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Nexus hardware is just half the story. The magic that only Google can bring is what makes Nexus complete!

What do you want to know?
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+Matias Duarte, when will 4.2 roll out for the Galaxy Nexus and Nexus 7? Also, will 4.2 roll out to the Nexus S?

Great announcements today, very very exciting! Thank you for your great work on Android design!
I'm selling my Galaxy Nexus and lots of other Android devices, so I can get these, anyone want to buy them? 
Is the 3D Panorama a software function or does it need specific type of hardware (i.e. specialized camera)?
Why the 10" UI had to be royally screwed up. What used to be leaps and bounds ahead of the competition is now just a bigger phone.
+Matias Duarte Great work on the 4 and 7.

But what has triggered the decision to leave out an sdcard slot?
I'd love to know if there will be an LTE variant of the Nexus 4 coming. I understand the (guess on my part, but likely true) massive problems you guys have probably had dealing with Verizon, but the fact of the matter is, they have the best network in the U.S. and I am staying with them for that reason. I still hate all wireless carriers as a general rule, but if I have to give money to evil people to have mobile phone & data service, I might as well give it to the company that gives me the best return. : /

Also, as a software-related question...any chance at an in-depth theme engine you could get OEMs and carriers to use so everyone could get fast updates? Tremendously difficult undertaking, I completely get that, but is it something we can realistically hope for to see in the future at some point?
Why are the tablet launchers using the phone UI?
+Moritz Post Nexus devices don't do SD slots. This "decision" was made back when Gingerbread came out.
+Jake Weisz What is the reason for it? Harder to integrate into the system (from a software perspective)?
There is still no Full Device Backup (and between devices)? Really magic? How I can painless switch from Nexus S to new Nexuses?
What I'm interested in is how you'll market these products. Nexus devices have in the past been overlooked for devices from other companies. The Nexus 7 seemed to become pretty popular quickly. Will you employ that strategy or a different one?
Show us some Android 4.2 Videos and some Details about Lockscreen-Widgets would be nice.
+Moritz Post Basically. The move to MTP (which I hate) and no SD card (which I dislike), is from the user experience side, they didn't want to force people to manage space, like we had to with the Droid 1. Moving to SD card and such.
Can you confirm HSPA+ 42 on the Nexus 4? It seems T-Mobile says 42, your own spec page says 21.
Will there be carrier branded versions of this phone?
+Jake Weisz Okay managing drives can be demanding. I agree in that. Sill i would have liked that. I think they also want to tie you to cloud based serves ala Google Play.
+Moritz Post That too. The cloud services is why Google doesn't think you need an SD slot. I personally prefer to have one, which is part of the reason I generally don't buy Nexus devices.
This new Nexus Line is AWESOME, but please make it WORLDWIDE...

It is a Pain to get an overpriced one here in Brasil...
Your video with the Verge was amazing. I don't know why you guys are getting more banner attention for releasing devices that out-spec their iDevice counterparts and beat them in price. It's crazy that the top-of-the-line Android device is now less than half of the iPhone 5.

That's of course not to speak of the new features. I love every bit of attention you gave with the hardware and software.
1. Could you go a bit into the thought process behind the Android design teams decision to retire the old Honeycomb "combined bar" on the Nexus 10? I think I already know the answer, but would love to hear it fleshed out. 

2. Always wondered from a UX perspective why the design team opts for the Nexus S to retain its Gingerbread alert sounds, camera sounds etc when running ICS/JB. My guess is that you want to retain some familiarity of feedback, but doesn't the huge visual/interaction changes of Holo VS Gingerbread counteract that? I would've thought it would be more effective to have Holo visuals with matching sounds, instead of the current hybrid.
where are the details of the wireless charging dock?
+David Lawerteh Well, +Dan Morrill said today it was because expandable Jelly Bean notifications didn't work well with it. But given that the Honeycomb UI is ten times more important than flavor in your notification text, I see it as a terrible reasoning.
+Matias Duarte is the Photo Sphere feature a result of Googles latest aquisition, NIK software ? (the company behind the popular iOS Snapseed App)
+Elmar Schrage Street View existed long before then, and it's basically Street View tech in your phone, so I doubt it personally. =P
+Jim Avila The on-screen buttons can't hide either, lol! The only thing is now, we get a SECOND black bar that's taking up space all the time.
+Matias Duarte great video interview on theverge with +Joshua Topolsky.

Only Google is in the strategic position to bring a portfolio of devices to market from 3 different OEMs, speaking the same design and UX language - this is a really amazing work, considering the complexity behind product development.
P. Berghege
+Matias Duarte why the softbuttons in the middle on the 10" nexus. Design consistency or usability research? To be honnest, think I'm going to miss the buttons on the left side badly.
The Nexus 10 appears to be too heavy as the iOtherTablet.  I'll stay with my Nexus 7.
Still no possibility to split keyboard on 10"? Why? It's so comfortable to type with thumbs on spilt keyboard ... (
So instead of wait for another press release you just release them anyways?! That page looks like my Christmas list :P
I am concerned about long pressing on Camera app to view settings. I thought that you try to remove this long pressing - it's "waiting" factor, especially on popular Camera app when we don't want to wait.
Why doesn't the Nexus 10 have a micro SD card slot
+Matias Duarte oh no...., reminds me of Jobs' personal requirement to turn the switch on the iPad into a mute button :-)
So, this black line with 3 buttons is used even in 10 inch tablet ?
I realize that this is a part of platform. But it takes too much space, especially in landscape mode. How abou adding some gestures? 
And my last point about 10": while Google do not optimize ALL of their apps for 10" - nobody does. Play Store with 8 swype tabs (swype tabs on tablet is bad experience), Youtube design on 10" not related to 7" and 4" at all, awful G+ app, Blogger, Translate, etc.
Nexus anything does no good rolling out from only one carrier.
Not everyone wants to hop from carrier to carrier to support your product. 
How did you choose to go for such a large screen for phones(4.7inches)? A 4 inches in addition to that one would help a lot of people stop being afraid of the nexus phones sizes... But I guess it's up to your manufacturer partners to do so... 
If the Nexus 7 docks ever arrive, would the "Daydream" features come along for the ride? How similiar is it to the fantastic exposition mode in WebOS?
Why did you make the system buttons and status bar consistent across all devices in Jelly Bean?

Consistency and usability are really important to us, and that’s something we strive to improve in every new version of Android. With Honeycomb we first introduced the idea of a completely onscreen navigation UI which gave us unprecedented flexibility in how that UI adapts and transforms - both when you turn the device in your hands and when the software changes and has different control needs. Now in Jelly Bean we’ve made the universal software navigation buttons and system bar consistent across all screen sizes.

This new configuration is based on usability research we did on all of the different form factors and screen sizes that Android runs on. What mattered most of all was muscle memory - keeping the buttons where you expect them, no matter how you hold the device.

Phones are almost always used in portrait mode, flip sideways occasionally, and never go upside down. As screen sizes get larger though, any which way goes. Imagine the frustration you’d feel if every time you picked up a tablet off the table ‘the wrong way up’ you found yourself reaching for a home button that wasn’t where you expect it to be? That irritation adds up and over time like a tiny grain of sand in your shoe and undermines the rest of your experience.

The Jelly Bean system bar always keeps the same 3 buttons where you expect them. This happens dynamically for every screen size, up until you get to small handheld screens where stacking the bars in landscape mode would leave too little vertical space.

The second thing we discovered was that there are almost as many different ways of holding our devices as there are people. In fact people love to use their Nexus so much that they use them for such long periods of time that having a single ‘correct grip’ is actually counter productive and increases hand strain. The Jelly Bean navigation buttons work equally well for left handers and right handers, one handed use, or two handed use, and for devices you’re carrying, resting on your knee, or putting on the table.

Last but not least, by unifying the design we are now able to put Notifications and Quick Settings right where you’d expect them, and only one swipe away.

Why don’t Nexus devices have SD cards?

Everybody likes the idea of having an SD card, but in reality it's just confusing for users.

If you’re saving photos, videos or music, where does it go? Is it on your phone? Or on your card? Should there be a setting? Prompt everytime? What happens to the experience when you swap out the card? It’s just too complicated.

We take a different approach. Your Nexus has a fixed amount of space and your apps just seamlessly use it for you without you ever having to worry about files or volumes or any of that techy nonsense left over from the paleolithic era of computing.

With a Nexus you know exactly how much storage you get upfront and you can decide what’s the right size for you. That’s simple and good for users.

Good questions! Keep 'em coming!
"Imagine the frustration you’d feel if every time you picked up a tablet off the table ‘the wrong way up’ you found yourself reaching for a home button that wasn’t where you expect it to be? That irritation adds up and over time like a tiny grain of sand in your shoe and undermines the rest of your experience."

I realize you're talking about the virtues of the 3 navigation buttons, but for my money, this is the exact frustration I experience when trying to power my Nexus 7 on. 

The only way to power on the screen is to press a fiddly little button on one side of the device, which is infuriating  This also means that when my tech muggle Uncle picks up the device, he has no idea how to turn the screen on.

My question is: Do you guys have plans to look at a new solution for turning on Nexus devices that uses other obvious signals (the touchscreen, gryo, where my eyes are looking, etc)? 
Dave Rosen
Matias, in response to your comment about SD cards, I don't really understand. With the Nexus 4 there are only two sizes for storage and one at 16GB and one at 8GB which is half the size of the Nexus S! This is two years later when the specs in every other area have improved and applications (particularly games) are only getting bigger. Frankly, there is little point of having a super-fast processor or a beautiful HD screen, unless you plan on filling up the device with large memory intensive applications or HD movies.

While streaming from the cloud is an option, that gives you the same old problem. Now there is a confusing situation where your files might be on the device or maybe in the cloud. Worse, if you are having trouble with your connection (a real reality, especially on non-LTE phones) then you can't even access your cloud files! On the other hand, removable memory is far cheaper for the end user and can be easily swapped for even more room. Unless the internal memory is large enough that these external sources (either cloud or microSD) are unnecessary, then it hardly makes it more convenient to permanently lock down the size of the device to such a trivial amount.

Here is my question: Could the Android really not come up with an elegant solution to multiple memory sources? Having access to external memory is something that Android provides which is a complete advantage over iOS. Would it be that difficult to have one more prompt menu come up the first time you use the camera? That is it, no other app would ever have to use the SD memory unless it specifically wanted to. The gallery and music app could easily scan the SD card for media, and the rest of the system would leave it alone. You could even label it "external media memory" to help the technically illiterate. It's a media card, and when you need more room for your pictures, movies or music you take it out and put in a new one. No one seems to have any trouble with SD cards in their camera or USB keys on their laptops. Was there really no other way?

That is my one big gripe with the Nexus devices. I really love your work. ICS was a world of difference from Gingerbread on my Nexus S and Jelly Bean only made it better.
+Matias Duarte What is that shirt in the Verge video?! I know I might be on my own with this....but I love it :D
+Matias Duarte thanks for all your hard work.

My questions may not have a lot to do with your work or today's announcements, but I'm not passing up the chance of a response.

When will +Google TV be based on jelly bean? Do you work with GTV much? Anyone working on a GTV box with more than one HDMI input?

When will GoogleNow have college team cards?

I really like to dictate to my phone with voice actions, especially when making lists. It'd be helpful if there was a way to dictate a carrige return, anyone working on that?

+Alexander Kuzmin your contacts, photos, videos, music, as well as phone settings should already be backup on your Google account. Just have your account made available to your new phone and it will sync with your data. You will then need to go to the Play Store> My Apps>All to install your apps to your new phone
+Matias Duarte thanks for sharing.. Amazing products! I love my GNexus and the Nexus 10 will be a nice complement. One little request, I live in Venezuela so my primary language is Spanish.. Google now is almost useless in Spanish because it can't process the basic commands in Spanish.. Just searching and notes but everything else doesn't work (sms, calls, alarms, etc). Please fix that..
THAT WAS AMAZING. WTF GOOGLE. Now just waiting for my Google Wallet!
* When will be jb 4.2 available via OTA?
* Will you build a Nexus 4 with 32gb?
* Are you considering the problem of battery drain in Android?

+Matias Duarte thanks for the work but i can't agree with you on the tablet ui. if it has to be consistent, what about google TV? will we have centered buttons on google TV in the future? and what about chrome os? it has nav buttons in bottom left and notification in bottom right. when it comes to larger screen, phone ui just doesn't work.
+Van Vincent Casipong I want backup my text messages, call logs, games levels, other 3rd party apps, etc. Not only contacts. Music, video? You mean Google Music and Movies? There are not available on my country,
Super excited for this love you guys at Google! Nexus brand for life
This is a huge step forward for mankind! The Nexus 7 ui that the Nexus 10 has is much more intuitive than the Honeycomb layout. The different layouts for phone and tablets before was confusing for users. Love the Jelly Bean!

As an extra, I am looking forward to having the button-free camera experience, too.
1. It's better to swipe up from the lower bezel to call up the soft buttons. Can save some screen space, especially on phone.
2. Throw away the power button. Include touch sensor along the side of the phone, long swiping up or down turns on and off the device.
Also if consistency and uniformity were important, why do the Nexus 4, Nexus 7 and Nexus 10 look so radically different? Because they were made by three different manufactures isn't a valid answer.
Is the inductive charging in the Nexus 4 compatible with existing solutions like Powermat or others?
+Matias Duarte I'd still be with you 100% on the no-SD card thing... if the Nexus line had 32 GB models for all of the devices. I understand you want people to use your cloud services, but 8 GB is too little for everyone that is not constantly connected to the Internet - and that is something you still have in many places even in the US, no need to go abroad. I'm struggling to keep a minimal music library, a couple of apps and a few Titanium and nandroid backups on my GNex's and N7's 16 GB memory, so I'd say that is the bare minimum I can get. The remaining available memory is too little to think to just park a movie or two there, and watch them when I want to.
Also, the non-removable battery is a great issue to me, as a power user who likes to mess around with his hardware, and as a traveler as well. Swapping batteries when on the move is a commodity I don't know if I'm ready to give up.
+Matias Duarte I understand the reasoning behind the unified storage. The most crucial question regarding the Nexus 4 is then - will there be a 32GB model? When considering a pre-order, I think many of us would consider waiting if there was a 32GB model in the works and would be disappointed in missing out due to ordering the 16GB version. Otherwise, excellent line up!
I use my SD to store music movies and audiobooks, things I drag and drop onto it, Android just needs to see that its available and mount it, and look for audio, video and pictures, if this is all that happens that would be enough. This is not rocket science, Google is hands down my favorite tech company, but this is a feature that I cannot live without until there is 100% coverage of unlimited data at speeds as fast as read speeds from internal storage. I bought the Nexus One, skipped the Nexus S, skipped the Galaxy Nexus and bought the Galaxy S 3, the SD card was the deciding factor over many many phones like the One X. But then Im forced to root and install a custom ROM just to get the pure Android experience. Im the guy that evangelizes to all my friends, Im responsible for the purchase of no less than 5 GS3s and 4 Nexus Ones, several kindles and a couple on N7s, oh and one Note 2. The reason I can recommend the N4 to people is purely financial, its 350 and can go prepaid and save shitloads of money, but when money isnt a factor, im going with a more future proof device, and Ill be suggesting the same to my friends and coworkers who ask my advice, and they always do. We want and expect all of our music and pictures in our pockets, without always having to rely on data that may or may not be available at the time. The only justifiable way to remove SD slots is to get in the 64gb range. Nintendo is releasing the Wii U soon, their solution to storage? They realized costs come down on storage fast, and there are many options so let the users decide what to use and accept everything, they can get as much or as little as they need. We know how much we need, and when we need more we can go buy it. But when you stick in 8 or even 16gb you are freezing this device in time, and inbuilt obsolescence is infuriating, especially when its just because we want to store more cat pictures.
But at the end of the day this is why we love Android, the manufacturers will give us no end to hardware options, and the modding community will give us the customization we want. We can leave cookie cutters to other companies. 
ok .. where is the white Nexus 4? please release it in the same time :(
Hi +Matias Duarte. Why People app and Phone Dialer looks totally different? Please make them both white. Actually, make the whole os whiter a bit. :)  
Marvelous work, Matias. My congratulations for the incredible work on Android. It's a pity not be coming so early to Brazil, even 4.2 or Nexus 4. We have to recourse for the Custom ROMs in XDA forum but, even with a hard work, they aren't come with the same quality. Thank you, for your great and magnificent work.
RR Suaco
+Matias Duarte I really hope you guys would consider selling Nexus devices through the Play Store in other markets. We can live without Google Play Music, Movies and Magazines but we would really appreciate being able to buy devices from the Play Store in Southeast Asia. Selling the Nexus 4 through our carriers would be a dumb move given how arrogant they are. A prepaid Galaxy Nexus costs $350 but our carrier still sells it for $670 and that's still a carrier locked prepaid unit. 
I'm disappointed to see that Google was unable to work with Verizon this time. That decision abandons a HUGE amount of potential customers. I'm a big Nexus fan and a current Gnex owner. I just can't see myself buying another phone and yet I don't know if I can leave Verizon. Verizon's network just cant be matched. I don't even care about the late updates and bad battery life, I just want a Nexus.
The biggest reason I will not buy the nexus7/10 is due too the lack of a SD card. Due too the fact google doesn't have any cloud system for books/movies/series/magazines in my country, I have to rely on the internal memory for my content. And for a tablet 16GB is by far not enough and the 32GB is slightly too expensive (100 dollar/euro for a 16GB upgrade??).

So dear mister Duarte, are you aware the lack of a proper android ecosystem in my/most countries is turning people away from android again as soon as there is an alternative? 
I really love android and what you (google) do with it, but it is lacking severly in ecosystem. And I am not talking about apps, I am talking about no google music (without some "tweaking"), no books, no voice, no nexus10 even.
What good is reduced internal memory due too using the cloud when there is no cloud?
+Matias Duarte  Will there 3rd party widgets be supported on the lockscreen on 4.2? Will there also be a native widget to show text messages on the lockscreen?
+Mark Lee there's no touch control on TV so there's no issue of muscle memory. Users interact with tvs in a totally different way, so it's not possible to have the same kind of navigation on TV.

Personally I was against the dedicated tablet ui the first time I've seen it. It felt inconsistent from the beginning and my first thought was "great, less tech savvy Android phone users now have even more ui to learn".

I'm happy with this decision. Consistency is one of the most important things for smooth, seamless user experience. 
Will larger storage options be considered if there is a sizeable demand. Yes we have cloud but it doesn't travel with me on the underground or in the skies.
+Matias Duarte I don't entirely agree with your reasons for the UI and removable storage, but I somewhat accept that they're probably the best answer for the average user.

That said, one of the biggest advantages (at least to me) of Android is customisability. Personally I prefer the old tablet UI, as do many others. Will it still be available in AOSP after 4.2? I can understand the reasonings behind using the phone UI as the default, but it should still be possible to use the alternative UI if people would prefer.

Failing that, there's always custom ROMs.
I agree with the removal of the sd card slot, but only if there are 32 and 64gb options. 
+Matias Duarte why not save the OS in a separate storage so that when someone buys an 8Gb device they actually get the full amount?
Where do you get all your awesome shirts?
Why do you keep making devices that I want to buy? Are you trying to make me spend all of my money?

Thank you for everything you've done for Android, can't wait to see what else is in store!
+Matias Duarte When can I be looking forward to the complete Google experience? No cable companies, no internet companies, no phone companies. Just Google. :)
+Matias Duarte  like the Nexus 10, but I will not buy a tablet without a microSD card. I travel and I am often in places without a data connection or I have a crappy wi-fi connection which is not suitable for streaming. Not having local data is not an option.

There is also NO reason why the SD card can't be mounted and used. Where do pictures get stored? By default, store them on the internal memory, but give users the option to store them elsewhere. It's a UI feature, not an engineering challenge. Users that set SD card storage will likely know when they have swapped cards. The rest that don't change the storage location won't need be bothered. Storing apps internal or external--that was only needed because early Android phones have limited internal storage. That's not the case now. So simply don't support moving apps to external SD. The the ROM community wants to support it, let them, but it's not a Google Android support issue.

As for putting the buttons on the middle of the screen, that's probably the worst place. That's a lot of stretch to reach them. I have a 10" tablet and getting to the center is difficult and it is nothing like holding a phone so there is no muscle memory benefit. How about placing the buttons on the right by default for the majority of right handers with the option to move them to the left for lefties. Again, this is not hard to do.

