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I'm going to start a new game.

I will post a sequence of increasingly clearly non-work related content and see how long it takes for someone to misconstrue it as a tantalizing hint about the future of Android.

Then I will drink. Heavily.
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Woo! New inscrutable-mystery-solving game will be included in next version of Android!!
"Then I will drink. Heavily." - thats 5 words, Android 5.0 folks
That's it! The next version of Android OS will be Android 4.5 Liquor!!!!  You heard it here first!
Duarte posts about non-work related stuff. What else is non-work related? games. He practically confirmed a google play games redesign.
He also posted it in 3 paragraphs. Half Life 3 confirmed as well!
"non-work related content"

4.4 will have huge improvements to Play Games!
Easiest way to make people go crazy is to take a picture of you eating a dessert beginning with L. 
Game - Four letters

Hint - Four letters

Four sentences in the post.

"the future of Android"

Heavy Drinking

Limited Edition Green Tea Kit Kat Nexus 5 Confirmed. 
Confirmed! Android 5.0, codename "Liver damage"!

pulls a chair I think I'm going to enjoy watching this game.
Jody Read
Half life 3 confirmed.
+Matias Duarte  Ah, but what you may not realize is that everything you do in your life could eventually effect the look and feel of Android!!  :0)
+Matias Duarte Says that that Android will not target working audience and be solely for entertainment purposes in clearly non-work related Google+ Post. 
Oh boy, I'd like to join, if you buy the shots. 
Sounds like a fun game maybe I could play one day :)
so you'll be taking a break from posting non-work related content to drink, that's considered a break, you eat kit-kats on break, you had four periods in your post, and the word game is four letters... Android Kit Kat 4.4, obviously. Let me dig some more and see what else I can find.
Oh if +Matias Duarte start drinking next Android version would be similar to other OS. Now you can guess which OS looks like if the designer were drunk as he worked on this ;-)
What does it mean, what does it mean.. oh God, what does it mean? Can you tell us the answer Matias? I'll keep it a secret :-D
This is going to be interesting your HOLOness +Matias Duarte. We shall dissect every single word for hidden clues you <wink wink> didn't leave 
ARGHH! I heard +Matias Duarte say that future releases of Android will NOT support any work-related apps or enterprise functionality! I can't believe that Google would pull such a dumb move as this! That's it, I'm done with Android, I'm going back to my Palm Pilot.
I can't wait for the upcoming, increasingly non-work related posts. By the end of the day we might even know the name of his cat and how that's going to influence slight changes to the notification panel.
android 4.4 features breathalyzer support to stop drunk texting!
The next version after KitKat will be a sugary drink which will be what you are drinking heavily! Android 5.0 Lemonade confirmed! 
Game? Half-Life 3 confirmed.
+Brian Wenger Can't be "Lemonade" without a product tie-in.
Android 5.0 Country Time® Lemonade confirmed!
Don't forget a bingo card +Matias Duarte to keep track. You wouldn't want to miss out on drinking time
+Matias Duarte awesome...Google is coming out with a new drinking game!?!?!? When's the release date? Either that or new hardware code named "Shot Glass?"
This has messed up my brain and sent me in to a continuous loop, is this a hint about Android... yes, no, yes, no, yes, no, yes, no.. repeat forever.
A new verison of Android on Googles birthday would be a nice gift to us all ;-)
Drink.... you drink water... android 4.4 KitKat phone waterproofing confirmed.
I'm suspecting +Matias Duarte is tiring of the 'tards posting ridiculous stuff about Nexus 5, next os update, what users think +Google should do with their own business. Smh. 
5o'clock some where, pops the cap!
Drink heavily implies 5 o'clock.... Android 5.0 is getting started!
Drinking? Android 4.4 is going to make our phones waterproof!
I can't wait to play +Matias Duarte 's new game on the Google game console that's launching in October!
This is obviously confirmation of native support for glasses-free 3D on Android.
I think this should be a game we play every night about quitin time. 
Android 4.4 has been renamed to Koo-laid!
+Matias Duarte I counted the full stops in your post and divided them by something and then realized it told me to get outside and get some fresh air.
So you are saying KitKat will begin to really push as an entertainment device then and move away from work related tasks. Interesting....
" game..." "... Android..." "...drink..."
Android 4.4 will release on a game console (¿google TV?) So we can play games and drink!
BTW, this is a game console I'd buy, I don't game, but i love my google TV. 
What are you drinking? Bacardi Lemon?
With drinking and the dessert theme, it'd have to be 4.5 Limoncello. Well, after-dinner digestif. Close enough.
+Matias Duarte So your changing the name of the next version of android to an alcohol beverage, gotcha :p
Please don't post any non-work related content that includes frosted glass or a girly color palette. Any relation between this post and iFruit is just coincidence and not based on real life events.
New functionality announced for Android 4.x - Google Beer Goggles. 
WAIT! Are you implying that you have a life outside of Android/ Google!?!?!? <Millions of Fanboys shudder in horror> LOL Ready to play!
Valve's Steam OS announcement was just the spark to fire Android TV games platform. And bring us a Nexus set-top-box console, yeeeeeeah!!!
"Then I will drink. Heavily." - Breaking: the next Android will have "fluid" like UI with "volatile" menus and transitions. 
Your last post said that 4.4 is done. Which means your on to 5.0. 
We all know that the odd Android numbers are Device centric (3.x was tablets, 1.x was intro Phones). So 5.0 is Google TV. 
And you said "Game". 
And Drinking means 5 o'clock

Sony is Making the Nexus GoogleTV. Android 5.0 is Revamp of GoogleTV for the 10' interface with the new Game hub as it's Gaming center and G+ and Hangouts for leader boards and intergame chat!

