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"The best $200 tablet you can buy."
In 2008, when the Eee PC was revolutionizing the computing world and driving every manufacturer to make cheaper and smaller laptops, Sony washed
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When will Nexus 7 be available in Brazil? :D 
I already preordered it, hopefully its a great success so we see more great Nexus tablets in the future.
I want to order the Nexus 7.. but I can't even access it because I'm in Trinidad and Tobago... I order to Florida though, so this Google Play store restriction is a bother!
This is a really amazing device can't wait to see how it does.
I have waited and watched the other tablets and I am glad I waited
Correction: The best tablet you can buy.
Mark Ng
Pre-ordered yesterday.
Pre-order complete.  Can't wait. The cover is now sold out... guess I can wait a bit longer for that ;) 
I totally don't need a tablet, and I totally want one of these.
Quad core tablet? I don't think performance will be an issue, plus Google thought about us broke folks. Very affordable for me and I'm just waiting for the galaxy nexus to drop to $300, then I will be a happy camper :)
Pre-ordered today, can't wait until mid-July
i cant wait for this.  Will be selling my kindle fire and getting this right away!!  You guys are flipping awesome!!  
My family saw how excited I was about the nexus 7 that my daughter just called me to say that they have ordered one for me, best family and getting an awesome tablet
dorio x
waiting here in the philippines
I think I sold my parents to the idea... Hope the Czech Republic is on the cards too.
You really need to release this along with a larger part of Google Play worldwide ASAP
This is awesome and I might buy one for my cousin because for me I need an SD slot +Matias Duarte also great job on the UX and card influence buddy
The Nexus 7 looks great, I just forgot how terrible Engadget review quality is. I shall wait for The Verge review.
Should be aspiring to Best tablet you can buy. Period. But this is a good start.
I already have my pre-order in....YYYEEEESSSSSSS!!!!!
good, any thing to share on the preorder numbers, below or above your expectations ?
The good : can be purchased directly through Google Play
The bad: not available in Hong Kong.
Please make it available in Asia soon T.T
Pre-ordered already. It's gonna rock! Can't wait.
I wish google came out with a 10in so I can dump my iPad1. 
Apple better hurry up and file some bogus lawsuits!
I want to know whether any free fiction books are preloaded on nexus?
Using it to type this message
Time for my galaxy nexus to start guzzling down jelly beans ;)
I'm irrationally attracted to this one. My pick Fini wanted a 7 inch right now #ipaduser
Send me mine already
Except its $250 in Australia...
I could sell slabs of concrete with a chisel and they'd be comparable to the best 200 dollar tablet you can buy
i want it one ... when Nexus 7 comes to Indonesia? 
No Netflix/Pandora - No Sale
But it doesn't run iOS, not interested
It seem no additional card slot? Storage is limited
Very disappointed no sdhc onboard. Only thing makes sense to me is, they want you to use cloud services for revenue reasons. Might wait and see what the 2nd generation offering has.
i pre-ordered mine with no issues and i'm in canada. 256 after tax and shipping
+Tom McGrath You do need to see what things Android has. I know, I have an iPad2 and it's apps are beautiful and great. But they operate in isolation, there are no files, I can't organize my Camera Roll into real folders, oh I could go on and on. My SwiftKey keyboard for my Android phone is so damn wonderful to use. No way on iOS. Really... at least look.
I can't wait. I'll finally dip into the tablet pool. I'm becoming a complete Google user. No more third party Android hardware for me.
I'm using Kindle Fire and going to sell it soon for this. Despite I'm running Android 4.0 on Kindle but N7 brings more experiences, esp Hangout, faster upgrade, much faster CPU, NFC and GPS... I really like the front camera and Mic for Video chat, really nice, Google!
What does the hive mind think: Could I easily read scientific PDFs on the Nexus 7, or should I go for a 10-inch tablet? It looks great.
I wanted the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1. It got delayed. Now Apple snuffed it here because it looks like the iPad. Geeze, trolling instead of competing is just disappointing. Apple I lost some respect for you.
lies i can't buy it, sell outside the US and i will
I've already pre-ordered mine. Can't wait to try it out.
I own an iPad and still want this, it's a whole different animal I think I will mainly be upgrading tablets in the future and strictly using my cell for tethering, texting and calls since carrier subsidies are getting outta control.
As much as I love this thing,(been waiting most of the year) I'm disappointed that it has no sd slot, I understand why (get you addicted to Google Play, instead of torrenting movies/tv shows) but I can't give up my 32gb card. It's just too convenient when you're away from Wi-Fi and you don't want to kill your phone battery by tethering the tablet to your phone. +Matias Duarte and his team did a hell of a job, very sad I'm not a part of their work
Nexus 7 looks awesome same for features, will be picking one up when they arrive, thanks google.