+Alexander Kuzmin Thumbs Keyboard in the play store offers split keyboards as well as different keyboards based on orientation. You can also resize the keyboard height and width. I split the Thumbs keyboard in landscape and shrank the height and width to type easily. It's a little weird because my eyes dart back and forth, but much easier than stretching to the middle of the screen. Also arrow button FTW!
When would 4.2 roll out to Nexus 7?
+Matias Duarte we don't mind fix memory but we do mind small amount of memory. Give us 32GB as base & not 8 or 16GB. 
Reddit AMA, to get all the nitty gritty bits we have about Android UI/UX answered!
Thank you, +Matias Duarte for your answers and thank you for the work that has gone into Android especially since you have entered the ring. Keep it coming!
Matias, there are three problems with your justification of the button positioning:

1. There is a significant difference in usability between a button easily located under one's fingers while holding the device and one which requires the user to change how the device is held, freeing a hand to touch the middle of the screen.

2. There is no reason why the buttons could have have remained easily standardized in the bottom right corner of the tablet as in Honeycomb and ICS.  Saying the users need for the buttons to be always in the same place is solving a problem that wouldn't exist if the tablet content and interface simply rotated to all four sides (as most aftermarket ROMs allow) rather than the current default of one portrait side and one landscape side.  This would certainly introduce the possibility of having the camera upside down on occasion when wanting to chat, however this occasional need to reorient the tablet is far preferable to constantly having to reposition your hands simply to touch the home or back buttons.

3. Unifying the interface across devices is relevant only if the consumer perceives them as having the same class. The position of the buttons in the center of the tablet's screen is only relevant to the user experience if the user perceives using the tablet to be the same experience as using their phone.  We do not.  As Google recognized when introducing multiple logins for tablets, tablets are used and therefore also perceived differently.
Buttons always in the same place?  You mean like how they were always in the lower left?  Easily within reach of your left hand?  Now they are harder to reach and you have less screen space. 
"techy nonsense left over from the paleolithic era of computing"?

What a nasty put-down for people who would appreciate higher storage options on their devices. Is it really that difficult to include 32GB options on phones, and 64/128 on tablets? SD not necessarily required - just the additional onboard storage would be fantastic.

The cloud's great and all until you hit your data cap or you're in a poor signal area. I wish Google would realize that, but if your comment is an indication of Google's culture toward users requesting features, it's troubling at best.
I agree with Matias, I like the software buttons. Hardware buttons are hard to press, prone to fail and affect the outer mold line of the device.
Why is Google scared to add Lte? The 3 largest carriers in the USA are left in the cold. Is because there afraid to take market share from their manufacturing partners? With out lte this phone will be a dude. 
+Matias Duarte In what android version will you address the multitasking UI which is currently worse than android 2.3 multitasking?

In stock android 2.3, you'd have access to 8 recent apps on screen at once. (if you run CM, you can have 12 or 16).

Why in android 4.0/.1/.2 can I only access 4 recent apps at once?

This is particularly frustrating on tablets, but nearly as frustrating on phones as well.

A the very least, TWO columns of thumbnails would be nice for phones, and maybe 3 or four columns with much larger thumbs for tablets.

That would at least hold us off until you can address this more seriously.
I love the idea of the Nexus platform but the idea that no external storage is needed seems a bit ahead of its time when phones and tablets still only come with 16/32gb of ram. My default music folder is 14gb alone, what about movies and ebooks, I also have a large collection of PDF's for playing Pathfinder and those quickly add up to over 5gb and I still am missing 2 books.

If internet access was as ubiquitous and fast as we all wished it was sure we could use cloud storage but here, now in the world we live in we have craptastic sub 1mb connections across most of the USA and obscenely small data caps on wireless data for cell phones and most of us have to pay an additional $30 a month just to burn up that 200mb faster.

Until you hardware manufacturers can match or beat the price of SD cards, please leave a slot for them.
+Matias Duarte if you think the addition and management of SD cards would be "confusing" to the users, then you underestimate the intelligence of your core user base. The option should at least be available, or the capacity of the nexus should be kicked up to 16/32/64 configurations. I'm considering a Nexus 4 BUT a SGIII and Iphone5 are quite tempting with their increased storage options
I'm with everyone else on the disappointment on lack of LTE and Verizon version of the Nexus 4. The excuses are plentiful, but not insurmountable. How can apple ad samsung make it work, but LG can't? You guys are capable of doing better, and that is the disappointment. If you are planning to release other carrier versions, then at least say so even if the release date s unknown. Many of us would wait knowing it is coming, but without that, we'll move on to the Note 2 or another device. Switching carriers is not adoption for many of us with coverage concerns or on family plans.

This is just sad, Google. 
+Matias Duarte Nexus 4 doesn't have LTE? That's fine, and I applaud Google team for this
But 16 GB? it means we can only pick two of these options:
1. Apps (especially games)
2. Music
3. HD content (including photos)

Streaming? yeah it's good and convenient, but have you ever think of the markets outside US? What's the deal with 16GB?
+Matias Duarte - Could you edit your post as you answer questions?  That way late arrivers, like myself, can get to the goodies without reading the same questions over and over again.  Possibly even help prevent repeat questions.

 I'm curious to find out how many of the new camera features are a Nexus 4 exclusive, and how many are being ported to Galaxy Nexus/Nexus S.  Specifically, the new camera menu and the new Photo sphere?

Also on another note, I was typing your name on my GNex and briefly thought you had added your name to the dictionary until I realized that you don't use "H" as in Mathias, but it did pick up "Duarte"...  Since you are instrumental to the Android user experience, have you considered having your name added to the Dictionary?  

Since moving from a iPhone 3G to my first Android Device (HTC Incredible, only because I needed Verizon's Coverage and Nexus One was rumored but dropped) I decided that Android was the only phone for me, and then when I picked up my Galaxy Nexus, the experience on stock android and ease of unlocking/rooting and the quality of the AOSP ROMs available for the GNex, I decided that I would probably be on Nexus devices from here on out.  I don't even care if there is a wait for updates on the CDMA variants, it's still infinitely better than waiting months for the updates from Motorola (Blur Android) , HTC (Sense Android), or Samsung (Touchwiz Android) IF they actually spend the time to update.  My first dip into the Tablet market, the Nexus 7 helped solidify my desire for Nexus devices, and I give a lot of the credit to the details to you and your team.  Excellent job.

TL;DR - One suggestion, two questions, and "I like Android, especially the Nexus branding."
+Matias Duarte Some games like dark knight and bards tale weigh nearly 2Gb, much more take 500Mb+, and if I delete app (that is very possible with 8Gb) all app data, my progress are deleted too, will it be some way to preserve app settings and savings other then titanium backup?
I just bought my galaxy nexus less than a month ago co I thought I wouldnt be able to afford the nexus 4 and I've only had it for a week now. Now the nexus 4 is selling for the exact same price...:-( I'm so bloody depressed ;-(
Matias... Love the Nexus 4 and am amazed by the Nexus 10. I am buying them both on the release date as i did buy the Nexus 7 16gb. 

You are releasing ONE nexus per year, so what's stopping you guys from giving us more options. The idea of a 299 nexus 4 unlocked and no contract is absolutely outstanding... However, there are people like me who constitute atleast 50% of android user base who need more options like more built in storage and LTE. 

You want to know how much i need more storage, last year i moved to verizon paying the ETF to at&t to get a 32gb G Nex....
The Nexus 10 is perfect but lacks LTE.... I love Android and Google and you made me cry yesterday coz i have to wait another year or so HOPING to get a Nexus with more built in storage and LTE...
I hate crapple but i am surprised myself to say they give more options than you guys....
Please just have an empty SD slot on Nexus devices so that people have a choice. No confusion if you don't put a card in. Thanks!
+Matias Duarte, fixed space is all well and good, but Google is not giving us ENOUGH of it. I don't think users are as confused as you claim when it comes to SD cards. If Google and its hardware partners are not going to give a Nexus phone with an SD slot as an option, then at least give 32GB of storage to use. Many of us do not have unlimited plans to stream everything, nor do many of us have great connections to stream seamlessly.
J Jones
If the android I is only about a third of where you want it to be, does that mean the GUI and how we interact with it isn't how you envsion the final product or do you mean that in terms of functionality?
+Matias Duarte Why didn't you release a Nexus 4 with support for LTE for GSM networks globally and in the U.S.? I mean, it would just require support for bands already used for 2G and 3G networks, since most LTE networks are on 2G/3G bands. Only Verizon, Sprint, AT&T, and a few European carriers are using new bands.
+Matias Duarte I want to know if the Nexus 4 has HSPA+ 21 or 42?
T-mobile is promoting HSPA+ 42 while the Google Play store shows HSPA+ 21.

P.S. - I am really liking the new Nexus devices. Will definitely buy the Nexus 4.
"Everybody likes the idea of having an SD card, but in reality it’s just confusing for users."

Please read that again.
will nexus s get android 4.2?
gtalk needs to be improved to compete with iMessage. It doesn't even support copy and paste and it doesn't appear in "Share" list when i want to share a link with gtalk friends. 
I didn't think I would be purchasing a Nexus 4 from the leaks I saw, but now I almost certainly will; well done.

Do you ever see a different UI or even OS for a docked device in stock Android, like what Motorola or Canonical did? Also, if so, would this integration be built on Chrome OS (which I love, aside from no Java support)?

Keep up the great work, and good job rockin' the beard!
Chris Bolton
So no SD card and only 8/16GB versions?  I have 20GB of music alone, add games and photos onto that and 32GB is going to be the very minimum.  The magical 'cloud' isn't an option because of the rubbish data plans here not to mention the speed.

'Everybody likes the idea of having an SD card' So umm add one? 
This screams Apple to me, "Hey we know you want this but we know better!"

Could of been a killer now it doesn't even tickle.
+Matias Duarte , another beautiful iteration of android! I know that there was much thought that went into this; however, the first time I saw the nexus 10 I was shocked at the UI changes. Like +Mike Fratto said, having the buttons in the middle isn't easy to get to at all. I would guess that most people use their 10 inch tablets with two hands. As the tablet UI is right now people can easily use two hands and manipulate the buttons with the left thumb and the status bar with the right thumb. This provides quick and easy interaction. By placing the buttons in the middle, I now have to remove my hand from its hold on the tablet and find the back button in the middle of the tablet. By having the status bar on top, I now have to move my hand and drag down from the top.

The back button is a feature that I feel gets overlooked very often in Android. I use it so instinctively that when trying to use iOS I feel lost without that easy functionality that is always at my fingertips. By moving that functionality to the center, I fear that it will be much less instinctive to press.

Just a final thought as well, with there now being two black bars, one on top and one on bottom, isn't that a lot of waisted space and much less space on screen for content?
Why not offer higher storage capacity for the Nexus 4? 32GB would have been perfect.
if sd cards are confusing for users, why limit us to such small storage space on our phones? the device says it's 8 or 16gbs but system apps take up alot of that space. some of us don't have access to the cloud 24/7 and the only alternative is having to plug in your phone and deciding what you wanna keep and what you wanna get rid of. that makes it seem kinda like an ios device the way they're always tethered to another device for their phone to work :( i want and need a phone with more storage. i like using my camera, i like having more of my 32+gb of music on my device (so i don't have to stream everything) and i hate having to constantly connect my phone to shuffle things around.
Regarding SD cards: How about making the Nexus devices with a very small storage (a few gigs?) just for Android alone, and an SD card slot. The user would then buy an SD card of his or her choice and use that for all storage. Retailers would probably sell the devices with cards of various sizes preinstalled.

The non-tech user wouldn't notice the difference, techie users would get what they want.
+Matias Duarte  Great work to you and your team on 4.2 and the family of Nexus devices. My only question about the nexus 4 is that will it be available with LTE sometime in the feature? I live in an area when HSPA+ T-mobile is really slow. On my Galaxy Nexus with Verizon it's super fast. I just can't go back to the slow HSPA+ in my area. So will a LTE version come to market?
I don't know why people are not talking much about the killer killer Nexus 10. I can't wait to put my hands on that machine. I definitely know what to ask santa for an early Christmas. Now all I hope and pray is some developers make some great apps for the Nexus 10. 
I hope the tablet UI is still coded into 4.2 somewhere... I don't think the single UI across all devices is going to be a good thing...
First let me say +Matias Duarte I love the path of Google in regards to the Nexus Brand!! Keep up the good two questions are: Will a 32GB Nexus phone become a reality? Will support for lte bands be included in next year's nexus phone?
Jay Cai
I understand the design decisions behind the virtual buttons & no sdcard. But as another software engineer & tech enthusiast. I'd like to point out how valuable screen real estate is taken up by the virtual buttons. Also consistency is nice, but in this case the trade-off isn't worth it IMO. The user has to really just get used to two orientations. I've noticed many HW manufacturered phones still have hardware buttons and they're easy to use since they're fixed, no matter what orientation.

Also the not having sdcard as an OPTION is a huge drawback. As others have pointed out, cloud storage is just as confusing to the user, and depending on network availability and speeds, it adds a lot more complex factors for the user to consider. I think most tech users are used to C:\ drives, CD/DVD, & memory sticks by now, so this could be a similar distinction. Also digital camera users are used to storing data & swapping memory cards.

Another benefit to sdcard is simplifying the SKUs and not having wasted inventory. People can get one low-cost model (increasing Google market share), and expand storage or not depending on their personal preference. I thought Android's goal was to provide a flexible platform for others to extend, not limit it to the lowest common denominator (casual users in this case).

Hope you guys reconsider this in future devices, keep up the good work!
Firstly, I'd like to congratulate the whole team behind Android and Nexus devices. What you unveiled yesterday was absolutely amazing, I'm really stunned.

As many others, I have a question:
What course of action would you recommend to a person who wants to get a Nexus device ASAP (or wants to get it for the Play Store price) but lives in a country where the Play Store doesn't (yet) sell devices?
Example: I live in Czech Republic, and Play Store only sells apps here so far. Local prices of the Nexus 4 will likely be pumped up higher so the retailers can get maximum profit out of them, which will in the end lower the competitivity of the N4's price and HW features.
I love what you have done with the UI for the latest versions of Android but I find your rationalization of the lack of MicroSD slots pretty weak and borderline insulting to your users. Why not give the option?  Any user intelligent enough to buy a MicroSD card and insert it into the slot is going to be intelligent enough to figure out how to use the additional storage space.  I have 32gb MicroSD cards in almost all of my Android devices (currently 3 tablets, 2 phones) except my Nexus 7 and every time I get a new one I pop the card out and copy it on to a new one and insert it into the new device and voila instantly ready to go with documents, music, pictures, and movies.  But, I sorely miss the option on my Nexus 7 and it will probably prevent me from ever buying another device that lacks one.
Good... but needs more memory, an sd option, be able to work on verizon, and a maxx like battery.
Will the tablet UI still be available to power users who love it? I am using a custom ROM to give me a tablet navigation bar on my GNex and I love it. I kniw I can do this in 4.1 on the Nexus 7 ( Which I do not have yet) but has this UI been scrapped entirely for 4.2? 
Why is it that Google/Android talk about stream lining the UI, but when you use a Google product it differs from the stock experience? Let me explain. I love the new pull down notifications for messaging. The quick option to call back or message from my pull down is AWESOME. (This drives me insane) Unfortunately I use GOOGLE voice for all my calls and text messages. Please explain to me why a Google app made for messaging is not integrated to work with the pull down notifications. This app made by Google, does not work with the new pull down UI made again by Google, this in my opinion is where android falls short.
Personally, I'm seriously disappointed with the entire current Nexus line.  

I can't fathom the decision to basically gimp the Nexus 4 to the US carrier with the absolute worst coverage and slowest network available.

I am insulted that you think I'm not intelligent enough to know how to use SD storage on a phone.  

And I am flabbergasted at the notion of using 8 and 16 gb as the only storage options.  Even the iPhone now has LTE, and STARTS at 16gb.  

I also feel the same about the Nexus tablets, though I couldn't care less about carrier data plans for those.  I just do not understand Google's thinking about any of these decisions, and think that this shows how badly you understand your user base.  Statistics are numbers, they do not tell the entire story.
why is there no Nexus 4 on Sprint? they've been getting better and better with AOSP.

This is the flagship device for Android and Google, yet it's only on two carriers? there are a lot of us who have stuck by Android and now feel let down, especially since we can't switch since the other carriers cost a lot more than Sprint.
+Matias Duarte hi, my english is not very well but i want ask you why nexus 4 is only 8GB/16GB? Why there isn't a 32GB version? thanks :-)
You're a brave man for doing this AMA. No questions, just thank you and keep up the good work. I can't wait to get my hands on my new Nexus 4 :) Saludos desde México.
+Matias Duarte Can we have split-screen on tablets with Android 5.0 next year? Something like the Note 10.1 has, but it might be nice to slide the bar between the apps to the left to make the right app bigger, and to the right to make the left app bigger, too. And can we get a Nexus 10 with an S-pen/Wacom stylus and active digitizer? I would love to buy a Nexus tablet, but I need one with a Wacom stylus, and unfortunately Note 10.1 is the only one available.

I've kept asking you for a new tablet UI that doesn't make Android tablets look barren in press shots and in general, but I'm getting tired of doing it, so I'll leave that up to you.

This may not be up to you, but I can't stress enough how important it is for you guys to focus on tablet apps. Give incentives in the store to developers to make tablet apps. Make a different category for tablet apps, or make some badges that automatically get added to the page of the apps that also have a tablet UI - or something like that. Otherwise even 10 years from now we'll be talking about how Android doesn't have enough tablet apps, because we don't even know when an app has a tablet app or how many there are, unless you already own a tablet and you install that app to test it. But that means everyone else will keep thinking there are no tablet apps - unless you come out and say otherwise, and show us otherwise.

Anyway, I also agree you should do an AMA on Reddit. You guys need to do more things like this to keep the community excited. Microsoft has written about Windows 8 basically every other week, giving details and insights on Windows 8 to fire up their base. You need to do the same.

One more thing - convince Larry Page to get Motorola to make pure Google Experience phones, with stock Android, and to make sure they have much better and cutting edge components in phones next year, because they are slipping, and fewer and fewer people are buying Motorola phones (especially globally, where Motorola has always slacked). Cutting edge components with stock Android at every price range will get Motorola back on track. Otherwise Google might have to write off the $12 billion acquisition a couple of years from now. 
+Greg Keyes , I suspect that the switch has to do with the evolution of "Nexus" as a brand..  "Google" is is Google's brand, Android is it's own brand, Nexus has become it's own brand being developed by teams at Google/Android for the software and the OEMs that handle the hardware.
My aunt and my Mom(normal consumers) really got confused. Their phone has three storage. 
1. Phone Stoage
2. Internal SD card
3. External SD card

They don't know where to find and store the apps. The music, the files. She's also confused why not all Android apps are SD card transferable. And why she can't install the App's data on the External SD card. Too many partitions. 

I'm glad Google is becoming a good example on how it should be done. I just hope there's a 32 and 64GB option just to make these whiners stop whining. 
+Matias Duarte Why no LTE on the Nexus 4? My Galaxy Nexus, quite honestly, was garbage on Verizon's network due to issues with the mic (Samsung hardware issue) and I was really looking forward to getting a new Nexus phone. Now I'm left out in the cold unless I want to pay an ETF and forfeit LTE. What gives?
+Matias Duarte thanks for the great work.  One "complaint" I have.  Why a rear camera on the Nexus 10 ?  taking picture and movie with a 7 inches tablet is silly but not with a 10 inches ?  drop the rear camera and drop the price by 40$ or something ...
Nexus 4 looks Amazing....  Google and Apple have thrashed the notion "You get what you paid for..." but in really different ways.... ;)
+Matias Duarte with ever increasing megapixel photos and high definition videos created/viewed in mobile, do you think 8 GB and 16 GB is enough to store all that? #nexus4  
This may not fall under your design area, but are there any plans to add another Google supported top-tier Android development language such as Python or Go?

Java's not a bad language but with the Oracle lawsuits, I feel that it is not truly open and could be restricted. With Guido van Rossum (creator of Python) and Rob Pike (creator (with others) of Go) both working at Google, there's a HUGE opportunity for additional Android app development paths. 
Regarding SD card slots, it doesn't cost much to add one does it?  If the real reason is just that you don't want to confuse users who are not technical at all, why don't you just include them on the device, but not advertise it at all, maybe not even list it in the specs.

This way casual users would not even know it existed so it would not be able to confuse them, but power users would still be to use them and you would avoid all the backlash that is being caused by this.