Google You Never Cease to AMAZE! 

Honestly I had hoped that the PS4 was going to be Android based, as Sony seems to really love Android on the Mobile front.
You need a kit kat Matias... Ahhh! That's the clue!
You know you asked for it, Matias... ;-)
Android 5.0 is L. The only thing he offered in there is 'long'. And then drink. 5.0 is switching from dessert to liquor and will be labeled Long Trail Pale Ale? #21+smartphones
+Matias Duarte Nexus phone request. Can we eliminate the Power button? With things like LG's Knock-Knock, Moto's Always listening and in my case, just using the Prox sensor and/or Accelerometer and tasker, there is really no need for the power button in normal use. A simple hidden reset button, maybe under the back cover, is all the phone needs for wake-up and sleep.

I would like to see the volume buttons go away too. I'm sure there are other ways. One idea is use a swipe gesture on the non-screen part of the glass near the ear piece. Another is capacitive "Trackpad" on the back cover in a similar location to the LG G2 buttons. This could do more then just volume. 

I just think a buttonless phone is one less thing to break, and offers a more sexy design. 
If you haven't tried it, I suggest you do. Simple Tasker profile to use the prox sensor to turn on/off the screen. There is an app that does it too. It's really nice to not have to press the button when you pull the phone out. Worst case it you have to put it near something, like your leg then pull it back again. 
With a separate processor to eliminate false triggers, etc this could be done in a low power way, the way Motorola has the gesture and voice processor. 
He's going to leave the nexus 6 in a bar!!!! 
Can we get some plus ones... We'll play hot and cold until we know what you really meant. 
The key hint is that he said "the future of android". He didn't say the next version of Android.

My guess is Chrome will eat up Android for 5.0. The end is near. Hence the heavy drinking.

Sign, Sherlock Holmes distant cousin.
No! The next version of Android is 4.5 L for Liver Failure
You guys, please stop driving Android devs to alcoholism. 
Wait, He said "... sequence of increasingly... " So their is more to come... 
Waiting for Next Post... 
I'm pretty sure the Game Console is it...

My only issue with Chrome>Android is that 1) it basically becomes a firefox phone.  2) that all Apps have to be HTML5 based. Unless I don't understand something right. 
As Facebook found out, Native Apps work better then HTML5 Apps in some regards. 
"I will post a sequence of increasingly clearly non-work related CONTENT.."

Obviously the future of Android revolves around content.    Processing capability in future device design will take a backseat to cramming in as much storage as possible.  
Logically, screens will necessarily become even larger, with product tie-ins no longer associated with food, but with clothing instead.  
Levis will be enticed to design jeans with overly large and reinforced back pockets, The Men's Shop will offer a special line of jackets (that you'll look good in) with notebook sized vest pockets, and a special arrangement with Gucci will rejuvenate the brand with women's pocketbooks the size of ironing boards for phones based on Android 6.2
Chris M
There's 4 periods in your post. 4 days to unveiling.
There are 6 "L"s in the description. Android 6.x will start with an "L".
That means KitKat is 5.0!!!
Guys... Duarte is a person too. With varied interests beyond work and Google, Android and all that stuff. Give him a break. Talking about talking a Break... With KitKat... DAMN. See impossible Android is everywhere.
Post made 5 hours ago, local time now is 2am...

5 - 2 = 3

/r/androidcirclejerk will always find a way...
I think next version will be optimized for gaming 
Drink heavily? As in bloated? So the Nexus isn't coming to Verizon after all. Thanks! :(
A game? Do you want to start a game?!? I think the Nexus 5 is going to be SAW-based. The notification slider will actually turn into a guillotine and will cut your finger if you won't be careful. Also, no more vibration as alerts, only electroshocks.
I think Google has totally gone too far this time.
You know what? I don't care.. let the game begin!!
You are just taking advantage of your position mister. Not fair !
Non-work related can mean only one thing:

Half Life 3 confirmed! 
Adi T.
+Matias Duarte don't drink too much, stay healthy ;-) I'd love to read more posts from you, especially the non-work related ones. For example, I'm following +Jean-Baptiste Quéru and he only posts non-work related but very interesting and sometimes funny thoughts about different topics. I liked a lot his posts about the optimal number of megapixel for a (phone) camera, his funny invention of a new (scifi) currency or the discussion about the plain crash at the san franciso airport.

I'd love to see you post a little more on g+ +Matias Duarte . I'm sure you have a lot of interesting thoughts to share :-) 
Android 5 is gonna be "Lager"?
Lemon Drops...its a drink and a candy. Next version is Lemon Drop. Matias do I win a new phone or do I miss out again like when I drove 3 states to see you on The Verge.
Does that mean that Liver Failure is the nickname for the next Android version?
That was exactly what I was trying to say, heh. Because L. 
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