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Gizmodo loves their Nexus 4 and thinks you will too!

"As of right now, it is officially my favorite phone by a healthy margin. It’s just so fast, so smooth, and the software is great."
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Mathias.. we want this Nexus 4 and Nexus 7 in Brazil.. also Google Play with Books.. could you please?
I'm sure I will too, once I get it. :)
Pretty but I'd go for a phone that's twice as thick if it had a much larger, replaceable battery.
Too late for this one, but please don't put glass on back of next one.
Great work on this phone Matias, can't wait to get my hands on one!
I want to love it, but in my area Verizon has the best service, by far.  I truly believe in the Nexus program, and have convinced over a dozen people to pick up a Galaxy Nexus on Verizon.  Now they have no successor for this, and will probably go back to another manufacturer  or another OS.  I understand why the decision was made, but it would have been better for consumers if two devices were made - an unlocked true version, and another version that would work with carriers.
i love it, please make it available worldwide in google playstore
Will it be available to order from the play store in canada?

How big of a deal is it that it doesn't have LTE?
Kenny O
I can't wait to have this in my hands ( That's what she said )

Take my money right now. I have not looked forward to a device this much since, well.....last June
+Matias Duarte , how can I purchase a new Nexus 4 from Google Play since it is not available in my country?
I can't use it if it doesn't have LTE. HSPA+ has no presence in my area, and I am not switching to 3G-only. :(
Rich S
I don't care about LTE, but Engadget had the same battery concerns.  Can it be blamed all on the camera app?
+Matias Duarte You should give the possibility to other countries to buy the Nexus family from the Play Store. For example, in Italy it will probably cost 549€. Who will buy it?
I want it but in my country is 200€ higher priced!!! This is bad... i will stay with ma Gnex forever... 
+Matias Duarte keep up the awesome work over there, the design of the Nexus 4 is beautiful. DM me and I'll provide you my shipping address. ;)
I think the battery life complaint is probably a mixture of the camera app and the Software not being final. The Verge said battery life was great. #YMMV :)
+John Lieske +Christopher Wagner LTE != Verizon.  They are not the only carrier that offers an LTE network but they are the only carrier to restrict such access to their networks. I believe that a Nexus device with compatible HSPA and LTE bands that supported AT&T LTE, but not sold through AT&T, would be updated just like the standard GSM devices.
If you ever let me buy it, I might like/love it indeed!
I love it too. +Matias Duarte why is the head phone jack one the upper side? Has is special design reasons?
the sad thing is that no one from google want tell us nothing about this BIG price problem =(
I noticed +Joshua Topolsky broke the glass back of his Nexus. Didn't Apple prove that glass backs are horrible with the iPhone 4?
Nexus 4 Specs
• Network: T-Mobile, or Unlocked 
• OS: Android 4.2 
• CPU: 1.5-GHz quad-core Snapdragon S4 Pro processor 
• Screen: 4.7-inch 1,280 x 768 pixel HD IPS PLUS (318 PPI) 
• RAM: 2GB 
• Storage: 8GB/16GB or 64GB + up to 32GB microSD 

^^^ lolz nice job Gizmodo.
Now....who do we have to harass to get this to Verizon ASAP?
I want this phone..... on Verizon
If this phone had AT&T LTE it would've been my next phone :(
Wow, gizmodo saying that?
+Matias Duarte , the phone sounds great in every way but one, on board memory. 16 gb max is just not appropriate for a great many people. I realize you guys are trying to get people to adopt more cloud usage, but reliable cloud access is not always available on mobile networks, and increasingly expensive data caps make relying on it something most users would have to think twice about. 32 gb of on board memory would at least give users the ability to store a substantial number of media files on board. You were able to do it with the galaxy nexus at the same price, so it should be possible to do it with the nexus 4, especially since solid state memory prices have dropped precipitously.
I understand why LTE wasn't included in the Nexus 4, but couldn't some simple programming have been done to disable 4G and only use 3G when doing basic email and web search and then use 4G for streaming YouTube and downloading files?
It'd be wonderful if it supported my carrier and LTE, but we all know how Verizon has jerked you guys around in the past. +Matias Duarte , as someone who can't use the phone you've released, I'm still very happy you held true to a nexus, even if it meant saying no to 110 million possible customers. Hopefully Verizon takes note and shapes up. 
+Matias Duarte well done on android design since honeycomb, the platform really needed you. No SD is best choice all round but non-replaceable battery is a poor choice. Also you need to put pressure on the hierarchy to sort out international supply issues.
LTE is non existent around me and I'm not waiting for it to come to my area sometime within the next 1 1/2 years. So I am leaving Sprint for T-Mobile and buying the Nexus 4 off contract. Sick of horrible data speeds from Sprint on my current Galaxy Nexus anyway.
rex yau
I must buy this cool thing
It's not just Gizmodo, pretty much everyone seems to love it. Also, +The Verge had this to say about Android's progress: " I don't feel any hesitation in saying that the pure Android 4.2 experience is — at least in my estimation — the most advanced mobile operating system on the market."