Or else I would humbly request that you pursue alternative ways of handling SD cards like the "import/export concept" that Dan Morrill mentioned on reddit some time ago.

Maybe someday internal storage will get so cheap that it becomes a moot point, but the current reality is that there is no other storage solution currently available that offers the same flexibility and value as SD slots, so I feel like finding a way to include them should be a priority.

I know the cloud is often proposed as a solution to limited local storage, but the reality is that cellular data plans are too limited and expensive for this to completely replace local storage.  In fact, even long term, I see a future where cloud and local storage work together and augment each other, rather than the cloud basically replacing local storage.
+Matias Duarte I love Android and have been a loyal user from day one. I will never own an apple product, because I get a very cold dictatorship feeling from apple. I get a sense of greed with apple, as if they care more about financial gain then customer satisfaction. Thus, we have Google, I have felt even though Google is in the business to make money, they still care about customer satisfaction. However, my opinion is starting to shift. With the new release of the nexus devices and price points, I feel shorted. I purchased an 8gb N7 the day it came out, I wanted to purchase a device with larger storage but let's face it in this economy in the dumps we need to cut where we can. Also this was a new device to the world so I wasn't sure of performance and felt I was taking a gamble. Now had I known I would of been able to double my storage 3 months later for the same price I would of waited. To release these new devices with greater storage at the same price of the products with lower storage is very Appleish. The worst part is, that most everyone who rushed online to support you on the first days the nexus 7 was released, are probably your most loyal fans. So with this long winded rant please explain to me why Google decided in a very appleish way to take advantage of their most loyal customers. 
+Matias Duarte if nexus is about the google experience, then why don't bring it to with other OEM hardware or at different price levels???
+Patrick Rochon In the family we feel the opposite, we miss having rear cameras on the Nexus7.. they are perfect when you want to take pictures of things and add notes like w/ Skitch, or for barcode scanning, QR scanning, etc.  Not to mention I'd probably use the Nexus 7 3g version as my phone if it had a rear camera. (with BT headset).
+Matias Duarte

1) It is said 4.2 supports Miracast, will the Galaxy Nexus AND the Nexus 7 support this? The OMAP chip does support it.
2) Any design changes to mirror mode (Miracast/HDMI/SlimPort)? Perhaps a more desktop like Chrome OS twist?

Technical Questions:
3) What is the charging current of the SlimPort connected via HDMI?
4) What is the charging current of the Nex4 via the Charging Orb?

+Matias Duarte Is the new Nexus 4 MHL capable? I love using my Atrix 2 with my TV, and I'd love to know if the N4 supports it. 
So wait, Matias, if having multiple storage options is confusing to users, why is Google Drive an option? If I save a photo in Photoshop Touch, is it going to the internal storage? To Google Drive? To Dropbox? If local options are confusing, why is cloud stoage not confusing?
+Matias Duarte I'm surprised of no addition of LTE. Being a T-Mobile customer I'm pleased with the HSPA+ option, but i can imagine the other carriers being left out in the cold. 
For the record..i loved/love my N1 and i am still using it though its aging specs are a drag..that's why the N4 will be mine by mid November. For now i am still enjoying the best of Android with the N7. Google had some things right with the N1...inclusion of SD card slot, removable battery but not so much with int storage, RAM and battery size and failure to market it properly. Guess millions out there myself included are hooked on Nexus devices for their Pureness but omissions of a few key specs will gradually peel some avid Nexus fans away and prevent others from coming along for the Nexus ride. There's no need for Google and their OEM partners to be misers on internal storage, SD card slot and removable bigger batteries. We the ones who will be paying for (and willing to pay more in certain cases) and using these devices want these options. As for internal storage, it would be prudent to have options of 16/32/64GB...besides the one size fits all is for that other "Device", it shouldn't be applicable to Nexus devices. Please pls see to it that in the future we will have internal storage options on our Nexus devices if still no SD cards. Many are still not comfortable with cloud storage due to security concerns, cost of increased data consumption, strain on batteries and Network reliability in some cases...till data becomes unlimited, cheap and reliable we need storage options on our Nexus devices. Thank you Sir, keep up the good work with Android/Nexus.
Anything new in the pipeline for Google TV especially making the Nexus devices part of the experience
Kai Liu
Why does the Nexus not have a FM radio? It's the feature that I miss the most from my cheap low-end Android phone. People say, "You can just stream online radio," but that's not a good experience:
(1) It uses up precious data.
(2) There are sometimes issues with latency, buffering, etc.
(3) Some radio programs are not available online, due to various rights issues that restrict them to traditional broadcast.
(4) It's much cheaper for a radio station to broadcast as radio than to stream online. I hate the idea that so much of the money I donate to public radio is wasted on online bandwidth costs!
(5) What about emergencies?

It's infuriating that, in order to upgrade to a top-tier Android device, I have to sacrifice a feature that is all but standard on the cheap entry-level stuff.
+Matias Duarte why there is more focus on high hardware requirements such as RAM or CPU instead of optimizing the performance for the same hardware??? where this will lead to for future mobile generations????
The lack of a microsd slot is one of the main reasons I will never buy a Nexus device. Like others have said, it would be acceptable if there were 32gb/64gb models available. This omission is mind-boggling. I feel like this guy lives in a bubble, where in his world everyone has access to unlimited amounts of data from their carrier, with speeds as fast as home broadband everywhere they go, with access to all of the cloud services in their respective countries, and at a price affordable to  all.
But of course this is not reality. NOTHING BEATS ON-BOARD STORAGE. Let's look at it this way: What cloud-based streaming app has a built-in equalizer? What about playing videos through stereo bluetooth? Wifi and bluetooth tend to not work so well together in that most of the time there are audio/video sync issues. Also, one of the biggest battery drains is mobile data. Couple this with a non-removable battery in all nexus devices and you end up not being able to fully enjoy your media experience. And from a company like Google, that lives and breathes for the advancement of technology, it just seems like this is a giant step backwards in their mission.
+Matias Duarte Surprise! This isn't about SD storage. How about a standard API for Bluetooth LE (Low Energy)? I'd love to write some apps that use LE devices, specifically Wahoo devices that currently only work on iOS.
It's one thing to remove external SD card support but it's another to cripple the hardware by limiting internal storage options. Unfortunately, carriers in my country don't offer unlimited data plans so cloud streaming is not always a viable solution. The iPhone has 32-64gb internal storage options so why can't the Nexus 4? This is what always frustrated me while using my 16gb Galaxy Nexus device. I constantly ran out of storage space. A lot of the apps/media in the Google Play store today are 500mb - 1.5gb in size.
Are You planning on adding features of custom launchers like Apex and Nova to stock android? I would love to be able to change icons without having the freeze up issues I get from custom launchers
Two pressing issues:

1. Non-removable battery
2. No SD card slot

The lack of these two features removes flexibility with a device.

Imagine being stuck in yesterday's storm without power. On a normal android device, I could have backup batteries to last me through the power outage. Now? That's not possible.

And the reasoning behind SD card inclusion has been well articulated by others already.

It's disappointing to see Google make Android hardware less functional in the name of simplicity. We already have Apple (and now Microsoft) for that.
+Matias Duarte why isn't Google Drive preinstalled on Nexus devices? And why isn't Google Talk on the Play Store?

Last, a lot of Google's apps for Android support Google TV devices, why did you guys disallow access to them on Google Play?
Matias Duarte is the man with that new nexus line up, now thats what I am talking about google!!!
+Matias Duarte Android has been around for 4 years now, where would you hope to see it in another 4 years? What do you think technology will enable you to do then that you can't do currently?
+Matias Duarte Great job on ICS & Jelly Bean. I agree with everyone else regarding the lack of larger storage, and SD card, options.

But my question is regarding the on screen volume level. It gets in the way every time I'm watching a YouTube video and adjust the volume. I think a good alternative would be having the Notification bar temporarily change to show the volume level when the volume is adjusted.
Taking out the SD card makes it easy for most consumers, but you are going to alienate the Pro users. I'll still just stick with Samsung. 
 Seriously? SD cards are too complicated?! If you don't understand how to use an SD card than you probably shouldn't be using a smartphone to begin with. SD cards are still needed, the "cloud" isn't ready for prime time yet - and even if it was, I'd still prefer to keep my files & info local! 
 Look Mat, I understand Goog's trying to push everyone onto Drive, but I'd argue the majority of Android users would rather have the option to put it on their phones instead, at least give us the option for more memory (32 GB, 64 GB or more!)
The memory options are killing me. I agree that SD cards can be buggy, but apps/data/music/photos aren't getting any smaller. Apple and Samsung have 64GB options. Why can't Google? How large is a photosphere? How many of those awesome things could I make before filling up my phone? I'll pay an extra $50 for more internal memory. Make it happen.
+Matias Duarte Thank you for answering the question about two of the main issues I have with Nexus devices, the SD card, and now the tablet UI. You made the Android presses this morning with those two answers, but I feel like you danced around the issues a bit. Hear me out.

First, let me talk about the tablet UI, since that's the big issue for me right now. When Google announced Honeycomb, I thought it was the most unique tablet UI on the market. I've had a XOOM since a little after they were released, and I have to say that the UI pre 4.2 is perfect. That is my opinion, as well as many others who have used Android tablets from the moment they arrived a couple of years ago. I'm sure you've heard the argument for the UI: Holding the tablet with two hands, you don't have to move a hand to get to the things you need to get to (navigation on the left, notifications and settings on the right.) It's perfect, as far as I'm concerned. The only time I have to move my hand to the top of the screen is for apps, which I've actually even worked around that by setting my home button to open the app drawer with a long press (Thank you, Nova Launcher).

I totally understand the move to a unified UI, and I guess it makes sense from a coding perspective, and the whole "keeping buttons where you expect them", which I equate to dumbing down things for people coming from iOS devices, but that's just my opinion. However, while you're making strides to make the casual user feel comfortable with the UI, I feel like you're distancing yourselves from the users who helped build Android into what it is today: The geeks, the nerds, the advanced users who stick with Android for the innovations and the uniqueness that it feels like Google is starting to drift away from a little bit.

That brings me to the SD card. You defend your reasoning behind leaving the option (OPTION being the key word) out of the equation for the sake of people who aren't smart enough to figure out how to use it, while denying the people who WANT it and KNOW how to use it (The geeks and nerds who built Android) the simple convenience of having an extra bit of storage for games, photos, movies, etc. I mean, I think the cloud is great, but as long as Verizon is making me walk on pins and needles watching my data limit every month, the cloud will NEVER, EVER be a useful option for me. 8GB for a device is not what I call convenient. I used up 8GB of space on my Galaxy Nexus within the first 3 months of owning it! If you want users to take advantage of your Play store and BUY stuff, you need to give them the space to grow their app drawer with! Don't even get me started on the push to the Apple-esque removable batteries (As much as I travel, I could never have a Nexus 4. End of comment.)

I think there could definitely be a place to make room for casual users while still being accommodating to the nerds around the world who bleed Android Green. It shouldn't be too hard, really. I understand that you're now dealing with two different kinds of people here, and that complicates things. That's why Android needs to be about CHOICE. That's what I was getting at above with the SD card. It's not the lack of the SD card that bothers me, it's the lack of a choice whether I want to use it or not. So, John Q Public doesn't know how to use an SD card, he won't use it. But I and many others would love to have the option. Don't deny that to us because you think Johnny might be "confused" by it. The tablet UI. You could easily reach a compromise there. You could leave the code in so that Custom ROM bakers can enable it easily. If that's too hard, you could put a SETTING in to allow users to move the buttons to the left side of the bar, or the right side of the bar (Tada! I just solved your left handed/right handed user issue as well as made things a little easier for traditional Android tablet users.)

As someone who has been passionate about Android since the days of the OG Droid, I hate for this to be just a long rant bashing on Android, but since you asked, I have no shame stepping up on a soap box for a little while and giving you a little what-for. Android, for me, represents choice, as opposed to what I came from with Apple, which was their way or the highway. The NEXUS of ALL THINGS should represent this. The NEXUS phones used to be for the geeks and power users. Don't take that away from us, please.
I have to echo what everyone else has said. The lack of an SD card slot and a non-removable battery screams Apple, and not in a good way. Saying that your users would be too confused by having two volumes is insulting. Everyone uses Windows and they aren't confused when they plug in a USB flash drive and, hence, have two volumes present.

I'll probably buy the 16GB version, and I'm not even using more than 10GB at the moment so I would be comfortable doing this, but you're seriously alienating a lot of your potential user base.

I understand that the Nexus line is supposed to represent your vision for Android, but I think that said vision should include the ability to upgrade your storage for a fraction of the cost of iOS. I would dump buggy MTP and bring back the SD cards, but that's just me. I've never met a single person who was confused by SD cards, and I've supported probably 100 different people's Android phones. 
+Matias Duarte I am fond of the work you have done with the UI...Not fond of your answer on why nexus devices dont have sd cards... cards are confusing?  The folks that would likely be confused by an sd card wouldn't purchase a card and insert it into a phone in the first place...therefore, never actually having an opportunity to be confused by it.  But in "trying not to confuse people" you are alienating others who actually need storage. When android has 8/13mp cameras and games that require 2gigs of additional data on storage, 16gb fixed storage doesn't even begin to cut it.

Stick to the UI.
Nate dP
I don't think superior user experience is a good reason to exclude sd card support, particularly on wi-fi only tablets. My experience is certainly worse without an sd card, I experience a sort of "storage anxiety" knowing that I can't increase storage should I run out. And this anxiety is completely rational as I in fact do run often out of space on my mobile devices. The cloud is neither fast enough, nor everywhere-enough to supply me with an experience that is not frustrating. Expandable storage is obviously needed and I suspect there is some sort of annoying business-strategy/political reason for the omission of the sd card slot, you're better than that google. +Matias Duarte 
+Matias Duarte Any idea on when Google will allow stock T9 dialing support? I like the way it performs in TouchWiz but on my Galaxy Nexus I downloaded DialerOne which does not perform as well and has a few quirks - mainly consistency. Its super convenient although my mom would have a fit if she knew i entered "666" to dial "mom" every time i called her. 
The right size for me if 32+ GB so in essence the right size for me is not Google's nexus 4 too bad almost an amazing phone.
Love pure Google software, hate pure Google hardware. I will continue to pick my hardware from the specs I need, root, then install AOSP. Maybe next year Nexus 5.....wait I sound like, nooooooooooooo!
+Matias Duarte congratulations to releasing some good looking products! Speaking of good looking though, and in the subject of #nexus  I have another gorgeous Nexus product here standing on my tv-bench - The Nexus Q.

Is this product already dead and dismissed? :(
+Ken Pham You still have to compensate for it in the User Interface, the minute you put that option in there, people become confused.  It's the same issue with GSM sim cards keeping some numbers on the card, some on the phone, and some sync'd in the cloud.  A lot of people who had those Android phones that didn't make that clear lost their contacts when they switched phones.
+Matias Duarte Wouldn't it work if you just force Android devices (Nexus and non-Nexus) to only have, say, 4GB of on board memory where only the core system files/apps (Google only apps) and cache are stored whilst everything else (photos, music, video, apps etc) goes onto external storage? That way you can ship your phones with a choice of 8GB or 16GB microSD cards pre-included and power users can opt to replace them with their own higher capacity cards.

Best of all, manufacturers and mobile networks who want to customise the Android experience are also forced to store their files on the external storage and consumers can choose to just go pure by swapping or erasing the external storage. Probably not going to go down well with manufacturers and mobile networks...

But good work on the Android iterations so far. I'm definitely going to stick to the Nexus line of devices despite the limited storage. 
+Matias Duarte I can appreciate how it SD Cards can be confusing, but removing them altogether seems like the easy way to fix the problem. I imagine that it is within the realm of possibility for Google to develop a file system that would make an SD Card invisible to users, functioning as if it was an extension to the internal storage.

There would be computer science problems to solve, scenarios like what would happen if the SD card was suddenly removed or how the OS would decide what belongs on the SD card and what doesn't would be important.

I, like many people like the ability to have choices and options open to me. Usability problems like this can have a solution, and I have faith that Google would be able to pull it off.
I love your work by the way. Its very impressive.
Sigo sin entender porque la gama Nexus viene sin sintonizador de radio FM. ¿Alguien podría explicármelo? 
+Matias Duarte I agree that not having to manage SD cards is a benefit in theory. However, that all goes down the drain when MTP just does not work worth a damn. And i am on windows where it should "just work" but it doesn't. I hear Mac and Linux users have it even worse. So anything on my phone is just kinda lost in phone limbo since i have no easy way to backup or add new stuff to my phone. This is, sadly, more frustrating then having to deal with an SD card.
Will Google do any kind of trade in program so people not eligible for upgrade can still get a reduced price? 
+Matias Duarte just for the record i'm happy with both HSDPA and 16 GB of storage considering the prices you are reaching.
One question: if I remember the nexus 7 launch USB audio support was mentioned as reaching users at end of year. Is it part of 4.2?
+Matias Duarte I'll voice another vote that the removal of the SD card with the current offerings is a horrible idea to me. And this time, I voted with my wallet too. Sorry, but the cloud is definitely not the answer. It has too many weak links in its chain.

Just ask those sitting on the east coast right now how they would feel about having all of their content on the cloud. Want to listen to some music? Nope, not going to happen. Want to watch a movie? Nope, that won't be happening either. In their situation, they're not only worrying about power but also connections. Same with traveling. Sometimes you just don't have a connection or one suitable for streaming. The cloud is a nice back-up but it isn't the answer. Local storage is the answer.

I was hoping the new Nexus would have better storage options than the last model but it isn't. So I bought the GNote2 instead. Sorry, but it looks like me and the Nexus line will be parting ways from here on out if you're trying to make us think this is a good idea.
+Matias Duarte just want to ask - are there any reason(s) on choosing 1280x768 rather than 1280x720 which is being used by most high-end phones now??
I will wait to see if this comes to Verizon and if the storage options increase. Verizon is just better. I've had coverage through all the major networks before, and all have been like dating psychopaths. Sometimes they're ok, but then they go psychotic and life spins into an awful waffle in a hurry. Verizon may be the expensive chick who's been a little overbearing but at least she doesn't go completely off the handle like the others. 
Jay Cai
That's where smart design comes in, keeping things simple for the new user, but allow complexity of options and expandability for power users. Instead of forcing everyone to be on the "new user" diet.
Multi user support seems one step away from native full user backups. Is that in the works? 
You really expect us to believe the reason there is no sdcard in Nexus devices is because it's complicated for users to understand? I mean really, sdcards have been in devices for years and people are well versed in their use. It's far more complicated to have an Android that lists phone memory then sdcard memory (which is the same as phone) then have to list extsdcard memory. I believe the unspoken reason is you (google) want us using your cloud storage.. it's pretty obvious. It's insulting for you to claim your users can't grasp sdcards.
+Matias Duarte This is that I want to know: "Android 4.2" has a game system that records your trophies, allow online play, make friends etc. ... I'm talking about something like Steam, GameCenter, PlayStationNetwork or Xbox Live. Excuse me if You don't understand well I had to use Google translator, I speak Spanish. 

PD: Nexus 10 is my favourite
+Matias Duarte Please for future devices, reconsider the mistake of omitting the SD Card slot. I personally chose Android because of the features it brings & expandable storage is a key feature, an ESSENTIAL FEATURE. Games are getting bigger & unless I can install an app onto the cloud & continue to play & install games, I'm confused by the lack of SD Cards on any mobile, this day in age.  
I would have to agree with some people. The nexus would benefit better if it started with unheard of 32 storage and 64gb storage models standard, and make the UI a little lighter. What would also be cool is make all android phones dual OS if you have to deal with OEM they take to long to put there ugly UI spin on things since you probably cant just sell carriers stock android. Google would benefit from having a better relationship with game companies. Google would benefit from having a better relationship with UI/UX Designers out there that would disrupt Apples Eco system a little bit more. When google has control of the phones made everything is so much better honestly then when OEM have majority of control. Most people don't need new phones every year. They do complain about the OS and UI. To bad Google can't make OEM partners produce only Nexus phones with stock Android. You could actually keep your phone for a few years. This year the OEM partners came out with great hardware sink that with a good OS/ and stricker UI standards like what google has produced, and big storage it will cut complaints into half or lower which would equal top notch phones. " Nobody needs a top notch phone every year, when they could have one top notch phone for a couple of years with a kickass OS/UI, graphics for gaming, and good storage." 
+Matias Duarte the new nexus line looks fantastic, but I'm really happy with my Galaxy Nexus - yakju build, when should I be expecting the 4.2 update? :) and don't listen to the haters, your shirt is awesome
I can almost understand about leaving out LTE, but what about support for CDMA? Disappointed that there is no Nexus 4 for Verizon. No one comes close to Verizon's coverage, I won't be switching just to get the Nexus. How about throwing us a bone and selling us a Nexus RAZR with no bloatware and stock android! I can't believe I am stuck with my POS Galaxy Nexus for at least another year if I want to stay on Verizon and keep a Nexus device.
+Matias Duarte This is more of a hardware question, so maybe you're not the best person to ask, but...

