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This is a huge honor!  We won the Grand Prize for the best everyday utility in the 2013 UX Awards!

Congratulations to the entire Google Now team!
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i second that...from a Google Now user...thank you Google Now team!!

keep up the great work!!
Keep it up! Cards are indeed beautiful to present information.
Well Deserved - The Google Now UI is simply stunning. It is both simple and functional. Unlike other products (<cough siri>) Google Now only gives you the information that you want and need, most of the time without asking. 
Now we need a "Now" button in the "Black Bar"
Congrats, you guys def. deserve it.

ps: I love the entry submission video.
Congrats to you and the team! 
The first time I searched for a destination on my PC, got in my car and noticed a notification to navigate there, I really felt like I was in the future.
Well deserved.  Google Now is a necessary part of having a busy and hectic work, school, and social life.
Nice! it is the most new feature of a phone, it is one of a few things I use daily, today it warned me about traffic delays and it looks great :)
i like the design a lot, but here in Europe... Google Now feels more like... kind of a weirdly integrated weather app ;).
+rizla croix It depends on where in Europe you are. Oslo just got mass transit times in Maps, and Now just turned into something truly useful, even essential, overnight. I love it. 
I really like Now. Now if I could only get it to forget that I used Google to search for it. That card keeps coming back like a bad penny.
+Even Onsager interesting, we've had public transportation in gMaps for quite a long time in Prague. but how does that change anything in Now? am i missing something?

(yeah, Now does suggest routes to me from time to time, but mostly to totally hilarious places - like my fave bar, at 9 am when i'm commuting to work like every other day ;)
Congratulations, the android ux team deserve this for 100 procent 
Congratulations to the Google Now team!!  In iOS Google Now is just as wonderful and incredibly useful!!  Its become one of the main apps i use everyday. Beautiful design and intuitive cards. Great job team.
Congratulations - very well deserved. Even better is that over time it will continue to get even better.
+rizla croix Commuting is one thing, but how about, say, getting to the bar I just searched for by tram? Or just getting to the next appointment on my calendar in a realistic way (since I don't have a car)? Really useful, in my opinion. Sure, I could do it in Maps, but these kinds of suggestions really fit Now. 
Very deserved. It's a very good concept.

Glad to have you with us

keep up your amazing work!
+Even Onsager i'm afraid it doesn't work so reliably for me. i just googled for a bar (using chrome AND the g search widget, just to be sure) then opened Now but there was nothing there (well, except the darn weather ;).
on the other hand, oftentimes i get directions in Now to some obscure places (which i did google before, but never ever wanted to really visit).

appointment cards are nice though. even if a bit redundant - i usually get to see the regular notification first (probably, ironically, because i dont get to use Now that often ;).
Congrats, and well deserved. Maybe the actual userexperienceawards site can undergo some usability enhancements too...
Gary Ng
Well done and congrats to the team, I love Google Now 
Congrats to the amazing Team :-) Keep innovating and bringing the best experience guys
Congrats on a job WELL DONE!!  With the release of reminders and the performance improvements of the last release, this is fast becoming my most used app :-)  To me, this is a defining app for Google.
I love my Google Now cards.. keep looking them and see how "inteligently" show me things I would never expect but interest me :)
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