Congrats to you and the rest of the Android team :)
I like this phone and I know i want it. I need at least 16 GB storage but i will not switch right away. I do not want to repeat my Nexus7 8 GB experience which +Google  changed price and storage options few months later.
lte = battery drainer...waiting for N4 cdma...i love this phone already...please bring  it fast
why not have a 32GB version of the phone ? Given Google's insistence on not having expandable storage on their Nexus devices the user should at least have the option of choosing whatever storage best works for them.
I wish there was a 4" Nexus, my Galaxy Nexus' size is a bit uncomfortable.
Of course I want this phone, you've done amazing job
Dave To
i guess it's time to sell the Note 2...hehe

if LTE is such a deal-breaker, then just go buy the Optimus G.
I think I'm going to stick with my Samsung Galaxy Nexus until it dies.  I love all the new gadgets, but my bank can't keep up with my tech desires.  Oh well, by the time I'm in the market for another phone it should be awesome :) 
+Matias Duarte its a shame that so many reviewers have shot the device down because of LTE. I just hope I will be able to get it for an affordable price where I am.
we all know verge and engadget scared of apple so they always downlplay android phones with bullshit like glass, lte whereas they never complain about iphone when iphone had no lte and were made of glass.
+John Lieske Not if Verizon isn't "open" to bringing your own device. However I've never had any issue plugging my SIM into any unlocked GSM device to use with AT&T.  The question at this point is whether you can really bring an unlocked device with compatible LTE to AT&T which I expect you could.  There is a market for unlocked GSM devices to bring to any GSM carrier of your choice and UMTS and HSPA technologies never affected this.  I expect the same as these same GSM networks start to include LTE.  However, there is no market of "unlocked" CDMA devices.

I happen to live in an AT&T LTE area and the speeds are certainly impressive.  However I expect to see that server level out as the network loading increases.
Looking forward to making the's to wishing I knew a way to get out of my ETF on Sprint...:-/
+Android +Google , Pre-orders, make it happen! I want this phone on launch day, and I can't exactly stand in line in front of the #PlayStore  ;)
+Danial Samy ...technically you can sit in line in front of your computer screen in the comfort of your own computer chair :-P
The Nexus 4 is why I'm leaving Verizon. I can't wait!
+Matias Duarte .... sure wish there was going to be a new Nexus for VZW users.....sad face
If Sprint continues to tout LTE without actually developing widespread connectivity like they did with WiMax, this will likely be my wife's next phone.
I can't wait to grab this and the nexus 10 on the 13th......what a stunning pair of devices in both software and hardware design....simply top notch!
I think I am going to pick up the 16gb on the 13th. Unless of course google wants to send me one early ;) 
+Matias Duarte Why no removable battery? I can configure the OS to save batter as much as I can but, replacing the battery is (in my opinion) key (and a deal breaker). sexy phone, though.