+Louis Gray quite a bold statement but I highly doubt competes well against more expensive options.
Ray Du
+Matias Duarte Has Google ever tried to negotiate with the Chinese authorities on Play Store officially coming to China? Really looking forward to a positive answer!
do you think Google is losing money on the hardware?
the only $200 tablet you can buy ;)
+Kyle Henderson So... like every phone in the US, every ebook reader sold by a bookstore, the iPad, iPod, iPhone, and anything else you can shake a stick at, it's subsidized? And unlike most of these other devices, you are not required to sign a contact binding you to buy stuff for it (data plans, cell service....) so that the subsidy is guaranteed to be paid back? So it's a win-win all around? And you're complaining?

No offense whatsoever intended; I'm just saying... :)
I love it but why did you pick the exact wrong place for the camera. Why does the camera stay in one place. Why not make it swivel from front to back.
Ive been talking with my gf about getting her a replacement for her aging netbook. This may be the ticket for that price.
I just pre pre ordered the Nexus 8.
I'm a little sad that they didn't include MHL (HDMI) output.  Also the lack of a microSD slot is a product killer to me.  I'll stick with spending a little more money on the Transformer Prime.
Without an sd card or hdmi output? I dont think so. It has processing power, but no `general hackability`
The best you can buy alright, if you can buy it. :| In other countries it's a non-option (like the Kindle Fire). Show Asia some love and let us know when we can pick one up over here! :)
Pity it's $270 here in Australia.
Interesting to see how well these will sell
Ok I want it, or do I want the transformer? Hmm, decisions, decisions.
I really, really want it but i know i shouldn't be looking at so as not to be compelled to find a way to obtain the precious (in a Gollum voice).
We have a winner here ladies and gentlemen!
Cx Rl
Sell it in the Philippines! asap!
Can never have enough NEXUS!!!!
This will be my first tablet just because its a NEXUS Biaaatch!!
You know, I think I can live with no SD, if I get the 32GB version for $50 more. If Apple users can do it, so can I.
KC Khoo
The best... .if you live in Congo or something.
I'm never going to buy a 7 inch tab. I love the Nexus line, but i'm holding out for the Infinity line from Asus.
The only thing I can cry about down here (AU), is we have to pay $50 dollars more for the product, even though, our dollar is just above parity with the green back...but damn, tempted just to have one, so as just to have one...
You work for the company so of cour ..... oh I want that .
I sent amazingly awesome feedback which mentioned merging Reddit. Pretty sure I went into a zone.
I'm actually very interested in this. Once more pricing details on the kindle and ms surface come out I may pull the trigger if they aren't as good
Please sell it in Denmark....
Nicely done interface....india in some day..?
"The best $200 tablet you can buy." - That might be true, but let's be honest: there aren't many 200$ tablets out there.
It's cost $249 and $299 in Australia. So it is not $200 worth of tablet.
I only question is, what's the reason to not include MHL mode on this?
Id like to see more personal reviews on the n7 before deciding my purchase. I was really hoping for expandable memory.
We can buy a best table for 200 dollars now? Good deal!
I want surface! can I wait that long... But google is soooo goood! At everything!
unfortunately this will take same time to sell here (and will not be U$200.00) =(
Looks like a nice eReader. Like nook or fire. Not a tablet though. 
That picture alone makes me want one
Jelly bean has usb host, so a simple adapter and thumb drive, while not elegant, will work.
I waannttttttt that!! throw my playbook now
not the best i think.....
Bummer about no MHL support. Not a deal breaker but a blemish on an otherwise great tablet.
I agree, os upgrade and Tegra 3 processor. Cant beat it
Can Google nexus beat out the apple in performance and cost gradiance 
everything you are looking for on the tablet may be found at our web
When will Nexus7 be available in srilanka
if someone can make a way to connect an external usb/esata drive to this, I would get this in a heartbeat. alas, i doubt that'll happen so i'll just have to stick with my 1st gen transformer pad :(
so interested, but i couldnt pre order it in hong kong
Am actually liking this tab. Looks well worth the price.
sor lim
It is good. But maybe not sell in cambodia
This tab is not avalable
in india
the main drawbacks which are tempting me not to buy it are "NO 3g/4g" ,"NO memory extension slot" come on guys whom we are kidding i dint expect such a crap from google i love google for what they are upto until now but no 3g and no memory slot .... how do u they expect to sell them in developing countries around asia without those features .even a newborn would say 3g and memory slot are the basics for the tablets
What u can't understand is what is so good about it apart from Price?