Why isn't there a 32GB Nexus 4?  I know that most users don't exceed 4GB of files, but please give us power users the option of more storage.  Between pics, music, videos, supersized games, nandroid backups, app data backups, etc I very quickly exceed 12GB of storage.  I love my 32GB Galaxy Nexus.
I was super excited for the Nexus 4 and was sure I would buy it. But NO SD CARD SLOT KILLED IT! I cannot fit all my music, videos, and pictures in 16 gb only. Be wise and keep it. I don't think Android users would have a problem tweaking the settings. 
"With a Nexus you know exactly how much storage you get upfront and you can decide what’s the right size for you. That’s simple and good for users."

What if i decide 64GB is right for me?
+Matias Duarte All the new devices look amazing and the UI improvements continue to be impressive.  A Nexus 10 might be in my future. Thanks and congratulations!

The one thing that I just don't understand is the lack of choice on storage size for the Nexus 4.  I'm perfectly fine without an SD card, but my use just doesn't work with only 16GB.  I was hopeful that after seeing the Nexus 7 get bumped from 8/16 that the Nexus 4 would similarly come in 16/32.  It's a step down from the Galaxy Nexus in this regard.  Otherwise, I'd be chomping at the bit to order one and get away from Verizon and their horrible treatment of updates and +Google Wallet.

I have a 16G Nexus 7 and that's fine for the tablet, but my phone goes with me to many places without good connectivity and it's my main music player.  I want to carry all my music with me rather than download it all the time.  I think there's a reasonable market for a 32G or 64G Nexus 4.  I know I'd snap one up. :)
+Matias Duarte I was really expecting a qwerty nexus this year. My g2 is really old. Is there one in the works or something? Is it as hard to build a nice high end qwerty nexus as it is to build the great pyramid? :-/ 
Having come from the Nexus One, I'm perfectly fine with not having an SD card.  The external storage was really only useful for media, because moving apps out there is a poor experience (for reason beyond the UI required to do so).  This meant that while I could expand my memory however much I wanted, I was perpetually out of room for apps and data storage.  The tradeoffs of having large internal memory and not having to deal with the distinction anymore are completely worth it for this power user.
+Matias Duarte  is expected to arrive in Brazil?
Nexus 7 also is not being sold here, what you have to say about it?
Its simple guys until lte rules change they will leave it out. Every phone can't be on every carrier...hell I wanted the RAZR m on Verizon. They are too expensive for me to switch from T-Mobile hspa+ . It works well in dfw
+Matias Duarte So wait, using cloud storage through Google Drive is simpler than "hassles" of microSD? It's not even transparent in the Android UI! That's some BS you got!

Just like how Google cheaped out and decided 8GB (instead of 32GB) was enough cake for the Nexus 7, the market killed them on that, and now they're silently walking that back.

Google could've instead made microSD shared by MTP as the better hybrid, kept the sdslot empty and let advanced users figure it out, but they rather be lazy and spout reality bubbles..

Stating SDcard is harder to figure out than using Android (over iOS or a normal point-shoot camera, flat screen tv, or any usb stick) is quite an insulting jab at the public. Apple-like jab.
So is an AMA on reddit out of the question? You've got a lot of fans over at r/android!
Would it be so hard to use USBOTG? I haven't used it in my personal experience but it would keep people from having to rely on the cloud all the time right?
Jon Swope, this isn't 2010 anymore. We shouldn't have to trade off between usable internal storage and the option for external storage. There hasn't been an upgrade to internal memory size in the Nexus phone line since the Nexus S. Now we even have an 8GB option (which may well be replaced by 16 in a few months if the Nexus 7 is any indication.)
+Matias Duarte Regarding the new tablet UI. I think one of my frustrations is that Google has been telling developers to scale their apps to take more advantage of the screen real estate on a tablet, and in the new tablet UI there's just a lot of empty black space, both in the notification bar and in the navigation bar. The new system UI reminds me of what I see when I pull up a non-tablet-optimized app on my Xoom and see a single button stretched across the screen with a bunch of white space.

I think when Android first started going in the direction of on-screen navigation buttons, the community got really excited about the possibilities, but those possibilities haven't really manifested yet. Shouldn't you be able to hide and reinstate your navigation bar with a swipe from the bottom of the screen, enabling you to totally immerse yourself in a game? Shouldn't you be able to set shortcuts on all this empty black space in the navigation bar of a Nexus 7/10? And yes, shouldn't you be able to reclaim that space the notification bar just took away from me in the new tablet UI and put my notifications back in the navigation bar?

The way it is, I just don't think having the navigation buttons rotate with the screen is sufficient reason for all those pixels to be doing nothing but showing three navigation buttons instead of content.

+Matias Duarte
So it seems that this particular "Research Group" is not confused by the SD card. ;-)
My own experience has been people are either totally comfortable with it or pretty much ignorant of it; I actually haven't encountered people confused by it. Personally I love your cloud concept, but the reality is that connection speeds are just too slow/inconsistent.
There seems to be an evolution in the definition of the Nexus - from bad a** developer,tweaker, nerd-heaven ("let's see what this can do") device to a highend consumer device.
Also, are we looking at an alteration in the overall what, product cycle of these things? I have had my GalNex less than a year but had my Nexus One for several years. Are you heading towards a 1 year life cycle for all devices? (See shareholders smile!) Thanks for all your creative cool work!

i would love to jump on the nexus 4 since im due for an upgrade, but i'm finding it very difficult to consider leaving my 32GB microSD card behind.  i use my phone as my music player as well, so my 25+ gigs of music would have to be compromised if i get the nexus.  i really wish you guys could have just included the microSD card slot and left it empty, that way consumers can choose whether or not we want multiple storage options.  i use my phone as my music player because i specifically do not WANT an ipod, but it seems that you guys are pushing me in that direction regardless.
I'd also like clarification on HSPA+ 42. Is this available on the model sold through Google Play, or only through T-Mobile?
I hope you see all the people that are upset about the lack of SD card. Stop trying to be Apple please!!!!!!! We use to have so many options with Android phones and now it seems with every release you try and take those features away. LTE? SD Card? come on this is 2012 we should have all the bells and whistles not just some. Get it together please, this is absurdly stupid of both Google and LG. Even LG releases a phone similar to the nexus with LTE what were you guys thinking?
+Matias Duarte 

Will google open a Nexus Store in Brazil?

What is the real problem with brazilian market and Nexus Phones (There are many rumors)? The only one Nexus who arrives here was the Galaxy Nexus, But it was rebranded to Galaxy X and gets the Updates from Samsung (and months after the releases of Google).

The Nexus 4 Will be sold in Brasil in any legal and official means? Or we only can get it by import or smuggling?
+Matias Duarte Like other people, I would like to know if there will be a CDMA version of the Nexus 4 that could be useable on carriers like Verizon and Sprint? And I'd like to know if there will be a 4G LTE version of the phone as well. I'm on Verizon and would love to get this phone but I don't want to switch carriers just to get it. I've read about all the issues with adding these options, but there are so many CDMA carriers worldwide and I feel like it is such a big market you guys are missing out on. And also, you guys are Google so I'm sure you guys can figure it out :)
+Matias Duarte Hey, will the N7 (original, 8GB) be able to utilize the Miracast functionality with 4.2? 
I love the nexus 4!! I don't like what how Verizon screwed up the galaxy nexus, even though mine has never been stock(running aokp jb rom). I can't wait to pick one up in a couple months! Unlocked gsm is the way to go 
Dear +Matias Duarte , i see your reasoning, but limiting your users is never good, you don't want to include an SDCard? Ok, just give us more storage choice, 8GB is ridiculous and 16GB is barely enough for daily needs if you use your phone.
A 16/32/64GB choice should be the norm in 2012, not every country has 4G and unlimited data plans to access cloud storages 24/7 from a mobile device.

Anyway, thanks for the hard work you putted in this platform.
+Matias Duarte Why don't you sell Nexus devices in other major markets via Play Store? I can understand selling content like music/movies have lot of restrictions from content producers but selling devices should be fine.

US/Euro customers get their shiny new Nexus 4 for $350 and here in India if at all LG decides to sell, it will be close to $600.Why can't we get to use Nexus devices at competitive prices.
+Matias Duarte When I first saw leaked images of the Nexus 10, I noticed that it didn't have the standard micro USB port on the bottom, instead it had a proprietary port and I immediately thought, well this has to be fake, +Google wouldn't do that. So what gives, how come you didn't go with the standard micro USB?
Why dont u launch nexus devices in india and with same price tag .......please do this tymmmm
Just give us a darn microSD Slot. No expandable memory and just 16GB are a deal breaker.

That acutally was the reason why I skipped the Galaxy Nexus and now will skip the N4, too.
How about telling us why the Nexus 4 does not have a 32gb option? I get why no SD Slot. But Nexus 7 and Nexus 10 have 32gb avaliable. Sick of Google crippling its phones with lack of space. 
+Matias Duarte Nexus hardware is just half the story. Agree. What are the plans to bring books and movies to Play store worldwide? When will this become reality? Lack of this is pulling down usability of tablets.
Let's throw that new UI design and Android 4 on the Chromebooks.
+Matias Duarte Well, I am one of the "few" users who WILL NOT be confused by having a SD card slot, because I can handle more than 2 storage options. 
Sure it makes it easier for the newbs not to have one - it also forces everyone else to use the Google cloud services and that's what all this is really about. At least be honest and admit it. 
Google stands - or should stand - for the user to make the choice in my eyes, so find a better way that doesn't confuse the new user and let the rest of us have the SD slot, please. 
I honestly think the real answer as to why the +Nexus devices lack the SD card slot these days lies in the fact that SD cards typically use the fat file system.  By not putting an SD slot the phone/device, they can potentially dodge any lawsuit that Microsoft might be able to bring.
The optimus G (with lte and sd card) should have been the nexus...That might be my next device...or the note 2
+Matias Duarte I don't care about the lack of LTE access as I plan to leave Verizon after the mess that they made of the Galaxy Nexus.  I would however like to see a larger storage option of 32/64Gb, if you guys would do that I think that you would stop hearing the complaints of the lack of an SD card.  The other question I have is that I have a Transformer 201, and when the new update comes out will it be changed over to the new UI.  Also what kind of accessories will be available for the Nexus 10 tablet?  
+Matias Duarte What should we do if we run out of storage because we installed a few of those new 3D games that can take 2GB of space? Throw the device out? What if we take a lot of photos with that 8Mpix camera they will soon fill the internal space in. What should we do then? Your explanation about lack of SD cards is offensive - it assumes we, users, are dumb.
+Matias Duarte "any of that techy nonsense left over from the paleolithic era of computing"

I am nowhere near cheating on Android with any other platform, but as a fair reminder... it was techy nerds like us who made Android the number one mobile OS on the planet, and we can unmake it the number one too. ;)

Support your nerds!
I want the N4 and N10. I don't care about micro SD but a slot should've been included without the SD card so the user can choose if they want it or not. 16GB is enough for me I don't store that much data on my phone. Most of it is photos and music. LTE is unnecessary really at this point HSPA+ is more than fast enough for me since I'm able to play borderlands 2 online with my Gnex hotspot connected to my ps3. To me the Gnex needed a little bit more speed and a better camera to make it perfect and the N4 delivered those updates. I'm definitely happy regardless of what most are complaining about because the fact of the matter people will complain no matter what.
P.S. don't make any carrier branded models that will hinder the purpose for owning a nexus in the first place. An open phone needs to stay that way. So a GSM model is the only way to do this. Great job Google! I can't wait to use these products.
+Matias Duarte I'm all for removing confusion and losing the sd card, but you have to give users the option of more storage. 32gb on the Nexus 4 is exactly what I need as my 16gb Galaxy Nexus is full. Not everyone lives in the cloud....... yet! 
I see this comment thread has reached 256. 256 comments should be enough for any post ever. G+ will now terminate this thread.
I will never buy a device without expandable memory. Adding an sd card to a device is just the right thing to do vs buying a new device because you ran out ofmemory.
I respect the opinion of the development team but the lack of an sd card slot essentially sends users to using inelegant work-arounds like this:

An 192 Kbps music file in .ogg or .mp3 can easily be about 1-1.5 MB's per minute of music. Assuming that the average music file is 4 minutes long that adds up to 6 MB's a song and 120 MB's for one cd worth of music. Combine that with just 1-3 meatier games like Super Monkey Ball or GTA and you will quickly run out of space.

Then there are files that are edited or used on the phone, other non-game apps and the increasing trend of smart phones replacing flash drives for people. It would have been nice to have an sd card slot on the pricier Nexus 4 if there is a business reason for not doing so.

I don't buy that data storage is confusing for users until you bring network storage into play. Let's say that I'm streaming songs from Google Music but go into one of many areas with poor network coverage or no network coverage (if you use any MVNO then this happens to you very often since you usually don't have service with carrier roaming agreements). You lose your song. Even worse, let's say that your storage is practically full, that caching enough space for a few songs is all that you have.

This lack of being able to expand storage is an issue. It doesn't allow for investing in the continued use of the phone and limits the versatility of it. I love what you have done with the Nexus devices but the lack of the sd slot for expanded storage is a serious issue. Being asked to rely upon network services (that dang cloud) is not a very viable option for many people. Most carriers still have metered data services that charge a lot of money for overages of their pitiful allotments of data. MetroPCS and Sprint are just plain slow or spotty in many places nationwide. T-Mobile is really the best network for this but even they don't provide excellent coverage to everyone and you still end up with many use-cases of not being able to use the network or any wireless network.

In my own life, I travel through much of Metro Detroit and work in IT. I have very little to no access to wifi as a compliment to 3G/4G service. I would personally just want a Nexus 4 with 32 GB of storage and an SD card slot as the only option but will realistically take the limit of not having an SD card slot if it was limited to only the cheaper model. The more expensive model should have one. This Nexus line started as a line of developer phones. You would normally have to be smarter than the average bear to even bother with the Nexus line if you aren't a developer. This type of person would understand data storage management more easily than anyone using an iOS device. Most of the Android hardware ecosystem is littered with phones that have SD card slots. If people didn't understand the concept years ago when Android started its' assault then they most certainly must have some level of proficiency with the concept now.

This whole issue with the user not getting it doesn't sit well with me. It didn't confuse the users of, it doesn't confuse people that use some form of expanded storage as if it's local storage on their desktops and laptops. There are entire industries dedicated to expanding storage. It's a very basic want and need to be able to invest in the amount of storage that a device uses to meet the needs of each users personal use case. To not have that as an option is way to not respect the market as a whole since you're saying that we cannot figure this out. Most Android users have access to SD card slots yet Nexus users and potential users cannot handle this. People are going to blogs to share how they have persistent installations across multiple computers using dropbox and then share that they got the idea from using such a service for persistent game saves and documents. People are a heck of a lot more smarter than you give them credit for being.
+Matias Duarte its funny how a great amount has written pretty much essays and expect an answer x_X

my only question is when/if android will have the ability to dock a device into a workstation and become a desktop os, hopefully full-fledged
+Matias Duarte What is the reasoning for having the quick settings in the notification bar be shortcuts to certain parts in the settings (i.e Wifi, Bluethooth, etc) instead of being like toggles (like some OEM skins).
I'll understand if you've completely given up on this thread, but I figured I'd ask some real questions, anyway:

1) What would you say is Android's biggest weakness?

2) Were you involved in the current Play Store design? Are you happy with it?

3) There seems to be 2 app navigation designs going around Google right now: The dropdown-style navigation in Gmail, Maps, Calendar, etc. and the sidebar-style navigation in YouTube and Google+. Are the YouTube and G+ designs the future? Do you think it's a bad idea to have inconsistent navigation styles like this? Are we just in the middle of a transition?

4) How involved are you in the design of the Google Maps app? 

5) Why the change in the App drawer to 5 columns of apps?

6) Why is Calendar a stand alone app now? Is there a team working on it preparing updates, or did you just want to make it available to skinned phones?

Thanks for your time, and sorry about the state of this thread.
With all the other comments on this post, I doubt you'll even see this one, but what the heck...

I own two Android devices and I find I spend too much time and brain energy dealing with notifications.  Have you been doing any thinking on improving the experience? I would love it if dealing with a notification on one device (whether following it or just swiping it away) cleared it on all the notification bar and in the app that raised it. Oh, and on the Web, too.

No doubt you've got at least 3 Android devices on the go. Just the notifications from this post must be driving you crazy by now...assuming you haven't it muted it already.  ;-)
E.J. Su
I think the reason for lack of SD is pure BS. It makes not one bit of sense. First you took away apps to SD, now you taking out SD altogether, you are starting to act like Apple, your customers ARE NOT as stupid as you make them out to be.
+Matias Duarte Will the Nexus 7 32 3G be able to perform real calls and SMS over 3G like a normal phone when paired with a sim that has a cell plan?
Love the neo-Touchstone. My SO has a Pre3 (really; eBay) and was resigned to losing that when it was time for a new phone, but no more. Love that price on the phone, too.

I may be the only one here who's just fine with 8/16GB and no LTE--I haven't used eight gigs on my Galaxy Nexus yet, and I'm not hurting for download speeds particularly.
I understand not wanting to confuse users and I understand Google wants people to use the cloud more. But 8 and 16gb is not enough! What about people like me with huge music collections and no unlimited data plan?

 Sorry, but the cloud doesn't help me when I'm underground in the subway, have no connection and want to hear a song out of the blue (if it's not cached I'm out of luck) The single reason why I didn't buy a Galaxy Nexus and why I will not be buying a Nexus 4 is because of the lack of storage. If you are not going to give us an SD card, then you need to give us a phone with 32 and 64gb options.

 I don't like the idea of a non removable battery but that isn't a deal killer. The lack of storage is. I carry 30GB of music, another 15-20 in movies, and a couple of gigs in snapped photos and videos. Plus with games being the size they are that means you can only have like 10 of these 1gb titles before your phone storage is full.

I guess google just doesn't want me to own a Nexus Phone, because it seems every year they are alienating people who do require more onboard storage (if not giving us an SD Card slot)
 Saying "well there's the cloud" might be a good solutions for some. It's not for others. I would blow though my 5GB in a week if I had to stream everything I played on my device
+Matias Duarte At this time there are FOUR Google app to text, and two are essentially the same (Talk and Messenger). When do you merge them? The best would be have just one app both to SMS and im; but would be a good result also merged GTalk with Messenger (that doesn't work so good compared to Talk) and Voice, and left app for SMS.
Good job Matias. :)
I have only one short question to you dear Mattias. How do you explain the lag Chrome has on the Nexus 7!? The performance is better on my galaxy s2 and that is not ok. I love my Nexus 7 and from the day I got it i am going to switch to a Nexus phone next year. Please answer that you are working on it and that you release a new version soon. Also make the browser full screen. 
No sd card because Google thinks it's 'confusing' that's retarded.... For the people who can't figure out how to work an sd card they simply have the option not to use it, instead you punish all of us who like expandable memory.

You also say we have the option to choose he correct size to meet our needs, that's pretty difficult when you only offer 8gb and 16gb.... Your argument for the Lack of sd card would be valid if you actually offered a 32gb and 64gb version. 
Have to agree with all the SD card comments here. 16GB is simply not enough with the increasing size of games while maintaining some offline music and video content.
+Matias Duarte is a 32gb Nexus4 likely. I would be mightily displeased if I order a 16gb and a 32gb version is released later
Dear Matias. Why can't THE internetcompany, Google, make their products available to everybody on the Internet? Nexus 7 is still not available in my country, and I'm not even going to mention Nexus 4. 
I had to resort to pre-internet methods to get one. Asked my travelling co-worker to pick one up at Walmart like in some time-travel movie!
Matias Duarte said: If you’re saving photos, videos or music, where does it go? Is it on your phone? Or on your card? Should there be a setting? Prompt everytime? What happens to the experience when you swap out the card? It’s just too complicated.