I'll be sticking to my G Nex for now and wait and see what you guys do with the next [next] Nexus. (I'm really looking for that push to leave VZW -- I'll be waiting!)
Definitely gonna buy nexus 4 16gb when it arrives in Malaysia... ;) hurry up!
I would love to own this phone but the lack of expandable memory has helped me decide on a Galaxy Note 2.
I was committed but have since began to seriously wonder about this lack of LTE and the significance of this. I am using the NS and guess I'm just used to 3G so didn't give a second thought to LTE but the lack of it with the N4 is a deal breaker for so many.
I don't care about LTE. I can't wait to get my paws on this bad boyyyy
I understand that some people will always want as much space as they can possibly get, but if 16GB was good enough when people got a Galaxy Nexus, why isn't it good enough now?  It is not like mp3s or mp4s have gotten any larger. In fact, due to the proliferation of cloud storage, 16GB should be even more acceptable than it was a year ago. It sounds like a case of people just wanting it because they know it is an option on other phones. 
+Katrina Ambrose no everyone wants a 16gb phone without sd card. The cloud is useless with carriers throttling and capping the users. 
+Katrina Ambrose For some people 16GB wasn't even enough back then. People are complaining because some apps (not all, but things like games and such) are getting bigger in size, phones take larger picture and larger movie files (1080p movies from your camera can suck up a lot of space in a short time), and add to the fact that cellphone carriers are capping data. The cloud is great, but those caps can be a pain if you're trying to move lots of data.

I don't particularly care about the lack of MicroSD. It's the lack of high capacity options that I care about. 32GB is my current sweet spot, but a Nexus 4 isn't even offered at that capacity. I'd gladly pay extra to get the base space I need.
+F. Diaz Yeah, I getcha.  I just meant for users who bought the Galaxy Nexus.  It didn't have an SD card either.
I'm with Sprint and wish I could get it. Hopefully by late spring it'll be available just like the Nexus S and Galaxy Nexus. 
+Glenn Barker Yeah, images and apps are getting larger.  I guess I just think 16GB is an ok place to draw the line right now for a phone. I would definitely want at least 32GB on a tablet.  I have 64GB (combined) on my TF201 and can easily fill it up with video and music.
It has been said over and over all across the internet since this fantastic piece of hardware has been announced and since it has been announced to be this attractively priced.

Let me try to eloquently summarize the main grief people have with this magnificent device:
Also to me streaming your library on the cloud which you already have locally on your pc is a waste of bandwidth. It's like asking my GF to go the other room and have cyber sex. 
+F. Diaz Lol. But it is on your PC. The cloud makes perfect sense when the alternative is having to put multiple copies of all your music on a bunch of different devices. I'd rather store it all in one place and access it from everywhere.
+Glenn Barker Then buy an OTG connector and add as much storage as you want. In my Nexus 7 I have 3 terabytes + 16Gb :-P
Or do you mean that you are using ALL the extra files ALL the time and you can't keep them in external storage?
It looks to much like my nexus s for me to want to buy it +Google 
I'm sick of digital hoarders driving up the price of gadgets! ;P
+Robert Best yes it will be available in Canada from play store on Nov 14 or so
Are the software concerns and battery life something that will be fixed before release of the phone? The battery life should be at least equivalent to the Optimus G, not worse. 
+Katrina Ambrose I understand where your coming in from with regards to streaming from pc. That's how I wanted to access my music in the car but network coverage is not all it should be and I have up that route. Now I have a 32gb sd card for a portion of my music. 16gb would be such a backward step that it would (and has) put me off the phone completely. 
I have galaxy S3 & and I'm happy with it... but I love nexus phone ( design & software )...

I really think to buy one... but I know that I'll miss my ( second battery & flip cover )
+Keith Philliban yeah I understand. I can't get a cell signal on the NYC subway which is the bulk of my commute. I keep a few albums locally for just such occasions.
+Alfonso Martínez de Lizarrondo a dongle isn't a solution for me and for a lot of people. I'm usually careful, but I have lost things like that before. I have enough to carry around as is.

I'm not saying having an 8GB and 16GB model is a bad idea. For people like my parents it's more than enough. However, not having higher storage for people that are willing to pay for it is just odd to me. A 32GB model isn't that odd of a request nowadays imo.

And yes, when you travel and don't have easy access to wifi (or just get crappy service in your area) having everything on you can make a world of difference. A bit of a luxury to have everything on me all at once? Sure. But I'd happily pay the extra money for it's convenience. 

