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Happy Halloween!
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nice design! :-D 
Happy that we can celebrate Halloween considering #Sandy  just ripped through our town. 
I still don't understand why the Android doesn't have a human appearance?
Happy Halloween. (btw thanks for answering some of our questions the other day.)
Happy Halloween! Congrats on the sexy new Nexus releases :-)
Happy Halloween, love the pumpkins! What does it spell? ;-)
+Matias Duarte After Monday's big announcements, it certainly will be. Killer job with the new Nexus lineup!
Please make a photosphere of it! ;-) Happy Halloween. 
Hey +Matias Duarte  You probably wont reply to this, but what the heck. I'm a huge Nexus fan, Had every single one (including the g1) and I will be buying the Nexus 4, Just wanted to know what kind of pouch did you pull the Nexus 4 from in The Verge Nexus Video? 
That is a cool pumpkin but without LTE I just can't get on board. :p Nexus 4 for all!
Didn't answer my question above :( +Matias Duarte lol Thanks for the +1 I guess... 
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