OMG! It sounds so Apple! Users are not necessarily idiots. This is just a limitation, no advantages at all.
i agree with the SD Card comments aswell , it looks like google just wants to push ppl into the cloud. SD cards are cheaper in comparison to getting a cloud plus a data plan. Why do you think the HTX one X isn't as big of a hit as HTC  would have wanted?
+Matias Duarte  In a video by the Verge showing off Google Now the screen showed what appeared to be a card that tracked distances running/bicycling? Is that feature coming to Google Now any time soon?
+Matias Duarte As with a bunch of other people on here I do have a slight problem with the lack of external storage. All of my previous devices (OG Droid, Incredible, Rezound and TF101) have/had MicroSD slots, my Nexus 7 is the first one without one and I will be selling it because 8 GB is way too little storage, after downloading a few HD games (Batman Arkham Asylum, Horn, etc..) my storage is shot. I'll be picking up the 32 GB because I absolutely love the device :) I have 25 GB worth of music so a lot of storage is absolutely necessary for me. 16 GB should be the absolute minimum storage for a Nexus device, 32 GB would be great and a 64 GB option should be available for those who want to pay the extra money for it. I wouldn't need 64 GB in my N7 but I would definitely like to have it in my phone since my phone goes everywhere with me, but my tablet usually doesn't.

I will admit it is annoying to have two different storage partitions because half the time I don't remember where backups/roms/downloads are stored and it's just generally a pain. 
Matias, I disagree completely about Google's reasons for not including an SD card - that's the same as Apple saying you HAVE to use the app store because they're "protecting the user experience". Some of us don't NEED or WANT our "user experience" protected, and should be offered the CHOICE.

If you don't want to use an SD card, don't use one. My Samsung Galaxy S3 (bought over the Nexus SPECIFICALLY because it has a micro SD card) gives you the option in camera settings to save photos to the internal or external memory (setup when you initially configure the phone, but changeable , and also allows the additional option of uploading the photos directly to Dropbox at the same time.

Take, as an example, the original Samsung Galaxy Tab (the 7" one) - it has an EXTERNALLY ACCESSABLE microSD card slot that most people would overlook, but offers the ability to remove the card without opening the device - and it adds CENTS to the construction cost. That would allow the device to be kept sealed, yet still allow access to additional memory. 

Will I buy a Nexus 10 ?  Quite possibly, depending on performance comparisons, it is a real contender - pity it's only dual-core though.
I agree with moving away from a reliance on SD card storage. A previous phone I had had a tiny amount of internal storage and required moving apps to SD. If I installed too many apps that couldn't be moved there wasn't enough space internally to install anything else. I do feel though that removing the option of SD cards completely is wrong.

I also agree that the storage options are too low, I should be fine with 16gb but to be honest I'd prefer 32gb.
When will we hear more about the Nexus Q?  I was hoping this would also be ready for the holidays.  BTW, I made the switch to Android from iOS with the Galaxy Nexus and have completely fallen in love with Android ever since.  Great work!  I can't wait to see what the future of Android includes.
I love my GNEX, why was it disregarded? Was supposed to come in white, no accessories (affordable). I do like what is being done with the Nex4. I'm on VZW though so I guess I miss this round. Was looking forward to quad core though.
+Matias Duarte Was the reason for leaving LTE out of the Nexus 4 is the US hasn't standardized LTE on all the major players in mobile? Verizon and AT&T have it together but Sprint is still working with Clear Wireless switching from Wi-Max to LTE, and finally T-Mobile is skipping over LTE to "LTE-Advance" in Q1 2013. The US will be in better shape for LTE on the next Nexus this time next year. Maybe....
+Matias Duarte I'm an old Android user, i'm currently using a Galaxy S  II with 16gb of internal memory and a aditional 8gb microSD card for my music. In my country i can't use Cloud Storage, i dont have good conections, even if i have,i dont want to spend data (money) in something i could carry in my internal storage. A lot of games in PlayStore are like 1Gb and UP of storage, my phone has 6gb free right now, i want that storage for recording HD Videos, or keeping heavy files. I want a Nexus4, the experience of having a Nexus is the best Android Experience, but, 8Gb (formated storage is less) wont be enough, even 16GB seems to be a problem for my needs. Now, i have a 32GB tablet, and i've never had an storage problem, it just works perfect for me. So, here's my question: There will be a 32Gb Nexus 4 for users like me? I really want to have a Nexus4 and Nexus10, but,The Nexus4's current storage is my problem.
More memory for all the above reasons, filled up my NoteII internal ram pretty instantly, the sd-card is very useful (as it has been on prior devices).
UI? Why can't we choose where we want it?  Having the < [] ||| : buttons in the lower left on tablets would always be standard and close to thumb to click instead of being in the middle. 
HC interface really was great, I vastly prefer the time/notification options under the right thumb in the lower right corner, always visible when playing games the time/battery/connection.  

Having that whole bottom bar be customisable with the option to drop icon widgets to do screenshots, pop up app bar (as some Samsung tablets do), hide the screen (as Asus does), heck, the search/Google Now should also be on that bar for tablets.

Drag the notification/quick settings down to the bottom, the navigation to the top left/right/middle/wherever.

Tablet UI for Tablets (anything over 7") and Phone UI's for Phones by default.

Let us configure it, and more importantly, ADD to it. 

There's so many great points being made above by others, /please/ let our notifications be free!
+Matias Duarte not sure why the other concerns about microSD isn't mentioned. I could understand that media control could be a concern from media providers. If the OS has provisions for DRM from streaming but not from the SD card, I could understand the potential litigation pressure to limit their inclusion in new hardware. If this was the case, that would have been a better explanation than "technically challenged" Android users. What I would recommend is developing support for selecting content to a USB to go flash. You could format it to ext4 if necessary. All apps would still be local, but those of us who travel could securely access our books, magazines and music. You could even hash the content on a combination of the Nexus and flash device serial numbers to provide additional DRM.

Pretty please? 
If there's permissions/licensing issues for using FAT formatted sd-cards, give us an option to format on insertion, with all the warnings on it wiping it (and make it work on phones/tablets/android cameras/chromebooks so we can all move past FAT file systems).
Thanks for this great phone with such kickass specs at a good price. But why didn't and don't you listen to customers desires in regards to storage? Here in the comments, on XDA ( or really every comment section or forum about android and phones there is.
If cloud storage is the way you're heading and you want to convince people, make it a fair game. Put in 32GB and more flash into the Nexus4 and offer a big chunk of online storage at the same time. Then wait and see which gets used more. Everybody is just waiting for you to say there will be a 32GB version ... very soon.
Why, after Honeycomb, did you combine the volume settings for the ringer and app alerts? At night, I would turn down alerts so text messages or emails or game notices wouldn't wake me up but I would leave the ringer volume up in case I got an important phone call. Now I have to turn them both down because there is only one setting for both. If I were to get an important call from my family or work, I wouldn't know until I remember to check my phone after the fact, which could be too late. What about people who work on call and need to sleep but be ready to work if the phone rings. They cant get rest if every alert is waking them up. Please fix this and separate the ringer and alert volumes again!
+Matias Duarte Please tell us if there is a possibility of Google releasing a 64 GB or atleast, at the very least a 32 GB version of Nexus 4.??? It is the only thing that will keep me from getting this superphone that's been deprived of an microSD card slot :(
I think another reason why Google is losing the SD card, is getting rid of the headache called Microsoft, making so much money from Android manufacturers for using the FAT file system.
No SD card = no FAT = no MS royalties.

That is a big win in my book (even though I don't like MTP)
SD Cards - It's not confusing, and it's offensive that you assume your customers lack the necessary intellect to understand the concept.

Consistent UI - Love it, but hate the button placement on the Nexus 10. It would be better to have 3 options: left, right, and centered. That would please lefties, righties, and simpletons. ;)

Verizon/LTE - You guys dropped the ball on this one. Apple's iPhone 5 is proving that it's possible to have one device on multiple carriers while maintaining control of the software. I'm sure they have to meet different carrier requirements behind the scenes before they release updates, but they make it happen.

Fragmentation - Android is still a fragmented ecosystem, and it's enough to drive a person nuts. I would rather see a huge push to get all of your "partners" on level ground than see a new version of Android that will most likely never see the light of day on most devices.

Tablet Apps - I watched your video on The Verge, and I think that maybe you should pay certain developers to write tablets apps. You guys have to do something to level the playing field between Android tablets and the iPad. Releasing new hardware is not going to be enough to spur your ecosystem in the direction you want it to go. If hardware was the ticket, there would already be a plethora of great tablet apps for Android. As you know, this isn't the case.

Overall - I like the direction that Android software is headed, but I'm very unhappy that, as a Verizon customer, there is no telling when I'll get to reap the benefits.
Why do you want a phone with those amazing specs if you are going to fill up the memory in 3 days?
I can't understand it... please Google add an sdcard slot and then your Nexus 4 will be bought 3 or 4 times more!
Why the lack of LTE?
Hard to understand given the Galaxy Nexus has it.
One more thought on the UI: there is a ton of wasted space in the Nexus 10's navigation bar. Maybe you should combine the notification and navigation bars for large screens, but make it modular -- let your customers decide where they want their clock, buttons, and notifications. There should also be options for where the shades pull from on a large screen -- top, bottom, and sides would all work.

My favorite part about Android is having options, and you are taking that away from us.
Just include an SD card slot and no card, like the last phone I got, (new HTC Evo).  It has 16GB and runs like a Nexus device with shared storage for apps, data and media. No card, no user confusion by default.

But personally, I added my own card (64GB yee-ha) which I enjoy filling with Tivo-to-go recordings and carrying around certain files and portable Windows apps.
+Matias Duarte As a Nexus 7 user, I feel betrayed. I trusted your device when it was a complete mistery, buying it when it was released. I'm from Chile, so imagine how hard it was to get it.
And now, a couple of months later, you release one with the double amout of memory by the same price. 

Also, I understand everything you said about SD card. But why not make a 32GB one? Seems to me that you didn't learn with the Nexus 7. 8GB (which is actually less) seems a joke nowadays, and 16GB is not enough for people like me who like to carry only one device with all the music, photos, and content. I loved the Nexus 4 and wouldn't mind to pay $50 extra to get 16GB more, but please make it possible!
Sam Ng
Hi matias, quick question, I found the tablet ui for calendar and Gmail in particular to be much more useful than the phone one.
Would the ui change in the near future? Maybe allow the user to change the ui size? Like the custom rom paranoid android.

Just another quick one, does the android team check out the custom roms on the Web? Seems like the new quick settings menu is straight out of MIUI
Hi Matias, I live in Costa Rica and I am unable to buy Nexus devices through Google Play, what is Google's answer to a person like me who is willing to purchase the devices but are not available directly from Google in my country?
Matt R
we need to be looking at 64GB + 128GB for storage options on device. Anything less for a tablet, smartphone or android device in general is just insulting to the entire userbase.
I've got a gingerbread phone and jellybean tablet. I've never been confused about where the buttons and notifications are on either device. What's more important to me is that I can reach all the controls with my thumbs, which the new tablet standard doesn't allow, especially in landscape mode (on 10").

Google Music for Europe will be gratefully received, but is there a plan to create a podcast service in Google Play? Please?
E.J. Su
What happen when the people who get easily confused with external storage suddenly found their phone won't let them download another app, or take another photo because their 8GB was filled up in couple of weeks?
+Matias Duarte   With an answer like that, you sound like you may be the right candidate to replace Scott Forstall at Apple.  You insulted your audience in customer service speak both literally and by not being completely honest about your answer regarding SD cards. If you believe that your users can't understand external storage then do you believe that they can't understand widgets?  Perhaps those should be removed as well.  Everyone that I know understands micro sd (in fact many blackberry users coming to android bring their SD cards over! No computer or internet neeeded!) and yet I have to explain widgets to them.

Storage space is obviously a big deal to a lot of would be Nexus buyers.  The cloud is great for backup and on occasion but it pales in comparison to fast on board storage and fast and removable micro SD.  For example, when traveling on a plane or underground on the subway the cloud is useless.  When traveling, why should I have to spend money on the ridiculous mark up of hotel wifi or oversaturated and not always available or secure free wifi spots to access my own data?  What happens when it's just not available as in many areas in the East coast currently due to the hurricane? When I'm on vacation why can't I take the micro sd out of my superior camera and pop it directly into my phone or tablet for some picture editing or sharing without a pc?  Now that is paleolithic.  

Regarding that, the non removable battery brings the same concern. There are lots of places without power on the East coast right now that may not see power in a week with little to no way of recharging their phones during a public emergency.  Samsung has proven that one can have a slim and hand friendly design and still keep a micro sd and good capacity removable battery.  They (as well as ASUS) have shown that android handles micro sd just fine and isn't confusing.  

A uniform experience is great but the tablet ui wasn't broken to begin with.  In fact while it's gotten better for the most part from Honeycomb until Jellybean there is something that I would like for you to look back into which is the widget menu.  In honeycomb, choosing and placing widgets was a superior experience to what ICS brought by integrating them into the app drawer.  It was slick and intuitive. If combined with the way Jellybean reorganizes widgets, it would be a killer combo.  The buttons in the middle of a 10inch tablet sound like a terrible idea.  They were fine being easily reachable on the left.  

Your users should have the options and that is what I think most people are debating for.  Right now your users are stuck between a Nexus for quick updates that is rapidly becoming an iphone/palm pre clone, or  3rd party android based device which will have features but may never get an update.  (See Motorola for example)
Can the Nexus 10 use USB stick via USB OTG Cable WITHOUT using an extra App like the Nexus 7? Why can other Android Devices do that (Asus Transformer...) and the Nexus not?
Navigation bar in landscape mode is difficult to get there atleast unification of UI is a great thing.
+Matias Duarte What made you pick the Tron-esque design for Android? Although I appreciate how much nicer Android is to use now, for many this look has just compounded the view that 'Android is an OS for computer geeks' opinion held by many non-Android users.
The Nexus 4, why is it so damn cool?
+Matias Duarte  I think you moved one step closer to being Apple by restricting users to get stuck with internal memory. Even my grand mother can use an internal microSD on a digital camera which frankly has been there for few decades now. I think it's a lame excuse to say that it's easier to manage the downloads and stuff on one memory location because frankly you should have worked on better memory management for downloads rather than restricting your users to live with internal memory. 

But I suppose it's a way of making the carriers feel happy as their pockets will get a little full with the so called usage of cloud and hence the users have to suffer paying for accessing files from cloud. 

Too many users use tablets for the purpose of being on the go and it doesn't fit well to use the cloud services for lack of roaming or lack of wifi. An expandable memory card is no rocket science. I will wait for the Nexus release. Hopefully someone is hearing. And yes I am an ex-googler and utterly dissatisfied with this lame logic.
Please +Matias Duarte , please, me and so many more people beg you to give us 32/64GB variants. I personally need it, I cannot use the cloud in a place that doesn't get any good signal or 3G speeds (my town) when I'm not in the city, for example. I LOVE the Nexus 4 and I WILL pay for 32 or 64GB. If you don't want to give us sd card slots, that's okay, but then you should give the users more storage options, as 16GB is EXTREMELY limited nowadays.

I won't buy the 16GB.

Thank you Matias, I really hope you, and the rest of Google/Android team understand us and not only on the Nexus 4 but also on the future Nexus phones, we get bigger storage options.
i just also want to chip in what many others here already are saying, if Google is so against MicroSD cards ok thats then fine, but then bring just as Apple does (it really pains me to say this) 32 and 64GB version of any nexus device...
Why just don't do that? its beyond me, i can't just understand that. You miss a lot of sales because of this, just a small circle around me, i have 3 or 4 persons who would buy the Nexus 4 in a heartbeat when there where 32/64GB versions.. Now, including my self, not 1 will be bought.

If it is sooo confusing to have a microsd then ask your self, are really that many peole including me confused about there microsd cards in there phones that do support it? Am i confused with the 64GB card? Is my girlfriend confused? No we aren't

The microsd is used as many here already mention as a secondary HDD (or better said SDD) i fill it with my MP3 collection and Video's. All other programs just use by default my internal memory, but my "external" data is just on my sdcard. There are some other programs that could have an option, like a offline maps (TomTom) application could ask where to really store the maps, because those i also would like on my MicroSD. Or for example TitaniumBackup that backs up to my microsd. But those are quite special. The nice thing is that i have space left on my normal internal flash memory because i dont need to use that for my big other data files.

Cloud is not an option, if i am in the plane i don't have any connection, if i am not in my home country and i would use the cloud i would be broke when i got home because of the data usage. And in my home country i have only 200MB on data on my mobile contract (its getting more and more expensive and we get less and less!!, it was 10 euro for quite unlimitted but now it is more like 15 euro for 200MB)
So dont tell me to use the cloud, i do use it for small stuff but video, music that kind of stuff is just a big no go for me.

I would just stress this, please Google, please give us choice, no sd card? ok fine, then up to 64GB versions, i don't mind paying between 500 - 600 euro for a 64GB nexus 4, you have my as a customer right away.
Ouch. Burned by an ex Google employee...
Loved you with webOS, love you here.  Thanks for everything, and keep up the good work!
I'd love to know more about the direction that intents are taking. Originally, they were a sort of fusion of the way POSIX views signals and the way HTTP views connections, immediately extending the metaphor of "address a thing without knowing its internals" of HTTP into the in-device state of IPC. This was one of the crowning insights of Android, but it seems as if the user experience has muddied the waters in 4.x and now intents are a much more complex, much more ambiguous metaphor.

What's your thoughts on the state and future of intents?
+Matias Duarte I can understand your answer on SD missing stuff and I can live with that.... but then you have to release a Nexus 4 with at least 32GB of internal storage.
8/16GB are outdated nowadays, we are in 2013 by now and with all huge games and videos in hd resolution 16GB are simply not enough.

Any eta for a 32GB version of Nexus 5?
First of all: 8GB for little users, 16gb for normal ones, and forcing carriers to think about dataplans: ballsy, but smart. I have a 6GB plan and it fits.

Second: HSPA+DC is more than enough.

Thirdly, the question: Why the full-screen "alternate notification" screen instead of the LG/Samsung/CyanogenMod approach of having a series of buttons at the top of the notification zone when the NotifZone is deployed? I'm curious.

Keep up the good work +Matias Duarte. I'm sorry for the haters.
+Matias Duarte Maybe a Nexus without SD slot is simpler for some users, but it also limits the space users can use, the capability of increasing their space later. Google was should never be Apple that treat customers like idiots. Google should give customer more choices. Another bad thing is there is no removable battery, again, it's a stupid shortcoming learnt from evil Apple. Do Not Evil, google. :) 
+Matias Duarte - I've heard too many complaints about the Jelly Bean "once/always ” UI, but after trying it, I find that I really like the JB UI.

Of the UI changes in 4.2, are three any that you think will be disconcerting at first, until we get used to them?
+Matias Duarte  Design principles at design guide for android developers ( said:

"Let me make it mine

People love to add personal touches because it helps them feel at home and in control. Provide sensible, beautiful defaults, but also consider fun, optional customizations that don't hinder primary tasks."

In my opinion, tablet ui (Android 3.0) or bigger phone ui (Android 4.2, nexus 10) should be an user option.

I think the UI still is a little to inconsistent. Square, sharp edges and old looking popups compared to the nice and "antialiased" rounded folders on the homescreen (for example). And the colours, somewhat brown and shades of grey?
I think it needs an overhaul...;-).
Here is a question you people will love.

When will we be able to actually sync data across devices? (ex. Angry Birds progress).

Now with 4 7 10... It's needed more than ever!
+Jason Matsoukas I believe that, technically, that is already possible: but it is up to developers to actually take advantage of it.
+Matias Duarte great job on the new Nexus devices/portfolio! Everything looks great! I'll be buying the Nexus 4 and passing down my trusty Galaxy Nexus to another member of my family. The Nexus 10 looks mighty tempting too!

I must admit though, I was (or am) a bit worried about the "new" tablet UI. Thanks for explaining the reasoning behind the decision. I will hold my judgement until I get to play around with the new UI but I really liked the way the tablet UI tried to maximize the use of the extra screen real estate. It was a differentiating factor for Android.

I did a little experiment last night by trying to reach the middle portion of the bottom bar on my Prime while holding it in landscape with both hands. I found it hard but that doesn't mean it'll actually be that way. It worries me a bit but I'm hopeful it will be fine. You and your team have definitely gained the benefit of the doubt. Also, the way the expandable notifications work right now in my Prime isn't as sweet as in my phone so I'm hoping it'll be better with the new UI.