If you're happy with the solution you found that's great, but as it stands I have to look elsewhere (which is fine) for the phone that suits my particular usage. 
Nothing like a next gen phone without 4g 
Carriers don't have the backhaul for 4G. They're selling a product they can't deliver. That's certainly true in the UK at least.
I really wish Verizon would support the Nexus program like they support Apple. How can we start a petition to get carriers to play ball with Google. I bet if they did, Google and LG would have had an LTE version. 
No Verizon, that's a wee bit of a problem for some of us.
+Gabriel Walsh I'm happy with the 8 Gb version as I will/might be moving from a 2.3 Gb zte blade (inc. sd), formatted even 4.5 Gb feels huge
Waiting for the Nexus Flip Phone!!!!!
I don't see the problem with no 4G. It's over priced and for most people entirely unnecessary. I can stream video fine over 3G and when Three UK finishes rolling out DC-HSPA+ ill have speeds on particular with most LTE networks anyway. 
The camera software with quick access to settings is really amazing; I want on all my Samsung phones!
But in counterpart, the lack of LTE and the glass back are disappointing. 
The only manner I could deal with a glass back if this one were used as solar panel for charging.
Looks awesome, just need google music and google magazines to really compete with apple eco system
+Glenn Barker Yes, I agree that not releasing a 32Gb model might be pushing their cloud services a little too much, but there's always people that will demand more and more and more. When they have copied all their music then they want to store in their phone also all their photos, and their videos, and all the games that they might ever play, etc... and that's why such people should start thinking a little about how much space do they really need, or if they want all the storage just because that's what they're used to.
For me one aspect that I don't like too much is the glass back. I just can't understand why they had to put a glass in the back, leave it alone, metal, plastic, whatever, but not something that might break if it falls to the floor.
I would buy this phone too, but I can't leave Verizon's network. I'm just thankful I still have Gnex, just not the 4 :(

I hope next year we see a Verizon version.
Great... But doesn't work on Verizon network. 
I always support iso it's so faster than other
It looks like a great phone, but seriously, glass on the back? You didn't learn anything from the iPhone 4? Glass breaks, folks.
must buy slim phone!
+Jesse Lashley keep in mind tho. They did use 'Gorrilla Glass II' to protect both the back and front. Compared to the iPhone which didn't seem to have some sort of glass protection. 
They could release a LTE version for the states, the same happened with the galaxy nexus if I remember correctly.
Bravo J
Anyway  looks nice!!!
does anyone knows when Google will start to sell their hardware on latin america?? I still have faith
Look at the price before complaining NO LTE...
+Matias Duarte Reviews are only one persons opinion. The most important opinion for me will be mine when I get my hands on one... Looking forward to it.
Good job Google for introduce a phone with so much for so little. It will set a new bar just like it did with Nexus 7. Will buy one on release date.
LTE please!!!
If it worked on Verizon I would insta-order it! 
so nice... so awesome... must have... must buy... will go crazy for... will not buy for anyone else(cant buy it for my wife or girlfriend since i dont have one... im free for the ladies though so make me your freind.
I really do hope a 32Gb will come soon. I have some big questions to ask myself if I really want to keep this sgs3...
+The Verge showed a hairline crack on the back glass after a drop. The no LTE isn't an issue in Australia, but the look of a shattered back is so last year. Any news on repair strategies from your end, Matias? 
If only I could sell me gnex for a reasonable price
It's a great looking phone, but storage usage by users increase over time as opposed to decreasing.

Yes, even with the use of cloud, since  gaming apps that take full advantage of the processor and gpu are taking up a gig or more. And with developers set to create even more graphically intensive games in the future the storage demand for one single app will continue to grow.

The starting storage of 8 gigs is a step back from when 16 gigs was the minimum set by the Gnex. I hope a 32 gig variant is released down the line.

And for the next Nexus phons I hope to see the same improved build quality of the Nexus 4, along with a removable battery or at least a 2500 mAh battery if Google decides to opt for a nonremovable one again, and to really really put pressure on the competition by offering 32/64 gig Nexus devices as opposed to the paltry 8/16 gig options.

