it is strange isn't it?  The mobile Play Store LOOKS nice, but it does perform horribly.  I can't understand why though.  It's quite frustrating.
Yeah, it's very choppy to scroll even i only scroll my own installed apps when i'm in slow network like here in indonesia. My guess is Gplay might checking and refreshing the content to its server constantly.

Hope it will cached the opened picture so it will scroll fast and smooth when reopened again next time. Haha
Looking forward to the coming nexus 10, which may be my next tablet.
+Matias Duarte will have nothing to do with scrolling in an app. :)

That would probably be more in the wheelhouse of the +Chet Haase and +Romain Guy, and potentially even +Kirill Grouchnikov [if there really is something wrong with the Play Store apk, and it isn't some limitation within Android itself]
+Alexander Leonhartsberger *finger crossed*

happy camper here. my nexus 4 just got a boost in its graphic rendering performance thanks to the project butter v2 in android 4.3!

i used to see the annoying micro stuttering in app transition animation and choppy scrolling on the majority of installed apps. but kudos to the improvement on 4.3 i see less of them which makes me happy. haha
+Tim Glaser He's the director of the Android user experience, so he's probably interested in things like that. Scrolling in such an important app is part of the UX. Anyway, let's not hijack this post any longer :-) Congrats to a great new device
Great job guys. Picking one up this week. +Matias Duarte you and your team designed an incredible OS and user experience. 
4.3 is loads smoother, pretty much all scrolling is 60fps.  The only place the play store stutters is when its loading the images.  G+ has the same issue
I love +The Verge but their Apple tainted view is getting old. The title of the article is a joke. The new Nexus 7 doesn't prove Google has been watching Apple. The iPad mini proves Apple has been watching Google.
+Ben Williams i think specifically they mean that Google has been focusing on making the Android tablet experience better, following in the steps of Apple who obviously committed a lot of effort to make a good tablet iOS experience right from the beginning.

If you listened to the Vergecast you would know that these guys all have multiple phones and are frequently using Android devices as their main phones, acknowledging that the experience is generally better than the iPhone 5.

They really aren't biased, they just have opinions that you may not agree with.  That's not the same thing as bias.
+Ben Williams I agree, the title is a bit..skewed, especially since Apple has been adding nothing but Android-like features for the last couple of years. However, Topolski and his crew have a come a long way since their Engadget days. Back then it was basically an Apple advertising site. They seem a bit more even now with Topolski now pretty much using Android products. 
+Tim Glaser but to 99% of their readers that title stands out as I explained it. I know they use Android devices. But the iPad mini was a direct result of the Nexus 7 (2012). Apple even did some major things wrong from screen size to pixle density.

The new Nexus 7 is simply the next iteration in the Nexus 7 line. Not an attempt to change something that was bad before. That's what their title suggests. "Apple showed Google up in the mini table space; Google learned from it"

As +The Verge even pointed out, it seems Google isn't going for the highest end device. The screen is great but the rest of the specs are there to keep the price down. If Google released the Nexus 7 at the iPad Mini's price point, there would be no comparison.
I don't think you shouldn't try to speak for 99% of their readers.

I think they are clear enough when they talk about Android's ecosystem for tablets still being behind Apple.
+Michael Dubnik I totally agree. But Peirce and Bohn tend to do a lot of the Android reviews and I feel they lean more to the iOS side than Android. I'm all for a good review that points out some issues that I might not like to amit are there. Peirce actually wrote a good article. That's why +Matias Duarte quoted and shared it. But the title just sets an expectation for the article that really isn't true to the article.
+Ben Williams Seems strange to complain when the bottom score [which is frequently the only thing people look at] is a 9.
+Tim Glaser this is more of a hardware review. Not a ecosystem review. Android's tablet ecosystem has continued to grow regardless of the release of the new Nexus 7 so that title implies Google has been watching apple from a hardware standpoint.

Ok, let me rephrase. I'm willing to bet a 'majority' of their visitors don't know a thing about the staff's personal preferences when it comes to mobile OSs.
+Tim Glaser oh my God dude. Your like a little kid. What did I not just say? "The title just sets an expectation for the article that really isn't true to the article." That includes the score at the bottom that is just a number scale representation of the words in the article.
I'll agree with that, but the fact is that the Nexus 7 has been directly responsible for growing the tablet ecosystem for Android.  Even Google acknowledges this.

So the new N7 is a very important release as hardware, but it must also be reviewed with the context of the ecosystem it's in.

There could be a Blackberry tablet with an even better screen, a Snapdragon 800 SoC, and fantastic build quality, but then the review for that would need to reflect the fact that the tablet experience is terrible.

I think commenting on and discussing the ecosystem is critical.

For me Android's ecosystem is BETTER, not just good enough [as compared to iOS], but that is for me.  I know others who are frustrated by the android tablet experience, and although I don't agree, it is hard to argue that Apple's huge headstart in this area hasn't made an impact, at least in the mindshare of the consumer.
I thought we were having a nice interchange of opinions.

+Tim Glaser I agree with that 100%. I was simply referring to the title of the article. It could have been better. They have the right to write from whatever angle they want. And they gave it a fair review and a fair score. The title just doesn't fit and is more reminiscent of their Apple biased days.
+Matias Duarte I'd prefer having a wacom pen (palm rejection), so that i can replace my paper notebook, which I always have with me besides having a tablet.

A paper notebook is just more handy for drawing diagrams and annotating them with some symbolic algebra. There is afaik no App that can handle vector graphics and symbolic math from pen input in the same document :(

Thought about the Samsung Note 8, but its not much better than the tablet I already have.

Hope that the next Nexus10 will get a Wacom pen and possibly some splash proofing. I always have the Tablet with me, so it gets used in rain conditions too. 
Please make an android-on-a-stick or chrome-on-a-stick device!! I would love it if google could do that and optimize android for tv use! (BTW, i already own a +Google TV but the play store is soooo limited).
I just sell the old nexus 7 and pre order the new one! (:
Then they'll love the new Nexus 10 wont they lol
Yay The Verge! My favorite tech/science journalist site
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