I was also worried about wasting screen space with the dock.  I'm guessing that since the Nexus 10 has such an incredibly high screen resolution it won't feel as if the dock is "wasting" screen real estate. Was that one of the reasons for including such a high resolution display? 

as always, thanks!
Admitting to not reading any of the hundreds of comments posted before!

1) Will the Nexus program extend to others, such as Sony (sucker for their hardware design) in the future? What does it really take for a vendor to be selected and partner on a Nexus device?

2) How much time is put into UI design and testing?

3) How do you encourage developers to update apps to follow Holo design guidelines? Are there incentives to do so so the entire user experience from Google Apps to 3rd party ones is consistent? 

4) How can I be a beta tester of hardware and software? :) 
+Renaud Lepage I will try to answer your third question. +Android Police theorized that the reason behind that was that the way quick controls are handled in custom skins is not aligned with ICS/JB design language.  Mainly the fact that those quick controls/toggles require you to swipe the bar sideways in order to see more toggles and in ICS/JB swiping sideways is used to clear away stuff (as in notifications or emails messages in the new gmail). The way they implemented the quick controls looks nicer and fits with the design language of ICS/JB.

is that correct +Matias Duarte ?
With the phone UI on Nexus 10 - you lose 400000 pixels just for 3 buttons that are placed in a stop that is hardest to reach while holding the tablet. :|

ALSO: Consider adding a stylus like the one in Note 10.1. With it the tablet becomes an ideal tool for schools, lectures and workplaces.
+Matias Duarte Until I own a device of my own I'm not really sure of a good design question to ask you. Do you think you might be able to do this AMA again when the Nexus devices are available to the public? Thanks!
+Matias Duarte I have a suggestion that might be useful. I really enjoy the minimalist approach Google is taking, and while I love the new clock design I think it might be easier to see what time it is if the clock had a number, you read it correctly not numbers just a number, for example let's say that it's 4:00 so for the period of 4 o'clock (meaning from 4:00-4:59) the number 4 pops up in red or cyan blue on the clock and when that period ended and the clock started to show 5:00 the number 4 vanishes and the number 5 starts to show. I believe it might be easier to read the clock that way.
No SD cards on Nexus devices is wrong. All this "Too confusing, You're storing it wrong," is all smoke. The REAL reason is m$ owns FAT32! Try making a new universally accepted filesystem. Good luck! Just don't lie to me. Pay mickey$oft and be done with it. (childish names intentional) GS3 owner and tracking 32g N7.
Google is missing the boat on not including sd slots and replaceable batteries. Also, LTE needs to be on cutting edge phones at this point. I was planning on getting both the 4 and the 10, but after reviewing the specs, I will not. The pure google experience is enjoyable, but not being able to back up data to my sd and keep a large media library also and not being able to replace my battery on long days without charging is a deal breaker. I do enjoy your products for the most part.
Hi +Matias Duarte is it possible or do you have any plans to incorporate users personal(if shared) photo sphere imagery with existing street view imagery on Google maps? This way allowing for further street view imagery in places your cameras haven't been too.

Good work on the nexus 4 btw, cant wait to get one.
+Matias Duarte I like design of Nexus 4 but is 8GB and 16GB from the paleolithic era of computing? I think it should be 32 or 64GB, or you should give more space in Google Drive for Nexus users.
It is hard for me to go with the current Nexus 4 lineup (8 or 16GB). Especially, while considering that a potential Nexus 4 with 32GB could be around the corner. From a price stand point, the N4 is a serious deal, but with so much power it would feel like a disposable phone once out of space. It has become a constant annoyance deciding what device to choose when installing a game. My N7 8GB offers a great game experience but falls short to my GNex 16GB.
oh thats cool, i wonder that Google  could send me nexus 4 as gift.
+Matias Duarte I can see how the cloud for many is all about providing online storage and streaming comtents, which IMO is just a really marginal aspect of cloud, I love the great work done with Google Now, are you still working on providing more dynamic application of this wonderful technology?
Also I think G+ has grown past its infancy, are you going to "merge" it more deeply inside Android? For example, why the messenger tool while there's GTalk, which is also the chat for G+ inside Chrome? Or why is it not possible to transfer a video from G+ directly to YouTube, instead you've to upload from the gallery (more data transfer)?
By the way, Joshua has been really mean ... about plastic... and the inductive charger ... and glass.... you've an impressive self control :-)
+Matias Duarte 
I don't really agree with what you say about SD cards confusing users as the SD card is optional, if you're going to use one you should know what to expect. Phones, cameras and other electronic devices have used removable media for aeons with no dire consequences.

There are users out there that would love Nexus phones that require large amounts of storage space not in the cloud - I am one of these users.

I am a huge AOSP fan but I can't spend money on a Nexus device when my local storage limit is a pathetic 16GB so I end up having to compromise software and use a device such as the i9300 instead (which is a great phone, don't get me wrong). 

Cloud storage isn't a true alternative for me, nor a service I wish to use. I purchase a lot of music CDs and rip in high quality losless formats to be played through my phone. Music is an important part of my life and my Android phone serves as my primary media player and with local storage restrictions as poor as they in the Nexus lines of phones I'm afraid I will never own another, as badly as I want to.

So my request to the Android team is to either include Micro SD card slots in the Nexus line, or release models with larger amounts of storage, 32GB and 64GB would be ideal. 

Local storage restrictions is the only downfall of the Nexus line of phones.
why nexus 10  don't have quad core ??
when its will be available  in Palestine ?
+Matias Duarte - I've been in computers since the early 80's and even then used multiple different storage devices.  Millions of users of PC's all over and even Macs have more than one drive in their systems.  Even some of their Laptops have multiple drives.  The plain and simple fact that you refuse to put in SD Card capability basically shows ignorance on Google's part if you think it's so complicated.  Because it is farthest from the truth there.

Average users even on PC's typically have at least two drives.  Even have more than one Media drive on some.  So I do not accept the answer as to why you do not do it as being too complicated for anyone.  Heck, the devices even ask and tell you where things are stored at.  My GS3 did on several occasions.  Once it knows, it never asks again.  Media Apps also are the same way, so it's not complicated.

This is why I'll never buy a Nexus device from Google.  Others that accept it will, that's fine, it is their choice.  But you are losing out on money by not doing it.  It's as simple on Tablets as putting the slot on the side of the device with a little door to seal it up once it's in.  A lot of Tablets I've seen with this option, so how is it complicated again? Hmmm.... Seems Google is more like Apple in this regard.
Hi Mr. Duarte, I know that i may just be another fan to you and you probably won't even read this but i have some positive feedback and one solid point of (not negative)but not quite positive feedback. And(roid) as the huge fan that I am it would mean more than the world to me if you would email me. I have questions and feedback, but only the real true Matias Duarte can answer my questions. I also had knee surgery and it is hard to walk so i can rest and message you as well. Please respond soon,

Adam Goldberg.
Phones are used upside down.  Because the USB/headphone jack is on the bottom now, and when I'm in the car I put the phone in the cup holder.  But I don't want to bend the cords, so now the phone is upside down.
+Matias Duarte I use the Android OS because I DON'T want it to be like Apple. I don't want to be locked into choices and I don't want things forced upon me. You are doing exactly that with the Nexus line and that is a poor call in my opinion. I was a proud owner of a G1 and a G2. I love the clean UI with zero bloatware, they could do everything I wanted them to. If you take away SD cards, lock in the batteries, how are you different than any other Apple clone? The mere fact that you say SD cards can be complicated is insulting and you're going to lose popularity with your fans that helped you get started in the first place. Not all of us have data connections all the time for cloud services. As long as this trend continues I will never ever buy another Nexus device. We want different, we want to control our own experiences. Samsung will get my business for the foreseeable future. 
Hey, I have a very simple question. Why is the headphone jack at the top again ? I think putting it on the bottom was just an amazing, amazing user experience choice. I don't understand why its at the top again. Really frustrates me, I want to buy the phone but thats one thing holding me back. 

No LTE and no sd card and all that makes sense to me. I actually had the same thought process about those things but the headphone jack at the bottom makes no sense!
Having external storage is the reason I don't have a nexus. Although the lack of updates is making me think twice, external storage is a huge issue
Why is the Nexus line made up of mid-range products?  Why can't we have a flagship device and pure google experience at the same time?
I really would like to get another Nexus phone but Google sure is making it hard.  I understand the whole CDMA problem and the Verizon problem, but does that mean you should ignore an entire market segment?  Verizon's LTE spectrum license mandates that they must accept devices which will work within the technical specifications without prejudice so why not make an open LTE Nexus?

Furthermore, offering microscopic storage on a phone without a micro SD card slot is just baffling.  Who is making these poor decisions?  Are you really wanting the world to move to iOS?  At least Apple can figure out how to offer LTE and the storage people want!  By the way, I am NO Apple fan at all, but in some ways they sure do have more logic than the people setting the specification for the Nexus line.

So let me spell it out clearly. Either:
1. LTE with meager storage with and SD slot, or
2. LTE with 32GB and 64GB internal storage options.

An I did read your very recent answer about the lack of SD card slot.  If you really want to do that then STOP MAKING PHONES WITH SUCH SMALL INTERNAL STORAGE!!!  The Nexus could be such a huge line of phones if you all would stop the poor decision making!
+Matias Duarte  Hey man
i think people are all commenting , like me, not because we hate the product and ungrateful for the amazing price.
But.... you know... its because we care.
Two options
Have 8/16/32/64 options ready and line them up with $50 difference
Give us SD card

We are willing to pay more for it,

If FAT is the microSD problem (Microsoft -- though B&N beat them), format the microSD with ext4 and share it by MTP. If people actually want to pull the card and stick it into a laptop, offer a ext4 driver for Windows (OSX no issue).

At least this gets you off your/Apple reputation of milking people $50 for every < $10 8GB nand SKU.
Ivan P
+Matias Duarte Your answer about the SD cards is really unsatisfying.  You'd have a point if the galaxy nexus 4 came in 32 gigs and 64 gigs, but 8 and 16 gigs is laugahble.
+Matias Duarte 
I currently have 8GB +a 16GB SD card. Both volumes are filled 85-95%. I could delete all of my pictures and videos as I have uploaded them to the cloud, I could delete all of my mp3 files, since Google music will be available in Germany in two weeks (Yay!). But when I'm at a party after a long day and I want to play music from my phone or show some photos from my last holiday to my friends, I will have to run my battery down with 3G.

When there is only Edge or 2g in that location - I will be screwed.

When there is no connection due to a large building - I'm screwed.

When my data plan is at its limit - I'm screwed.

When I want to access any of that in my holiday while abroad or in airplane mode on the plane - I'm screwed.

That is just too many flaws.
Even if I deleted the mentioned, I will be at 12-14GB of data on my 16GB nexus 4. Gee, what a great incentive to go on a shopping spree on the play store. Why not just offer additional choices 32/64GB?

Why not make these Nexus 4 8/16 GB for the technically illiterate person you described before and then add Nexus 4SD with an SD card slot for people who know exactly what benefits and bargains an external storage can have.
There is this other big company that likes to tell their customers what is good for them - how to hold a phone for example - but are you seriously planning on going that route as well?
+Gary Graf ? What is mid-range about the Nexus 4? Besides the small amount of storage space this device is a Beast that no competitor can match.
What is mid-range about the Nexus10? It has the most amazing specs of all ARM tablets.
This might have previously been asked but Ill go ahead anyways...Are there plans to extend the android ux philosophy(clean, minimalism) to the mobile play store's home screen page?
I like the direction that you guys are taking with the ui but the exclusion of an sd card slot is a major turn off 
Amazing how much time we spend writing up all our thoughts that might never get read by the people who matter.

Anyway here I go:

Whats Great in 4.2 and new Nexus:
1.) Android
2.) Great technology in the Nexus line and good selection of partners
2.) Love the new tablet UI and agree it will bring good consistency to the platform. Much needed. And appreciate that you had the guts to change when its needed.
3.) Multi user and Mirracast support is awesome! Hoep you get the legal issues out of the way and allow muti users in your mobiles as well. Why not just buy Nokia or at least their patents :-)
4.) All the other small little bells and whistles. The Imaging options added is very nice.

Future opportunities:
1.) No true multitasking like on Galaxy Note. Should be easy to implement with your new UI. Could drag apps from dock to launch while keeping various split screen layouts in the Softkey bar. Also maybe a desktop mode.So much better use of the large screens.
2.) Productivity Apps.Its very hard to say no to Windows RT with MS Office. A True MS Office alternative is overdue. Still no great video editor
3.) I understand the complexity of Sd Card but this has always been and still is the deal breaker for me on Nexus products. At least acknowledge that some users need more than 32Gb storage.
4.) Not all regions have cool Google play options like Google Music or movies. We have to keep everything locally on the device. So either SD card or same Google Play options internationally like in US. Later would be my preferred option.
4.) Still on the subject of content. The File Manager and general folder structure in Android is very complex and most of the questions I get from new users is where to find what and how to navigate this. Legacy of its Linux inheritance? Why not place all unnecessary system and app folders and files in a single Android folder. With the only other folders being for Media or my own. I think Asus dis a cool job of this.
5.) Android Beam. Large file support over wifi direct. It is amazing to use!! Please make it standard.
6.) Must admit I like that all the application settings are under settings in iOS instead of randomly somewhere in each app.But each to his own here.
7.) Deep Google Drive integration. Store and sync application settings, photos etc..
8.) All those Google account sync options. OMG! For photos we have Google Photo, Picassa and Instant Upload. For bookmarks Internet and Chrome (When its installed). Surely this should be simpler. There are 100s of blogs of people trying to get rid of duplicate Picassa photos in their gallery. Simple stuff that makes Android sometimes look really unpolished.

What happened to:
1.) Still not seeing Android TV show up somewhere. Make it a app or maybe launch the interface when its docked into a TV dock of some description?

Looking forward to see Android become a full blown rival to Microsoft Windows. With compute power in these devices growing so fast its easy to envision a single device in my pocket that could be my desktop, tv set top or console with all the productivity options I need at home and the enterprise. Just enable us to use all that power.
+Matias Duarte Please give us either a 32/64gb option or an SD card. The phone has these amazing specs, making it a multimedia beast, until you realize how limited your space is. You're limiting us to a game or 2, a HD Movie and a handful of Apps, and that's on the 16GB version. Add music and a host of other content and you're effectively screwed.

I understand that google wishes to push more towards cloud as well, but in Australia it's just not possible with our slower speeds and much much smaller data allowances. I get 1.5GB of data here in Aus, something I can easily hit with browsing and rather low quality radio streaming at ~an hour a day. It's really not much.

I have a Galaxy Nexus right now, I love everything about it except the space. Please give us more space, it's the only reason I'm hesitant about purchasing the new nexus.
Hey, thanks for your hard work on Android and the Nexus devices. I have only two questions: Will there be a N4 with at least 32 GB memory (and hopefully 64 GB)? If yes, when do you plan to release that? Buying the 16 GB N4 sadly is no option for me...
+Matias Duarte I have tremendous respect for you and the whole Android team. However, your Apple-like insistence on usability at all costs and the belief that your customers are too stupid to understand basic computing concepts is insulting and offensive.

This kind of attitude is especially arrogant in light of the success devices with external storage have had and continue to have, such as the Galaxy S III.  External storage should be an option available to power users and I'll gladly use an inferior device if that's what it takes.

Putting aside the price gouging, there are glaring flaws with MTP that you absolutely must address if you insist on sticking with it:

If I create or delete a file in Android, then plug my phone into my Windows PC, Windows often doesn't know anything's changed.  It recognizes that the amount of available storage has changed, but the presence of the files (or lack thereof) doesn't change.  The presence of pictures and videos is always updated, but other things often aren't.  Perhaps this is an app developer issue, but it doesn't really matter to me - it simply must be fixed somehow.  Files that exist should be visible.  Files that don't exist shouldn't be visible.  Period.

If I copy a file from location A to location B via Windows, Windows creates a copy of it in location B and then deletes the file from location A. For large transfers, this can take hours.  Think about trying to organize a large music collection.  I don't know how this can possibly be fixed, but it needs to be.

Windows asks me every damn time I want to transfer a file via MTP if I'm SURE I want to do it.  Every time.  Every. Single. Time.  I've heard this hasn't been addressed in Windows 8 either. Send them a check if need be, but this must be fixed.

As an enthusiast I often have need for direct file system access without mediation from Android's MTP system.  Please find a way to provide this, even if it means making my device inoperable for the duration.

Why not just cut the bullshit and admit that the SD slot has nothing to do with convenience or usability and everything to do with profitability?  Could you just be honest?
I just wish those(including me) who bought the GNEX when it was 399 on the play store get $50 bucks credit because I bought it when it was 399 and then like, a few days later it went to 350...WHY!?
Will Quickoffice be pre-installed on the Nexus 10 as the Google Drive spreadsheet native app needs help? 
Ok guys this is insane. You guys really need to just shut up and stop asking the same questions. There will never be a SD card slot in a Nexus phone so please stop asking that question. Stop asking if it will come to a CDMA carrier because he can't answer that. Stop asking about LTE because you think he already knows that? Guys ask about design. I am just tired of all you people whining like a baby about this. Also you should all read this and just STFU:
"Everybody likes the idea of having an SD card, but in reality it's just confusing for users." - very applesque smartassness
I get your reasoning for not including SD card support on nexus phones. But my thing is that I have to many photos, movies, & music to be limited to just 16gb of storage. Then there's cell phone companies putting caps on our data. No one wants to upload all there content to a cloud or even stream it all the time. Bring back SD card support. Add automatic loading to SD for all downloads & photos. Or add the option in during setup of the phone so ppl can choose where they want content to be. Would love to buy a nexus phone, but will not as long as I can not expand the memory with SD card!!!! 
Please, don't use the word "magic"... another man in the past used that stupid word.
I guess the phone-style UI is to encourage us to install CyanogenMod, and the lack of SD support is to promote competition from Chinese labels like Ainol?
+Matias Duarte For the most part, you're getting the same gripes and requests repeatedly. I would love to see you answer the harder questions, and not just those that you have neatly-wrapped, P.R.-approved answers for. Here I thought that we would get to interact with a Google exec and get real answers to real questions. I suppose I was naive for thinking a corporate big wig could be direct and honest.

Please, ease my frustrations and address the issues that are being repeatedly brought to light.
If we can choose our volume options . Why can I not pre order a 32 or 64gb Nexus 4 or 64gb nexus 10 to replace my I devices 
+Matias Duarte So you are saying that developers shouldn't create specific tablet apps to provide the same consistency as phone apps?

Just to clarify I really admire your work and experience but right now I feel so frustrated by the remove of the tablet UI... Let us choose, we are the users a tablet is a tablet not a big phone...
I wish the Nexus 4 would have been called 5. Would have made the naming system easy to describe.
+Chris Bundy but it's easy: Nexus 4 have a 4.7 inch screen and it's the *4*th Nexus Device.
+Dave Bernstien User testing is usually what leads user experience choices, not invalidated assumptions. It's rough to hit a market as broad as "everyone" and make the speckled high-tech-savvy users happy as well. It's a mass media device.
Good day! If you think Micro SD old technology and do not put in new machines, why do you then Limits maximum 16GB phones? I have a phone with a 32 GB card and I was left with only 1 GB free. And where do I do with 13 GB of information from the phone if I buy a new Nexus?
Why in Italy fuctions of google now are not available? this is very sad ... and then released the update to 4.2 for Nexus S? When? Thanks
SD cards are not confusing and people are not stupid. We use sd cards in phones, cameras, external hard drive and all. We are used to it, it gives us more flexibility. Stop mimicking the iphone model. At least with the iphone you get up to 64 gb of storage. The cloud? It is good when it works, which is less than half of the time.
+Matias Duarte Are you guys going to release the Nexus 10 type like cover for nexus 7? i like the new cover for nexus 10. Hope i can get it for my nexus 7
Matias Duarte: "users don’t need to learn how to use their tablet a new way" so why you change layout from hc/ics/jb to 4.2 ??

+Matias Duarte if new layout will be not "optional" you have to FIX to : "users NEED to learn how to use their tablet a new way"  :-( :-(
Sorry, but users who aren't complete idiots can figure out how SD cards work. That explanation is nonsense. Some of us don't want to pay the ridiculous prices manufacturers charge for extra storage. Not that it matters, since there is never a model of high enough capacity to offset the loss of the ability to swap cards.

And don't start in on that Cloud nonsense. When I can buy a Nexus phone with an LTE radio that works on my unlimited data plan with Sprint there might be a case for cloud-based apps and media, but until then 3G data won't cut it.