If there is no SD slot, then include enough internal storage to make SD slots unnecessary. Cloud isn't the answer to everything with more carriers moving towards limited data plans.

That aside, it is such a gorgeous phone, and one that I feel comfortable recommending to others. 
The decision to use a glass back on this thing really puts me off.  And lack of SD card on Nexus devices are really disappointing as well.  Take a look at the differences in the 8gb, 16gb, and 32gb versions.  An extra 8gb does not cost $150....the entire reason behind not including the SD slot is so they can rip their customers off for the amount of storage available.  While I can't blame them, they are a corporation after all, they need to understand that this kind of crap does not go unnoticed by their fanbase.
they just want ppl to buy more space for their  google drive and use it as cloud , money money money thats all they think of
Aside from the 16GB maximum storage debacle, I agree with those who say: Didn't the iPhone 4 already teach us that a glass back is a bad idea? How can Google have not learned this highly publicized lesson from Apple (who is rarely perceived to have made mistakes)? Hey people never think Apple does anything wrong, but here's something every agreed was a problem on the iPhone 4, let's do that!

I also see a couple comments noting that amongst the journalists who have received the Nexus 4, a couple of them have indeed broken the glass back by dropping it. Wow, no one ever could have guessed that could happen.

I know the glass back helps with antenna transmission (as opposed to a metal back). And I know Google wanted to make a good looking device that didn't seem cheap, like the more pasticy Samsung designs. But plastic does also work well with antenna transmission. And, as an alternative to Samsung's cheap seeming designs, there have been some nice polycarbonate shell designs, as pioneered by Nokia (with the N9) and the copied by HTC (in the One X and later Windows phones).

I really feel Google could have done better and should have known better. I wonder how long it will take, after the phone is released, before the stories and pictures of broken backs start pouring in.

All in all, I just don't get it. Every time Apple releases a new phone, people think it's better in every way (especially insofar as the hardware goes--ahem iOS 6 Maps). But each new Nexus device since the Nexus One has been great in many ways, but then just fallen short in some way that makes it hard to embrace.

The Nexus S imporved on screen size and processor, but was a plasticy Samsung design (as opposed to the aluminum shell of the Nexus One) and dropped the SD card slot. The Galaxy Nexus continued without the SD card slot and dropped active noise cancellation in calls (which the Nexus One got a lot of attention for and pioneered even before the iPhone and which at that point all the flagship phones were adopting). Now the Nexus 4 inexplicably adopts the demonstrably flawed glass back design from Apple, who learned their lesson, continues the lack of SD card tradition, and doesn't even keep up with internal storage capacities of the previous generation of flagship phones.

It's as if Google deliberately always makes its devices fall short in one category or another, in order to sow disastifaction amongst its most ardent customers.
Just please give me a CDMA option for Verizon.
No Verizon = No Sale to me. And totally sucks. All other networks are garbage, especially in my area. Sad for me. Hate it.
What happens if it brakes the back to I get a new one no cost.
Yes first andriod I am actually going for specs look great. 
To bad you alienate the largest carrier in the US. Show us on Verizon some love 
I am perfectly fine without LTE, since it has HSPA+ 42. I was definitely wanting 32 GB of storage, but I guess I can live with 16 GB again. Only thing that I REALLY want to find out about is the battery life -since I won't be able to just buy a spare battery for this phone (though I do own several external battery packs that should still work fine with the Nexus 4 as well). All the other specs are AWESOME though -especially the 2 GB of RAM, which will be a HUGE step up from the 512 MB on my current Nexus S (which is literally my only complaint with the Nexus S). I can't wait to buy this Nexus 4! 
+Matias Duarte - of course +Google Nexus Line is unadulterated hotness. I'm on VZW, so I'll be picking up a couple of +SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE 2 s when they go live.

That said, I'd like to offer a suggestion .... errr .... "wishful thinking!" Huddle with your Counterparts and pose the idea of abandoning ALL terrestrial based Telcos and forging relationships with a satellite phone service provider like Globalstar, Inmarsat, or Iridium.

Hear me out, Bro - - - you're already Global. You could offer an incredible value proposition at the service edge with a worldwide user base. You'd then be able to just OTA "da'hotness" like the Jedi Technologist you are.