Wonder jelly bean battery life is on phones 
Well...that doesn't need saying, does it?
At least in terms of specs it is undoubtedly the very best tablet at this price. Or even the best one under a few hundred.
Hmm.. it will never be available in India as long as full fledge play store is released here.
I hope SDcard could be used on it.
Mark W.
No expandable memory.

I think we're done here.
You got that right...I can't wait to get my hands on it!!!
mani S
it sucks coz it lacks on the go connectivity, particularly in places where wifi is not present, Sharing internet through mobile is like draining hell lot of ur battery but @ two place in same time frame.
Either External dongle or other means is present otherwise go for Samsung Tab 2, they have on the go connectivity option, 
Coz buying a 7" tablet for using @ home is wastage of money and pain on your eye , better have 10"+ device.
I want it! But i'm in indonesia...
Oh shit...just bought a kindle fire....
When will it come out in the uk
Nope. This is not the best $200 tablet you can buy, because it is only for little US. The rest of the World is buying tablets from China.
Fawaz a
Nexus 10.1
I'm waiting
Just wondering this Nexus 7 doesn't have a rear camera.. ????
I'm kinda mad I got the galaxy tab 7.0 plus a couple of months ago. The nexus tablet looks like a winner for sure.
Cx Rl
thanks +Matias Duarte for the UI improvements :) I'm totally enjoying my 'new' nexus
Okay, so I was so bummed I just bought a Sony Tablet S a few weeks ago (my first tablet).  Since the Nexus 7 does not have an SD (or microSD) slot it is kinda a non-starter.  Was $399 too much for the Sony? Maybe, now.  That said, it does have an amazing display (anyone as nerdy as me, who actually adjusts their TVs to the BT.709 standard, it is a properly calibrated display) and watching films is about 50% of what I use it for.  Now I only feel like I paid $100 too much.
Pre-ordered mine literally the second it showed up in Google Play. Can't wait for my new toy!
I wish it was 10.1"
The fact that we in the UK have to pay the sterling equivalent of the dollar value for this (At the current exchange rate we should be paying £127 not £199) and no SD support means it's a non starter for me. Shame, I thought Google was going to nail it with this one. 
Seems great and will probably get one but I'm a bit disappointed you can't connect to a tv but then again I could get the Nexus Q as well :-)
It looks like bad quality to me
The words of an apple fanboy. 
Please, please Google make Google Play and the Nexus 7 be available in more countries, Singapore included. The population is a heavy media consumer and if the iTunes Store had just broken into our shores, I don't understand why Google Play can't curb the licensing issues. We want the Nexus 7 outside the US!
I like it. It is almost perfect. But why didn't they add a main camera at the back?!
Already preordered mine ;-) and my galaxy nexus is running jelly bean too!! XD so smooth!
Google Music in the UK please. That would be great :)
N7 will kill many other tablets
I am excited about the N7 but im in china now ;( 
Please make it available worldwide
Can't wait to get my hands on one of these
I have a Galaxy Note so I dont think I'm picking up a N7 since I've already got a hybrid. But I would totally pick one up if my phone was a bit smaller.
strange how the price for this tablet is lower than anything on the market (except Yarvik etc), but the Q is overpriced like hell.
I already pre order it!!!!cool can't wait!
For those who haven't seen this in action, I defer to Google I/0 where thus thing plays intense games like its a game console if not better. 4 CPU, 12 core gpu and jelly bean all wrapped in one. I'm signing up!!!!!
+Matias Duarte ,it looks like the Nexus 7 uses the phone UI instead of the tablet UI. Does it mean that applications will also use the phone layout instead of the tablet layout?
Didn't think we were getting tegra 3 (that stuff is more powerful than my laptop) in a $200 tablet any time soon..
Chris P
the Q is made in USA, not China...
cheap!But how can I  buy it in China?
bao mai
I want it now.....
I am an Apple user but the Nexus 7 is the best attractive android tablet around today and the best thing is make by the same company who own android!
I am not getting this one. First the size is too small. And most importantly the selection of apps for tablets is still weak. I owned XOOM on launch. And Transformer prime. Finally went back to ipad. I love Android but I just could not get any work done. I use ipad with remote desktop at native resolution on my radiology reading station for example. Secondly the stili that I tried did not work on XOOM or Prime. Jot works like butter on the ipad though and I need it to sign PDF docs in real time. Watching movie on 7 inch screen in bed with your loved one is difficult too :). So skip for now.
I think I'm good.. I got an iPhone ... No offense guys
Wow high quallity for low price that is a steal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I still love my iPad lot!!!!
Will there be an injuction on the nexus 7 also?
So no HDMI over MHL. Nice going.
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