I was excited for the new Nexus phone before I saw the specifications. I really want Android without TouchWiz/Sense/whatever other garbage the manufacturers foist on the end user, but there's no way I can live with the garbage LG and Google have produced. I will end up with a rooted Galaxy SIII running the latest version of Cyanogenmod, and that's a shame. Still, it's preferable to a handset that has been intentionally crippled in multiple ways.

Oh, and by the way since we know that the Nexus 4 uses the MDM9615 baseband, which supports CDMA/LTE, the only reason it doesn't have LTE is because Google doesn't feel like producing variant phones.
+Matias Duarte Why did you choose glass for the backside of the Nexus 4? I dropped my GN quite a couple of times on hard ground and besides a few scratches nothing really happened. So I'm really worried if the new Nexus 4 can withstand such harsh but real life conditions? Thank you in advance.
The SINGLE reason I am not buying one is the lack of an SD-slot.  Ever thought of the thousands of people that need mass storage because they cannot keep their stuff in the cloud due to everyday roaming (germany/belgium/luxembourg/france)?
For me it is the same. Nice device but I will not buy it due to lack of storage. 8 GB storage in 2012 is a joke, this isn't even enough room for my MP3 collection. 16 GB would be just ok now, but I want to use this device for at least two, maybe three years. Why should I buy something which is borderline enough now and has no possibility to upgrade later?
+Matias Duarte , What plans do you have for countries like Uganda! I badly want to buy Nexus 4 & 7 but i cant find where to buy them! These are products with great value for money. 
As for the SD Cards, i don't mind so long as it 16GB & above!-But what am not happy with is lack of main Camera on Nexus 7 (3G)! You real need to study what people are using these devices for! Thank you
Will exfat Support ever come?
+Matias Duarte 
There are reasons that I've always opted for Android over other phones.  With the removal of the SD card slot, one of the biggest reasons disappeared.  I would love to see this phone with an SD card or at least 64GB of internal space (preferably both).  Cloud streaming is great, but I've found that I often just don't have a good enough signal to do it effectively.  Buffering kills the user experience way worse than dealing with an SD card.

SD cards are cheap, large, and swappable.  Not only that, but SD cards are a choice.  Unlike other phones, Android has always been about giving users choices.  If users don't understand how to use an SD card, they can choose not to use one.

Best of luck on the launch of your new phone.  I'll still be holding out hope that the next Nexus phone will be a better fit for my needs.
I find 7" tablets too small and 10" tablets too big.
Is 8.5" something considered for the next +Nexus line?
Why there is no 3g option for the Nexus 10? Why again?
Agreed.  I would LOVE to buy a Nexus device and based on the rumors of there being several devices from various manufacturers, I was under the impression that I'd fine one that would fit my needs.  However, it looks like the multi-manufacturer rumor was just a rumor and I can't see myself buying a 16GB ONLY device.  I own a 32GB GS3 and a 32GB memory card.  I could deal with a 16GB only Nexus device IF and ONLY IF it had a memory card.  I'd pay an extra $10-$25 to have a memory card slot.  I don't think that users are confused with Nexus devices; the ones that buy Nexus devices are tech-savvy. They know where their pictures, movies, etc. are saved.  They know their way around a phone, plus that's what they make user guides for.  By default, the GS3 suggests that you save your pictures and movies to your memory card.  That same idea could be on the Nexus devices.  Design one for the Play store (with a memory card) and if one is sold by carriers (i.e. T-Mobile), maybe they get the one that doesn't have a memory card since the more average consumer may end up with one vs the more tech-savvy consumers.

Nevertheless, I'd prefer a Nexus device with a memory card slot, a high end camera that's centered on the back (not to the left or to the right), and the charging slot at the bottom (center).  I like having choices vs having someone making my decisions for me.  That's why I've stayed away from Apple.  I don't like it when someone says "I know what you SAY you like/want, but we KNOW what you like/want better than you do."  Give me a memory card slot and let me choose where everything goes.  I like knowing that if I change phones that if my stuff is saved on my memory card, it's easier to get back up and running again.  Choices are what sets Android apart from others!  Let's not take our choices Google.  Let me, the consumer decide.  Until I get a memory card and a centered camera, I guess I will be sticking with Samsung for the near future (unless HTC figures out how to center their cameras and add memory cards).  The same goes for the tablets.  I can't deal with a hard cap on available space, so no Nexus Tablet for me.  With my laptop at home, I can at least plus up an external storage device if I need it.  I want to have external options for my phone as well.
Please add Cardreaders to the next devices. Or have them also available with enough affordable memory. The Nexus 4 with 16gb is not usefull. I've tryed now with the Nexus 7 and there I've always to delete files and apps. :( And I don't have always fast Network available to use the "Cloud".
A long paragraph about researching UI and where to put the buttons. Great, I actually agree with you.

But maybe you should have done some research into how much storage people would like on the phone? As a proud owner of a GNex I must say I'm sick of constantly having to remove apps and files just because 16GB just isn't enough. So I will not be buying the new Nexus.

The whole point of the no SD rule was to also get rid of the whole apps to SD problem and Android phones constantly running out of internal memory. Now that that problem is gone, we have the same problem but simply because there is too little storage on the device and we can't add more.

If you guys come out with a 32GB version, I'll think about it. Right now I just don't see the need for having to micro manage the files on the phone for another year.

And stop lying about why there's no SD. 16GB and no SD is just a way to shove the cloud down our throats. It's very reminiscent of how Apple forced consumers and sites to use HTML5 by blocking Flash. Everyone knew that HTML5 was where we should be heading, but it's bad for consumers. It's the same with the cloud. We should be heading towards more and more cloud services, but with data caps, lack of net neutrality, bad coverage, lack of 4g, high cost of mobile data, lack of cloud services options, etc. We're not there yet and these choices are bad for consumers.
Simple question : why since the beginning of Android is the home screen still not able to rotate into horizontal mode ?
My Galaxy nexus car dock is suited for horizontal. Have you ever tried operating the phone in this situation ? Keep up the good work !
So disappointed with you guys, such a waste of a great opportunity. Just look at which phones are really selling good atm. S3 and iPhone. So what do you need? Storage, good camera and an acceptable battery life in a small/think/pocketable package.

I think it will sell because the price is so cheap, and Google is now a budget device maker/designer. But really, this could've been a hit. Just like the GNex: not enuf storage, horrible camera. It didn't sell very good. 9mm thick? Again, it'll sell because it will be cheap. But it'll be another one of those Android phones people buy because it's affordable but not because it's that great of a phone. And that leads to dissatisfaction and complaints and people switching to iPhones after a year.
+Matias Duarte: One aspect you need to consider in the SD / no SD discussion is that SD gives you a competitive advantage over Apple units, simply because it gives customers a choice - which they don't have when they buy Apple. Leave it to the customers to figure out the complexity, but leave them with a choice!
I reaky like the nexus series with the 3 amazing devices. You are realy on the right way! But I feel sad, because I bought the 16gb Nexus 7 on the first day and now google offers a 32gb version (and a 3g version). I have no problem with reducing the price after some days, this is good for the ecosystem, but why there was no 32gb version from the first day on? I think you could have imagine that there are some people out there, who wants a litle bit more storage. For me 16gb is ok, but I always would prefer and buy a 32gb version (and a 3g version). And I have no desire to sell my loved "old" device now to buy a new one with the equipment that I've always wanted from the first day on.

But what about the new Nexus 4? I realy want to switch from my Nexus S 16gb to the Nexus 4. But what about the storage? When I buy the 16gb version on the first day, will google sell a 32gb version a month later or in spring or later or never? Should I wait or should I buy.
You realy upset me with that policy!!

This is no good buying experience. When I buy on the first day and google will sell a 32gb version later I would feel real bad! I do not want to make 2 times the same error. But if I wait, maybe there will be no 32gb in the future...

I hope you can understand the confusion that google has done. Can you help :-)

Greetings from Berlin
While I do agree that a lot of people do not know where their files are stored when asked, all they really care about is where their pictures and movies are. The gallery and music players can all detect where their images, videos, and music are without user input. 

The only time I have found users not sure of where their data is stored is when it comes time to change phones or anything. Personally as a power user, I can find all this information easily and do their transfer for them. 

I honestly think that offering a 8GB device without SD card functionality is taking two steps back at this day and age. I understand if it was a 32GB and 64GB version but an 8 and 16GB? That is WAY too little. Performance takes a hit when its near capacity and I know a lot of people can fill that with their music alone. 

I also understand a lot of people use the cloud to store their pictures but many do not delete their photos and videos off their phones even after uploading to the cloud. I am guilty of this as well. My photos will be uploaded to Google+ but I won't delete it off my phone. Same with videos.

Music I have on Google Music but I still have about 400 songs on my device at all times so I don't have to stream since I'm on Sprint. I also have a ton of games on my device. I am on a Galaxy S3 with 32GB and a 32GB microSD. My device got filled to the max and I saw a huge performance decrease with Jelly Bean. 

I honestly think that unless there is a change with the way data is saved, there will always be a need to have expandable storage especially with an 8GB device. If Google + or Google Drive offered to TRANSFER pictures and videos to the cloud that would be much better. So upload then delete. 
+Matias Duarte Lame excuse for abolishment of SD card slots... Your concerns are mostly relevant for software developers, there is nothing too complicated for users. Every user should have a choice - you could simply default all settings to not using an SD card, but if the user wants to use it, he/she should be able to. I like changing my media between devices, either when it's full, when I want to quickly change the contents or when I don't have a cable available to connect the devices to copy data. Your decision about SD cards makes it much more complicated than it was before...
+Matias Duarte I have an idea for a feature on Android 5.0. An inbuilt screen recorder that could be used to make gaming videos and app review videos or just simply show something off to a friend.
+Cindy Bardalou I like your idea with supporting an USB host interface, also for further applications. But I think, using an USB drive, an adaptor (USB2µ-USB) and a smartphone could be quite circuitous (nevertheless it could be made possibe). I think, there could be nothing said against using the SD card interface in the same way as a USB drive. So you would have a compact device, that stores everything at an internal memory, but the user could copy, save or load most files to an external medium.
I'm really happy with those new products!

Google just wake up and said : Release the kraken!

I don't need LTE (in Venezuela we don't have that yet)

I don't need micro-sd, with 16gb is enough for me but if Google sell a 32gb version it would be great. (micro-sd means royalties to Micro$oft)

No removable battery.. Well 2100 mAh is not small.. And LG uses a new technology that increase capacity 20%

I'll buy Nexus 4 & 10.. Please bring accessories.

One more thing: when I upload a picture to Google maps for every photo picasa create an album. 1 pic = 1 album? That's crazy.. That means 20 pictures = 20 albums? Why not a single album called picasa or maps?


I just realized another frustration this morning.

Once I update all of my devices to 4.2, my XOOM will have the lame, gimped phone UI, too. Might as well stay on a 4.1.2 custom ROM for the remainder of the device's lifespan...
great new nexus hardware! but 8/16gb w/o sd card? it's just a joke. sure, no one needs sd cards, but then $400/$450 should buy a 32/64gb nexus4.
USB OTG should definitely be suppported out of the box (especially if no expandable memory slot is included - can not really grasp the design decisions around this)
The people want more storage! Hopefully we get a 32GB and 64GB edition. I understand wanting people to use your cloud services, but 8GB is no longer enough, especially with the size of today's apps and games. 16GB is really pushing it. Please listen to the people Google and give us either a microsd slot or more storage.
+Matias Duarte Fist of all thanks for the great work on the ICS+ Android UI. Very much enjoying my Nexus S and Nexus 7! I understand that the situation with LTE in the US is problematic at best but I'd like to know why you decided, with the Nexus 4, to not support the LTE bands that would cover the markets that do have open LTE-networks? Here in Sweden we've had LTE networks in operation since 2009 and currently have three networks with very good coverage, due to legislation requiring liberal and open competition all three networks are open to unlocked handsets. While the speed increase is neat, the true benefit of LTE in a country a bit bigger than California but with a population of only 9 million is the improved range and I'm a bit disappointed to see this lacking. Also: why u no 32GB? 
...iPhone 4s and 5 are available in a 64GB version. Why not the Nexus? Or at least with an SDCard Slot?
Matias cuando tendremos, Android 4.2 para los otros dispositivos Nexus ??? 
About SDCard.. you says "It’s just too complicated."

So.. you think Android User is stupid ? thanks, i'm very happy to read that..................
It's evil to not include SD card slot.
+Matias Duarte I'm a big Google/Nexus/Android fan.  Are these below statements true about Nexus 4?  If yes, what was the reason for this decision?  ...don't these seem to go against the core openness of Google and Android ecosystem?
1. Nexus 4 does not have a user-replaceable battery.
2. You cannot use a regular-sized SIM card.
3. You will need to use a special tool to access the phone's microSIM card slot.
1. MTP is crap and giving headache more it works. Even Sdcard is formatted in exfat and still cant transfer files bigger then 4GB, WHY?
2. If want to skip sd card slot, then release 32GB/64GB instead 8GB/16GB. We live in a New Century that media/apps/games comes in REALLY bigger sizes. How can fit in such small storage like 8GB/16GB and u dont really get 8/16GB space after turning the phone on. Real size is smaller then that!
@Matias Duarte Du Spinner unterstellst mir das ich dumm sei? Ich wüsste nicht wo ich was speichere oder sei zu dumm dazu? Hast deinen Schulabschluss im Lotto gewonnen oder warst du nur im Kindergarten? Kein wunder das dir deine Haare in dem alter ausgehen.
+Matias Duarte Oh, I think Nexus products DO need an external storage option because all other Android handset manufacturers provide one - even the budget LG-E400 has an external storage capacity! Perhaps Google should release two model versions i.e. one without external storage and one with! 

I'd also like to know why there aren't many outputs on the Nexus tablets? 

Thank you! 
Still a little miffed that I just bought 16gb (for me) and 8gb (for daughter's Xmas present) N7s in the last 4 weeks. And now the prices drop. Sure wish Google would offer some kind of commiseration rebate for recent buyers who can't return them to stores. :( 

Still ... I use my N7 every single day. It's indispensable. Google hit one out of the ballpark with this. 
TL;DR: This is a rant on External Storage, not even close to a question.

I really wish someone would have put some sort of external storage on the Nexus devices... I have never dealt with anyone who had this "confusion" issue you speak (specifically) of with the location of their personal items...

In relation (and the truth) however to the "confusion" you do speak of, I have had numerous people be confused by Androids unspeakably stupid way of dealing with mounts, IE mounting the internal memory as /sdcard... not only does it confuse users, it confuses developers as well! A rather important example is backup software that saves to /sdcard, and yet since InternalStorage/Memory is mounted as /sdcard, if the phone dies... YOUR SCREWED!

The above brings up my #1 gripe (here comes a repeat) with Android / Google and the Nexus series of devices, no External Memory, and when on devices with external memory, the /sdcard mount is a FAKE/FRAUD and is instead InternalMemory/Storage! The issue being here is again, repeating from above, backup's are stored in the wrong place, and if your phone takes a massive dump, you have no lose EVERYTHING that is not sync'd to the cloud (including pictures)!

Before someone says "oh just sync everything to the cloud!" I have the 10GB of internal storage (mounted with infinite stupidity as /sdcard) full, and my external 32GB MicroSD card full, if I where to grab a Nexus device, not only would I not have enough storage space for everything I store on my phone, Google is ignoring bandwidth limitations put into place by carrier's, 4GB for me here on AT&T for cellular data, and 150GB at home (which is shared with a 6 member family), meaning that if I want my HD movies, HQ music, and HD photo's on a Nexus device, I am SCREWED!

I love Android, don't plan to leave anytime soon, but I don't care for those who lead a privileged life with unlimited/unmetered bandwidth or don't use a device long enough to accumulate more then 8 or 16GB of data for storage and make rash decisions like no external storage and make terrible excuses as to why its not needed/included.
All I can say is that I've been disappointed with the lack of storage on my Galaxy Nexus. I love the dev community that works so hard on Nexus devices. I've been reading that SD is to complex for users is a real slap in the face. You know how ugly my Gnex looks with a OTG cable hanging from its bottem? It's got a rat tail just trying to keep up with the Vibrant that I replaced (when it comes to storage)...
Well guys it looks like its time for the Google Rat tail (OTG cable with micro SD card reader)... Talk about fugly!
+Matias Duarte Great work so far and my congratulations to your achievements! Nonetheless - a tablet is a tablet. Many companies have tried to ignore that, reduce costs and try to sell tablet PCs or tablet smartphones.
The current Honeycomb UI worked very well for me due to the easy reachable elements located in the corners.

I wanted Google to PROTECT me from stretched smartphone apps on my tablet - not morphing the tablet UI to another stretched smartphone app!

Please help me - don't drive me back to Apple or Microsoft! Thanks!
GERMAN USERS DON'T HAVE UNLIMITED MOBILE BANDWIDTH! I'm sorry, I love Google but this is ridicoules: you say that the average Androiduser is too dumb to understand where his/her files are saved and how to use a micro-sd card? Sorry guys, but why you must copy THIS from Apple? That dumb explanatory statement was copied 1:1 from Apple! :( Hey Google, users in Europe and specially Germany have only small data-rates (100MB - 3GB per month) until the speed is limited to 56k/16k! Downloading music, apps and videos with that speed IS NO FUN at all. We also have no open wifi-accesspoints spread over the cities, thanks to copyright-enforcementlaws. Put sd-slots in your phones, dammit! Else we will buy other phones and tablets, not yours.
After Nokia dropped support for Maemo/Meego I wanted to buy an Android device as my next phone because Android seemed like a good alternative. But now I find that Google is like Apple and don't gives the user the choice?
Yes, two different storage spaces are crap! I understand that! Why not make it more intelligent? Android is based on Linux. You have all possibilities with that! Create something like a JBOD LVM storage pool and make space dynamically extendable/resizeable. USE YOUR BRAIN! And don't call the users stupid because Google is to lazy to bring in some good ideas!
And if not that, at least give users some more space on your android "flagship" device (32GB+). We have 2012 almost 2013. My Nokia N900 is from 2009 and has 32GB of memory! What can I use this Quad-Core CPU/GPU monster for when the space for some games and other stuff is missing!? That's absurd!
Some things I really can't understand why Google is doing this:

No SD card (would be OK but JUST UP TO 16GB is a no go)
Placing the menu button somewhere in the app interface instead of at the lower right where it would just fit.
Not enabling the real tablet UI on the N7 and NOT EVEN ON THE N10!
(The last two could be fixed with custom ROMs, but I don't think the average user would flash one)
Does Google plan to release a Nexus 4 with 32 GB in future? Because I bought the Nexus 7 with 16 GB and now I need to sell it, just to get the Nexus 7 with 32 GB. Therefore I will lose about 70 € for being an early adopter. Usually we should benefit instead of getting an ass kick. Now I would buy the Nexus 4 with only 16 GB but I am afraid to get another ass kick in 2 month when Google releases the Nexus 4 with 32 GB for the same price ... You can be lucky that I fucking love Google stuff and Android. Would still use my Nexus One if that would have a real multi-touch panel... PLEASE RESPOND TO MY QUESTION!
Ditching Tablet UI (system bar I guess?) for consistency is not convincing. 4" screen and 10.1" screen is already making muscle memory invalid, how could I hold tablet with 2 hands (like some do on the phone) and reach the home button in landscape mode ?

Also that would mean you're supporting an app that works the same way accross the screen size ? I don't think so. Remember what is written in the design guide ? 

>When writing an app for Android, keep in mind that Android devices come in many different screen sizes and types. Make sure that your app consistently provides a balanced and aesthetically pleasing layout by adjusting its content to varying screen sizes and orientations.

When considering system bar as an app, you've failed to make the 'balanced and aesthetically pleasing layout' by put everything at the center and does not utilize the 800dp width of the screen. 

If you conducted the research on the usability already, I think you did it the wrong way :).

We don't need another iPad, you know. In the new 4.2 tablet UI it certainly looks like an iPad with 2 button on each side of Home button. A lot of people I know mod their iPad so they don't have to access the awkward-positioned home button. Why would you want this on your tablet.

Consistency is a good thing only when the thing is good. Consistency on the bad thing means that thing is consistently bad.