If the existing SatComm players aren't interested (which I doubt), then convince your Counterparts to launch a dedicated satellite constellation.

I'd be honored to move out to the Left Coast and run the newly formed Satellite Communications Division for you!

Anyone what to buy a white 16gb sprint sgs3 for $350.00 :-) 
Giz is biased. Loved the Verne's review of this. Honest, and to the point. 
smart and slim, just like a cute girl...
My microsim card came in mail. Now I wait until the 13th to order. 
Gizmodo is biased as are many other reviewers, and carriers
i love it ... but can't get it in Korea..
Focus it, if I can watch it in china mainland.

Oh +Matias Duarte , instead of selling feature phone like Nexus 4, you guys should use $200 for R&D, it wasn't great to use last year processor for the flagship. haaa
+Fahim Yaqoob But the interesting thing is that gizmodo has usually been on the Apple side of the camp.
Can i get it in kenya? Plllllliiiiiiizzzzzz
Grr!! I keep seeing reviews and hype and how good the phone is but I can't get one till the 13th!! Everybody tell november 13th to hurry up and get here!!
I would love it if it sold at €299/€349 in my country. Unfortunately here in Italy, taking advantage of the fact one can't buy it through the Play Store directly, LG has decided to sell only the 16GB model, and at the exorbitant price of €549! So, I guess I'll stick to my Galaxy Nexus for another year :(.
Please, next year choose a different partner for the Nexus phone. LG may have done a good job at engineering the Nexus 4, but I can assure they're doing a botched job at selling it.
1st thought: Damn gotta get this, Find out there's no LTE
Then: Ehhhh Never mind lml
I prefer using samsung note2...hehehe
Gladly ditching my vzw gnex for this. Verizon disgraced the nexus program. They have been talking about LTE here for a while and it's still not here. My big question is warranty on nexus 4?
+Farhan Khan Yes, all nexus devices sold directly from google support wallet. It's the carriers screwing it up for everyone else.
+Matias Duarte the italian people want to know why in our country the N4 will be sell at 549€! WE WANT TO KNOW WHY!
+Matias Duarte we need your help. LG is going to sell the Nexus 4 at 549€ in Europe and this is simply not fair. People is going to boycott this. Please Google do something!
+Thaddeus Pecorak There are some other countries in this world beyond the US. And the rest of the world doesn't care a lot about LTE right now because of its slow implementation. LTE will be global probably in some years, right now is something to be used in the US. Maybe two versions of the phone (like many do) could be a good idea.
As a Google user, I can't wait to have the new Nexus 4, but I'm really concerned about the durability of the back glass since +Joshua Topolsky showed that glass backing breaks easily, Any plans fix this problem +Google ?
+Matias Duarte you and your colleagues have really done a great job with the new batch of Nexus devices. They all look awesome.

For me the most notable thing about the Nexus 4 is the price: It's only £230 in the UK, I paid £500 for my GNex a year ago! If I wasn't intending to get the Nexus 10 (why isn't it the 13th November yet!) I'd be seriously tempted to upgrade my phone. I kinda am anyway....

EDIT: Also I'm surprised no bloggers seem to have picked up on the decision to drop 'Google' from the back of Nexus devices in favour of creating a true 'Nexus' brand. I like it.
Yes, I want this phone, but there simply is not enough room in my budget for a Chromebook, a Nexus 10, a Nexus 4, and a Verizon ETF.

