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That's a nice slice of pie. I like pie. Mmmmm.

HT +Attila Bodis 
While some articles out there are busy making noise on how much Android is fragmented, I haven't seen a lot of noise about the latest update: Gingerbread is down to 1/4th and ICS + JB is up to almost 3/4th.

Let that sink a moment.

It means if you want to reach 75% of your potential customers, you can safely use API 15 and +, which has all the modern bells & whistles. And if you want to reach 97.8% of your potential customers, all you need is use a minSdk of API 10, which combined with the support-v4 and the appcompat-v7 libs gives you all the benefits of ICS or JB modern UIs with fragments, animations, action bar and whatnot without having to think too much about multiple API levels.

There are quite a few new APIs in ICS and JB (listed at but let's be real: a vast majority of apps and games probably can do without them and make them conditional, which is trivial to do at runtime.

Welcome the diversity, forget the fragmentation.
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Hahaha Ohhhh +Matias Duarte that's mean, you are just teasing people here lol, but that's cool to keep things interesting 
Juan Mata
All you have to do is continue to call your updates the same name. 
Peach Cobbler is pretty good too.....but I guess that's pretty irrelevant.
Unlike pie.
+Juan Mata exactly. It works with Apple. All device update to the same version, but not all of them get the same features. In essence, making it just a number.
pi = 3.14. KitKat release in 3 days, 3 hours, and 22 minutes. 
Yep. Looks pretty good, so we probably won't be seeing this pie chart on any of the mainstream tech sites. 
I'm in the 1.5 % and repping my Nexus4. Couldnt dream of being stuck on outdated hardware ever again. #Nexusftw
But it is 4.1+2+3.....nicely named lol
+Matias Duarte I can imagine that you like pie, because you use already Key lime pie aka Kitkat aka 4.4. I'm a little bit envious :-)
The only pie I want is Key Lime Pie! But we got Kit Kat instead... Kit Kat is good, but it's not a pie. I want pie..

Is this part of your "increasingly vague posts until someone interprets it as a clue about the next Android version" thing? Because I sure hope it is.
I'm not sure anymore if your Holoness Matias is either the most interesting person to follow on G+ or the best Android-secrets-holder troll ever. Or... both? :O
My bet is on Licorice Allsort, as it has nothing to do with pies.
...but I don't mind either way as long as the "P" Android is called Pavlova.
+Saady Alexander Dubon they'll say it can run on older hardware... but do you think any OEMs will actually be bothered enough to fix a copy for any of their older devices? Or decrypt the bootloaders so we could get a CM version installed that doesn't have to run a top a GB based kernel?
Seems like way to totaly defeat fragmentation - is rename all old versions to Jelly Bean
It'd probably help if people updated their devices. I know of at least one person who has a GSII that's still on Gingerbread.
+Alexander Ivanov indeed, only 10% is on 4.2. That really isn't that much for the time it has been out. So yeah this chart is a bit deceptive.
People are still buying Gingerbread devices today, bear in mind Android is serving great swathes of people who aren't bothered about having the latest thing, just a value cell phone..
A "lot of noise" will be made when brand like HTC, LG or Sony will update their devices. Customers are tired to buy a flagship phone that after six months or less is "obsolete". Come on, LG G2 has 4.2.2 out of the box and it came late september... 
2.3 needs to die. It's the Win XP of Android. Low end manufactures are still considering it due to it's low spec requirements. This is a problem guys! 28% is a long ways away from where we can drop support for it...
Good god people... Its a PIE chart
There was a small tear in my eye when I saw that people are still using froyo. Those poor Bastards. 
1. Is it really a problem that many devices run old versions of Android? People with old phones seem happy with them, and this is great.
2. In any case, this is only the maker's fault. Stop blaming Android, or Google.
I'd love to support 10, but the absence of PreferenceFragment concerns me, so I've settled for API 11.
Well, it certainly helps that the last few releases have had the same name and major version.
I'm in no hurry to get Android 5.0, if keeping things 4.x means that most devices will be on approximately the same version.

Obsessed with Pie! | Weebl And Bob
First "It's our goal with Android KitKat to make an amazing Android experience available for everybody." ... and now this. 
Great to see the progress, but it'd be interesting to see a percentage breakdown of devices that are actually still on Gingerbread.  I would imagine that most of those are nearing the end of their product life cycle anyways.  As some other commenters have mentioned already, some of these devices may be eligible for an update but have not done so yet.
A shame major application makers don't put enough effort to create applications with ICS+ in mind and then getting backwards compatibility. Instead they still design with GB in mind and losing a lot of features from the most modern versions of Android. 
+Duncan Todd-Sloss Marketing. Surely Nestle pays for the publicity. Anyway, this post is clear, +Matias Duarte is happy that more people is using ICS+ versions and may use all the goodies he and his team introduced in Android 4.0 and make better applications more visually appealing. That's all. Stop seeing ghosts. Not every post has to talk about the next version of Android. In fact very few have something to do with next versions of Android, the development is secret until it's presented, it's been like that since the beginning.
Pie controls in Kit Kat confirmed
Yes there is a lot of people making noise about how fragmented Android. But nobody tells how across the board all the major Google apps have been updated. What I will say if somehow Google can make 4.4 an update for everyone from Ginger bread upwards then it may add more to the silence. 
RIP "Key Lime Pie Chart" :) /smirk/ as a Floridian I call for a recount on the naming, as a geek I can't talk with my mouth full of KitKat. LOL
Jelly bean is on half of the devices mostly thanks to Samsung.
I will love to know how much of the older version of the software have been upgraded. The numbers are very promising but it will not be very accurate if we do not know if the percentage of the Jelly Bean is mostly to the new device coming out, or because of the effort from the handset company to upgrade.
Every time the people put in the "coffin" his android mobile, and they buy a new mobile with a new version. Few people have a android mobile with 4 years. The consumers do the effort and not the handset companies. And now with android 4.4 starting again. If you want 4.4 you will have to buy a new phone. This is embarrassing.
When you call your last three versions Jelly Bean the chart starts to look better.

Neat little trick there. 
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