The only good thing this has introduced is to reduce the code-maintenance, which is only good for the developers, not for user.
I'm not happy about the movement of the system bar controls at all, it's the first thing I changed about my N7 and I think it's a poor decision. Control bottom left and notifications bottom right are much easier to use and less wasteful of screen real estate. Also, a huge black bar with three tiny buttons in the center looks childish, like a Fisher-price design ethos
Don't make the users pay for what Android lacks in intuitive ui. It's not Android's hardware that is confusing - it's the software! Why is that so hard to understand?
all are perfect, but as i say: allways black (or white) devices and there's a lot of colors who can help to be different than the rest of the market.

Ok I just read every comment and transcribed all the questions (about 1/3 of the comments by rough estimate).

Lemme get back to you...
Love you guys for making the awesome nexus family and the price... Martias were awesome in that video uploaded by the verge :)

I hate you more than anything for not launching the Nexus in India :@ WTF?
+Matias Duarte Gotta give you major props for actually reading all the comments, dude. I thought we might have scared you off. :)
Any words about audio latency on the nexus 4? I'm gonna buy it anyway but it would be nice if it is as low as on the galaxy nexus.
+Fredrik Löfman That's also something I'd like to know. As a musician, I hate seeing all of these cool music peripherals come out for iPads and iPhones, and apps that do things like control the sound console from the stage, only to get told by the companies that make them that "Android's low latency issues are to blame" and therefore it can't be done. Android should be THE platform for musicians, and Google needs to focus much more on making that happen, even if they have to work with a few companies like Yamaha (StageMix), PreSonus (QMix), DigiTech, Stompbox, etc.
Why do you think I'm so stupid to use an SD-Card?

Did you think about, people who whants a NEXUS brand, knows what a SD is? Think even further, May this people need an SD card?
Will there be a 32GB version of the Nexus 4?
No sd card and no lte. Google phone features are always a step behind.
The claim that users are confused by SD Cards seems disingenuous and leaves a bad taste. I would speculate the reasons are
1. Force people onto the cloud to get access to their files
2. Sell a couple of bucks of memory for  100 bucks
3. Planned obsolescence.

Control control control, we have Apple for that, meanwhile Samsung goes from strength to strength by giving the customer what they want, not telling them they are stupid and that this is what they actually want. No Sale.
It looks great but unfortunately the most magical part is the time stopping technology used to offer the same storage capacity that phones had 4 years ago.  Even the Nexus One could have up to 32GB.
+Matias Duarte Sorry a bit late to this thread. Pardon me if this is covered or already available.
1. Are there any plans to further differentiate the UI between tablets and phones?
2. Apps UI quality, Some of them are really slick and polish, some left much to be desired.  Are they any plans to encourage them to improve?
3. There is Voice Dial and Google Now.  Will there be unified voice interface like on Samsung?
I don't even understand what the whole storage problem is about. Spotify, Google Drive, Netflix, Plex, Google+ Instant Upload, etc. All of this is streamed and takes up no storage.
Ryan, all of that streamed and as such requires an active data connection which in turn affects battery consumtion. At locations where coverage is not 100% the stream will not be continous and the service in use will of course suffer. Things with importance of availability for you requires a persistent storage medium.
I were hoping alot for Nexus 4 and for me option of external storage in form of SD is too important to neglect so I think I might pass the Nexus 4 and wait for something better to appear.
Cloud storage is nice when you are at home with a good Wi-Fi connection, but it cannot beat sdcard storage at street. I need some minutes with my data connection to find, load and play a song. If I save the music in my sdcard I need just to tap in my music player to listen a song. With 16 GB, considering that 2gb will be for apps and at least 0.5gb will be unusable, I've 13gb for storing apps/games/GPS data, 8mpx resolution and PhotosPhere images, and much more things. Considering that I use the phone for listening to music a lot, that gives me about 8-9gb of storage for my songs... but in my old Galaxy S I have about 20gb of music because it has got an sdcard slot.
With this, I'm trying to say that many people, including me, won't buy a Nexus 4 without and sdcard slot, or at least with 32/64gb of storage. I don't see the point of buying an amazing phone that can do incredible things and being limited because of the storage.
I love your nexus products. Really. I love them. But I desperately want a 32GB nexus 4. Also as a 16GB N7 buyer I feel a tiny little bit jerked. But hey, I can live with that.

The point being is, that you don't have a strong mobile internet connection everywhere. And I'm not even taking buildings into account. Aside from that, mobile internet traffic isn't as cheap everywhere.
If you already made the call to include a x-band GSM chip instead of LTE support (which I fully support, don't get me wrong!), then I don't really understand why you didn't take that into account too? I'd surely buy a 32gig N4. It's the only reason why I'm still with my 32gig HTC One X (which runs on cyanogenmod, out of obvious reasons).

Therefore, please, bring a 32 gig N4 to the market. I'd love you for it.

Oh, and I'll probably buy a 32gig + mobile N7 too either way.
Lack of LTE is due to carrier dictatorship and google trying to gain control. LTE is still in early stage and is growing fast, but until it becomes a standard and is the one and only radio in a phone, i dont see this coming back to the Nexus brand.

Lack of SD is due to Google trying to appealing to the mainstream user. In order to do that is has to have a low price point. In this case Nexus 4 starts at 8GB. Google is trying to get the mainstream user be a loyal user. Mainstream users just want a good looking, fast phone. The honestly dont care about storage. eventually when it gets more mainstream, loyal users the Nexus phone will start at a 16GB standard. But it has to appeal to everyone first. I am disappointed that the Nexus 4 does not have a 32GB version but we'll get there.

Tablet UI
They want all devices to be similar. This is the way to do it. Remember, the mainstream user wants the most simplest product ever. If you create too many differences across the Nexus brand, users will feel overwhelmed and finding themselves adjusting to too many things and will find something else will appeal to them. Doing this to the tablet's UI will create an easy transition from a phone to a tablet back to a phone and back to a tablet. The easy it is, the more they'll want it. 

QUESTIONS for +Matias Duarte 

1) Will we ever see a unified messaging app (IM, video chat, SMS)? Much like the great success of Messages in iOS. Im not a big iOS fan, I will admit I love their Messages app.

2) What about a social game community app? Much like Game Center

3) Will Nexus devices see adaptions to 32GB (Nexus 4) and 64GB (Nexus 7 & 10)?

4) Are there any plans to gain control against carriers to apply updates in a timely matter to all versions of Nexus devices no matter the carrier?

5) What's the likelihood of adding music videos to the play store?

6) Any chances for a Google Flights app?
Can everybody just relax and stop using inappropriate words?  Why can't everybody be mature and ask your questions more politely. 
Hi Matias! I was wondering if it will be an update for my Nexus S i9023?? Thank you very much!
Would love to get the next Nexus phone but not being on Verizon is not possible where I live and what I do. I can't imagine you would ignore the largest network in the country. I realize some of this is Verizon but someone needs to work it out.
+Ralf H Just don't buy a Nexus. It's not like Google is forcing you to buy it. And Google is also not restricting Android manufacturers to not support SD cards. There are hundreds of Android phones out there. I myself is convinced on why the Nexus doesn't support SD cards. It's for security, stability, uniformity, and ease of use. 
+Matias Duarte  maybe this is too late but why are the camera and flash set flat against the back? Wouldn't it have looked better with some sort of embellishment?
@ Ernest Marvin Esteban: While there are some reasons to leave out SD-Cards, why then limit the internal memory to less than 16 GB? Personally, I'm fine without an SD-Slot, but I can completely understand users, that are dissatisfied and upset. In 2012, there should be at least 32 GB of internal memory, when there is no SD-slot. Everything else is ridiculous and looks like forcing the user in to the cloud, which is no option in several regions (in Germany for example you have very limited data plans) and situations (travelling, slow network, underground, inside of buildings without WiFi, and so on).
Why does a storage bump from 16 to 32gb on the Nexus 10 cost double what it is on the Nexus 7?  I have been waiting quite awhile for the N10 and it would have been a slam dunk purchase for me, but this gouging feels like Google is spitting in our collective faces.  It's a very Apple-like move -- if I wanted that I would already own an iPad.  I will probably pick up a last-gen tablet with 32GB AND an SD slot for $100 cheaper.

I'm still holding out hope that Google realizes how ridiculous and insulting the price point is for the 32GB N10, and does something about it.
Will there ever be a 64 GB nexus 10? I think this is the extra boost needed to kick ipad's butt. I also wanted a nexus 10 so bad for my birthday but i can't afford one. any upcoming giveaways? What about updating the google search app found on the ics devices to match the jellybean app? Can you please send me a nexus 10 to get a hands on with? My family cannot afford one. Please let me know. I want to turn my mother away from the ipad that shed received as a gift. 
warranty info on nexus 10? and where can we pre order? if we cannot pre order, what time do they go on sale at?
Will not buy a nexus device without a memory expansion slot. 
how about a actual google store sell android devices chrome books!!! at the mall !!! THAT BE AWESOME
+Matias Duarte I have the international galaxy s3 and I would love to switch to the nexus 4 after the Exynos documentation, HWC source code problems preventing CM10 being stable on Exynos 4412 devices. In other words I would love a stock android phone. I have the nexus 7 and I enjoy your stock UI over touchwiz or any other manufacture UI additions. The nexus 4 is a beautiful device with a fantastic SOC but 16GB is not enough to store a good amount high end games. Please consider releasing  a 32gb version soon? :) 16GB max storage is stopping my from buying this phone and I honestly can't express how much I would love this phone.  I am really happy Google music is coming to the UK as it will free up some of my storage problems and I use cloud services a lot, but for game data it can't be streamed like music can. (well for the next couple of years it can't  but I'm sure it will soon :D) May I ask what you think about a 32gb version of a nexus 4? 
Really was hoping for a 32gb model. 16gb is too little. Install a few games, record some FULL HD videos, take some 8mp photos and put some music on and thats it, users have to start moving data around as they have low space. How is that usable? I understand ext sd card may cause confusion etc but I believe running out of space is worse!
Remember other countries don't have access to high speed mobile internet, let a long with big data caps. If you take away ext sd, should provide 32gb and 64gb models.
I give credit to anyone who makes what was once a complicated feature, simple to use. I don't give credit to someone who tries to simplify by removing features.
 If you run out of space on a Nexus, it's now even harder to use because you now have to worry about managing and deleting apps that you might want to keep. It means your phone will be obsolete because eventually you will run out of room.
Another thing, if this was really about getting people to use the Google  cloud: that only works if people buy a Nexus in the first place. Nobody wants to use something that they are forced into.
Marius! I <3 Google, but the whole "seamless storage expierence" is invalid...I'll give you a couple of reasons:

1. The apps and data are stored in the /data partition....even if you have 16gb of storage, you'll still get the "insufficient storage space" error when installing an app if the /data partition is full! You know how confusing it is to see a "insufficient storage" error, only to look at the storing settings, and find out you have 10 gigs free? Seamless? No. Android should work just fine regardless of the partition schemes for your internal storage...and all internal storage space should be use able for apps.

This is a backwards answer for an engineering problem. Maybe you see it differently because youve been around the people who design and build the OS...bur It should be fairly simple....the internal storage should be usable by any app, and for any purpose. For those of us that want to use internals storage, we should be able to do so, by flipping a simple toggle.

I'll never...ever pay an extra 100 dollars, or even 50 dollars for an extra 8gb or even 16gb of storage space when I can easily by a SD card that can hold 32gb for 20 bucks, or 64gb for 40-60 bucks. The issue isn't that we want external storage (necessarily)...the issue is that phone manufacturers rip us off on storage. They charge us 3-4 times as much as we should pay.

Now, I understand that its expensive to start up another production line in order to make a alternative device profile, but the answer is as follows:

All phones, ALL of them ought to come with a 8gb or so MicroSD installed....and that should be used as internal storage. Or the device could have 2gb (the max for apps anyways, on almost all phones) internal, and come with a Micro installed. The user could then, upon buying, install whatever size they'd like.

Phones would be cheaper to make, cheaper to buy, and it'd make those of us who are vocal supporters...those of us that drive sales, happy.

But doing it so the device could be "seamless" is a joke. Storage is no more seamless on a device with just internal storage as a device with it.

If you tell us, on the other hand, that every ODM and their mother complained and made it clear that they absolutely LOVE charging us 100 bucks for an extra 8gb, and that they'd really mind if you didn't so clearly make it easy for us to afford cheap storage, ID understand.

But the argument is an argument for argument's sake. It isn't a solution to the problem.
One last thing. I'm sorry to use such strong language, but's because I'm sad.

Its tough to be so excited, time after time about Nexus devices, knowing that I'll never get to buy one, because I need more storage, and even if I made purchasing decision on principle alone, I couldn't support buying a device that truncates my options.

Android is a OS of choice. Choose your widgets, choose your wallpaper, choose your launcher, choose to side load unsupported apps, choose to root, choose to flash...the choices are endless. Don't give us some choice, and then take other choices away. Stand on the choice principle, and never give in.

Google has always been a "can do" company...a company that understands that anything is possible. Fixing android storage...and finding a solution that allows for external storage is a goal worth having. Us übergeeks...if we want to deal with "the mess" external storage brings....let us do so.

I just don't know why Google would choose not to throw another gear in the way we buy phones. Fixed storage profiles for device lines that charge exorbitant fees for more space, are another thing that's wrong in the mobile device market....another thing that's evil.

Google is not evil!

Don't be evil!

<3 James,
A future Googler.
Jere w
lol its funny how you claim users get confused by sd cards you are basically calling them stupid and nexus devices are primarily aimed at power users and developers people who can make the most out of there options. but then you take away there choice like your apple pretty much saying you cant have it that way the number one reason me an many other have avoided the very temping nexus and nexus 7 devices created is the lack of an sd card slot you have no idea how bad i wanted a nexus 7 just $199 thats amazing till i read that there was no sd slot :/ got a galaxy tab 2. all you guys are after is locking down the media ecosystem like apple but get a clue its not going to work because there are so many other choices than the nexus android is open source and used by many oems so I'm not getting a nexus im getting a galaxy note 2 in exactly 3 weeks good work on the os though
For the love of God, please create a Nexus 4 with at least 32GB. There is no way the Nexus 4 can claim to be a flagship device with such a huge limitation in such a basic feature. There are no current flagship phones out there that do not offer at least a 32GB option; this is even true for the previous generation of flagship devices. Out of the box, this puts the Nexus 4 a couple generations behind as far as storage goes.

The idea that the cloud is the solution is absurd. I only have a 2GB data plan and don't want to pay hundreds of dollars more (long term) in monthly fees, just because Google wants to force me into their cloud services. You can't force the world to be the way you want it, people will just go elsewhere (and there are plenty of options with other phones). In addition, a lot of times people find themselves in places where they don't have access to the cloud (for example on planes) but may want access to their music library and videos.

I have a Nexus One with a 32GB SD card in it. How is it possible that "upgrading" to a device many generations ahead forces me into a big step backwards, as far as the hardware goes? I just don't get it. I would gladly pay more for a Nexus 4 with 32GB or 64GB.

As it is, I guess I'll just get an HTC One X+, even though I would much prefer a Nexus device.
It might be repetitive but I would also like a Nexus 4 with at least 32GB. I already have the GN and NS both with 16GB. The NS is now two years old, and I see no evolution on this feature.
At this point I see no point in upgrading to the N4.

There are several occasions when the 3G signal is quite week, or even inexistent so relying on the cloud is not a choice.
Try getting on a train and keep a stable signal, not to mention the Tube or airplaines where there's no signal.

Had there been a N4 with 32GB I would immediately buy one.
About the microSD not being "EASY" Why not make a OSX Fusion alike solution for Android, where the SD can me "mixed" with the internal flash as a cheap way of upgrade memory, and using the faster internal flash as cache for apks installed at SD cards.

Even with 1 or 2 cheap internal micro SD 32/64 Gb with the role of the mech HD in OSX fusion

I think it would be a great solution for gamers - store them that are big - at SDs and when it is going to be played use the internal flash as cache to run them faster.
hey +Matias Duarte , this series of nexus are really astonishing. Great work done. You perfectly combined aesthetics and functionality!!! But yeah, we DO WANT a 32 GeeBee version Nexus 4. Please make that happen!!!
users are confused? Maybe someone should think twice before creating mount points for internal SD card like /mnt/sdcard and for external card /mnt/sdcard/external_sd
Maybe it is just me, but I do not find it clear nor consistent naming convention
I can't believe the explanation for not having an SD slot... That's insane! We're not all morons, and that's basically what you've said. This is the ONLY reason why I now can't buy these devices, and that sucks.

Put the SD slot back, and just don't sell it with a card installed if you're worried about confusing people. No one will know unless the want to use it.

Poor excuse...
@ Steve Dowe: Well, I wouldn't sign that exactly! Personally, I would be happy without an SD-Slot, if there were 32/64 GB-versions at reasonable prices. There may be advantages of SD-Cards, like the ability to take your data from one phone to another seamlessly, but that's no dealbreaker for me. What IS a dealbreaker for me, is the inability to have all my music, pictures and apps/games with me - so all I want is the choice of more storage. Whether this is achieved by the addition of an SD-Slot or by more internal storage does not matter to me.
H Chong
Would love to get the Nexus 4, BUT there is no 32GB option. 16GB is not enough. Please consider bumping it up to 32GB or higher. Thank you.
Jere w
they want to basically get all or content from them and use to use and to push the rely on could services but carriers are determined to nickel and dime us for a penny worth of data thats the real world we live in. keeping your photos music and video in the cloud is good and nice but all the streaming and downloading to see your content is going to add up really quick and don't even think about leaving your service area lets see you look at those photos and videos now plus a possible surprise bill ROAMING CHARGES if your going to make a nexus next time 32gb min if no sd
I would love to know the actual cost difference to put an extra 16GB or 32GB of memory into a phone above the measly 16GB currently present.  I honestly wonder how an extra 16GB could cost $100 let's say, let alone even $50?
I'd like to know why you removed the wifi tether option in the Nexus 7 3G ("Tilapia"). I can live without MSC transfer mode (somehow), but removing an almost essential feature like wifi tethering just doesn't fit into my head. iPhone- and iPad users all around me are laughing already.
Ever since upgrading my Galaxy Nexus to Android 4.2.1, the Bluetooth connection seems buggy. It was slightly worse on Android 4.2 before 4.2.1. When I turned off Bluetooth headset, the Bluetooth icon still shows it's connected. When I make a call, the sound only goes to the Bluetooth 8 seconds later, and I can't even select Bluetooth device on screen to transfer the sound to because the icon of Bluetooth isn't there. No such problem on 4.1 original Jelly Bean. And on 4.2.1, it's not as smooth as 4.1 in the UI. Please fix it. Thanks Matias.
+Matias Duarte I agree that this is confusing for the BFU user. But I think the main problem was really small internal memory and hack when part of app was on the SD card and part in the memory. If internal memory well be at least 8GB it will be enough for most user. And only advanced user should use SD card for MP3, videos, or large collection of picture. But all apps and all apps data will be in internal memory only. SD card is also very useful for fast and safe backup. But now, biggest problem for me is the MTP, the only one way how to access to user accessible memory. I have still some problem with it on Windows, like Windows display old state of files. I just added or deleted some file and Windows still display old state. Transfer large amount of files fail sometimes. On Mac is necessary special software. It is not possible mount it as normal system disk and access it by all program. This is very disappointing :-(
Jere w
bull micro sds have been around since before the razor flip phones there nothing confusing , mysterious are hard about them most programs default to it when available so the user didn't even need to select it so there was nothing to be confused about its just an attempt to lock down an ecosystem which is not a bad thing for google but trying to lock users into its cloud services and media but........  that only leaves me one thing to say "THANK GOD FOR SAMSUNG I GOT A NOTE 2 @t FULL PRICE OVER A NEXUS" cause they give me the choice and it is beautiful
 and if you break your phone all for media is gone pictures video ect gone when they could have just had been stored on a removable sd card on which can be removed from phone and put in a new one i don't wanna hear your cloud crap yes it can be nice to have a cloud backup but everyone doesn't have a carrier like T-mobile that give you about 1TB of high speed data and unlimited slower data so for them sh!t adds up quick when you upload and have to re-download or stream your media back to your device
it pains me that i can no longer copy - paste from the knight game to add alliances. this started happening when i switched from HTC Sensation to Nexus 4 & 7. It has something to do with 4.2.2. :-(
For the love of God, please make the next Nexus 10 with a micro SD card slot. Or have a 64 GB variant available. 16 GB and 32 GB are too small. :( 
If the "Nexus 7" a memory card slot would have had, I would have bought the part. Without SD card, the device is out of the question for me. Too bad, is at the present time no more!
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