Getting two out of three ain't bad...
Its a nice phone , but , noy enough to make me ditch my nexus s . 
This handset is going to be pure dynamite. All the LTE / battery / SD naysayers needs to get a clue.
Finally something worthy of replacing my Nexus One... almost 3 years and fully depreciated!
this is why the rest of the world hates america, because they always get the nexus first
Amazing phone from what the review describes. What truly makes it tough for me to leave Verizon:
1. LTE
2. Unlimited data (grandfathered in)
3. I don't know enough about the no contract plans and how they would affect my usage (i stream a lot) 
+jody Read We do not have n4 on google play.. Italy is one of the country that doesn't have it...unfortunally
Just figure out how to manage carriers like Apple does.  That way to don't have to do stupid things like launching on only HSPA networks.
+Matias Duarte   I also agree with +Alessandro Landra  . I live in Austria - here the Nexus 4 would cost 200 Euros more than in Germany as it can not be bought via PlayStore (btw, we also still don't have Books, Music or Movies in the Playstore) and LG wants 200 Euros more for the Store-bought Nexus 4 :( I guess I'll hold on to my Samsung S2 (not that it's bad or anything, I am just a fan of the Nexus concept - I love my N7 !) for a while longer. 
+Matias Duarte i like so much the nexus, but all i can do is look at him becouse it Will never come to my country.. But congratulations its simply amazing 
Nexus 4.. at the right price... not in Italy obviously
Ming Er
+Albert Kopp I'm concerned about battery life too.  For the GN LTE, I have to carry multiple spares.  With this phone, if I choose to get it, I obviously can't swap the battery.  I would have to use an external battery pack like you do.

How do you use the external battery?  Do you carry the external in your pocket and start charging the phone when the battery is low?  Do the USB cables fray from jangling and movement as you travel?  (I would probably stick everything in my pocket.)

I am very curious about how you use the external.  Thanks!
Ming Er
+ralph caton i'm on Verizon too.  LTE is great, especially the great upload speed, if you like to upload pix to social networks.  But with the Galaxy Nexus, the network sucks.  I get too much marginal coverage where friends with S3 or Razr get good signal.  The problem with Verizon is the two year contract model.  If you get a good phone and it lasts two years, good for you.  If you get a crap phone or if the phone obsoletes in less than two years, you're out of luck.  If you complain, they will just send you a refurbed replacement of the same model.

If the pricing on the N4 augurs an era of permanently lower prices for no contract users, then I am willing to pay out of pocket once a year on T-Mobile's GSM. I don't travel much so I don't need a robust network everywhere and from what I hear TMO's network is pretty good in my city.  Upload speeds will suffer most but I can deal with that.  And the monthly charges are significantly less than Verizon's.  TMO does have unlimited plans for a reasonable price.

Right now, I have 10Gb / mo with Verizon at a reasonable price but I rarely break 2 Gb / mo.
Ming Er
+John Peter Brekke I am not pleased with the glass back.  Again Google trying to copy Apple rather than being Google.  My Galaxy Nexus has a cheap plastic peel back that I can replace for $4.00.  Is it pretty?  No.  But it gives me access to the battery and it won't cost $$ to replace when if it breaks.
+Ming Er I have 3 external battery packs that I rotate though. Generally, I keep one in my car, one in my lunch box (take to work), and keep one at home. It has suction cups on the back of it to "attach to your phone" while charging, and a short cable going from it to your phone. You don't have to use the suction cups though. When I'm out jogging/walking, I keep the back in my pocket while my phone is in it's holster (still plugged in & charging though). 

The external battery is great, though it won't charge my phone 100% from being completely empty. It WILL charge it fully when I'm down by 20% though -as long as I'm not using it. If I'm using it at the same time, it will still charge, but not to 100%. It will definitely keep it from dying though. Here's a pic of it:
Ming Er
+Albert Kopp 

Can I ask why you don't go with larger external batteries?  For example, I am contemplating carrying around one big 11,000mah external for the Nexus 4 if necessary.  (I would rather carry around one or two spares and avoid the energy loss inefficiencies, cost and weight of the external but we don't have that choice, thanks to Google.)

I'm guessing you like the ability to charge several small spares in parallel?
Ming Er
+Darren Mansell I'm really mortified at the design choice to seal the battery.  I can live with 16 Gb of memory.  Google and its partners don't have the track record to justify sealing the back.
+Ming Er actually 90% of the time I can get through the day with only having to use one of my battery packs. Rarely do I go through two packs. And I've only gone through all three a couple times when I was using my phone literally non-stop.

I've thought about getting a larger external battery before, but I like how slim the one I'm currently using is -and I'm fairly satisfied with its performance. However since the Nexus 4 has a larger battery, I just might have to get a bigger one just to keep up with it. Mine might only charge it up from 50% -we'll see when I get it.

It's really NOT a big hassle to carry one (or two) around with you. I'm actually surprised more people don't carry them. 19 out of 20 people that see me with it (and ask me about it) never even knew that external batteries existed for cell phones lol.

I've actually even thrown around the idea of selling them myself here locally for this very reason -especially since EVERYONE has this same problem & everyone always asks me about it.
Ming Er
+Albert Kopp do you understand why they charge up to 50%? I have seen this limit for solar based external chargers but I don't understand why this limit exists.  I haven't heard of this problem for most other external chargers.

I will probably get a 12000mAh external battery, which is roughly the same length and wide as the Nexus 4.

Here is more of the AnandTech battery test for devices on 3G/4G LTE, not WiFi:

The Nexus 4 gets smoked by the whole field, besting only the iPhone 4 and Samsung Galaxy on 3G.  The iPhone 5 LTE gets twice the battery time as the Nexus 4.

People like to say that these tests are run on pre-production Nexus 4 and that tweaks can be made.  I counter that if Google and LG can't release a good phone to reviewers and we are depending on last minute heroics then good battery life then something is wrong with their engineering or priorities. I am hoping that you all are right and that it works out on release.  We'll see.
+Ming Er A 12000 mAh external battery should be more than plenty to make it through the day -even for an extreme power user. Do you have a link to this specific external battery pack your looking at?

I rely heavily on all three packs when I'm out hiking and backpacking (obviously). I turn on airplane mode and use it solely as a GPS. I'd much rather carry around just one (more powerful) external battery out in the back country than three. 
+Matias Duarte when will Google and Samsung Someone Nexus up for a Phablet with stylus and all?? :D
Good day Matias,
We would like you to know that we love your products especially the NEXUS 7.
Can u ask ASUS to sell the NEXUS 7 8GB for $99 or $149 this coming thanksgiving or before the christmas time?
If ever it will happen, there will be millions of kids and even old people who likes the Nexus will be so happy  this coming holiday season.
We are pleading to your great heart to make it happen.
GOD bless you & more power to GOOGLE...
there needs to be more  memory than 16Gb I apprecaite that you want people to use your cloud services but seriously 8gb and 16 only?  there should have been a 16 32 and 64 gb versions only even if slighly more expensive 
@ tarik  . even this quad core beast drops frames compared to iphone 5 .. . im not an ifan but have to admit this is a set back 
+Kent Reynolds,
Dude, do you have the NEXUS 4?

I received mine yesterday, charged it the whole night (so I didn't use it after I unbox) then I didn't put any screen protector then after it was fully charged I UPDATED the phone. After that, I've gone to settings and reset to factory status and restart the phone and BAM a much better NEXUS 4...


If you watch those reviews (if ever) they made mistakes by not updating the phone, didn't fully charged after they received it and they didn't reset to factory status after they update the OS (if ever they did)...

So if you have the device, follow what I did and you will see the difference...

To all those people who still waiting for the NEXUS 4 - follow what I did after you receive your NEXUS 4 and you will LOVE it more...

Also its NOT a perfect smartphone - no one else is, BUT  it is perfect smartphone for the price of $299 - 8gb & $349 -16gb... NO OTHER SMARTPHONE IN THE PLANET EARTH ON THAT PRICE RANGE, CAN BEAT NEXUS 4...

Ive not got one but I've seen Chris pirillos video where he has iphone 5 and N4 side by side? The n4 defo dropped frames and was not as smooth
+Kent Reynolds , That's the problem - DON'T BELIEVE ON REVIEWS 100% as they are not yet fully break in and the iPhone 5 that he has now was already tweaked & had 2 updates already.

I watched Pirillo video & most of the time it was irritating...

Get back here after you got your Nexus 4 (if you will buy one or waiting for yours to arrived) then do everything I did... Then if you see lags or stuttering -  then I will sell my Nexus 4 for half the price - DEAL???

I'm not here to defend Nexus 4, I am just being honest for my REAL & HONEST experiences... It's not a perfect smartphone BUT its the PERFECT phone for the price...

Follow all what my instructions after you receive yours then YOU will see the smiles I have now...

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