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Tech Crunch thinks that Android is the best OS for tablets at any size! 

"That’s until I picked up the Nexus 10 and realized that Android OS is, for me, the better “bigger screen” tablet experience ... I think that the Android OS has made me a tablet person."
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awesome! thanks Matias (for the link AND your good work).
Doesn't make me hate Tech Crunch any less. 
Love the Nexus line. But come on +Matias Duarte 8GB on the N4? You should have done 16GB/32GB/64GB.....8GB is a joke and you proved it by killing the 8GB N7. 
Get those app developers running!
It really does make the most sense on large screens. It feels like more than just a "scaled up phone."
If only developers would start using Fragments and make great apps that take advantage of the space on the screen!
Not to hijack your post +Matias Duarte, but I wanted to ask you why Nexus devices are shipping with Chrome instead of the standard browser? Chrome seems to stutter a lot compared to the standard browser, and review sites like The Verge have also noticed this (see their Nexus 10 video review).
+Alex Hernandez 
Lower storage may be a problem for many, but Android does allow you store all your content in the cloud, so you don't have to use the space for it.
+Daniel Panichelli I just wanted a simple response. Feedback in software is a core HCI concern, which is something Matias is very familiar with. So please, don't litter the comments with your vile sarcasm.
+Chris Ruhs yes I know that. I store all my pics and video to Google of which I pay to do so. But it doesn't take into account the heavy handed apps that are out there. Some apps can take up a good amount and when you get 3 or 4 of those, bam, the storage is gone. Sorry but this issue will not die, +Matias Duarte and +Google have done great I don't question that.....

BUT as a consumer of their products I have every right to question them on this. I, after all, can spend my money on Google and Android or move someplace else....not saying I will. Just saying
+Vito Cassisi Chrome is a better browser than the old one, even if it stutters occasionally.  Also, it is confusing to the user to have two browsers.  There was an update yesterday to Chrome, maybe it fixed some issues.
+Alex Hernandez 
Absolutely, you have every right to feel the way you feel, and it may even be justified, I'm just saying that for most consumers (non-techy, average people) 16GB on a modern Android phone is going to be plenty of space.

Maybe I'm wrong, but I doubt it.
+Chris Ruhs my 2 and 4 year old kids are NON-TECHY yet they fill up thier 32GB LG GSlate with ease because their APPS are all very heavy. Maybe you are wrong. 
+Chris Ruhs The only time I can see people complaining about this is like...long flights where they want to pin a couple HD movies and some music, but even in that case 16gb should be more than enough for at least two or three movies and some albums. It's like the Kindle users who complain about lack of expandable memory because they want to store thousands of books locally on their device.

At some point you just have to recognize that it's not the intended function of the device, and either accept that or find a different tablet.
+Alex Hernandez 
It's possible, I'm not disagreeing with you.

I think we're straying from the topic of the OP, though :-/
+Jason Stewart yes, they have games a plenty.....and that's my point.....the apps take space, and I am not going to uninstall a game and put another on every time they want to change up. LOL
+Alex Hernandez yeah for game players the space seems to be an issue. Doesn't seem to effect non game players. Not sure what the best trade off is.
Yes 16GB is a good starting point. This is why I am getting the 16GB N4.....I can live with 16GB. 
Dear app developers,
You make tablet-optimized apps, I give you money.
Promise :)
--Android users everywhere
This review is especially surprising coming rom TechCrunch, which is notoriously pro-Apple.  Once I saw the headline, I knew +Drew Olanoff  had to be the author, he is the only one over there who seems to be willing to be objective about Google and Microsoft products.
I watched +Matias Duarte explain his reasons behind no SD card, and I except his reasons.....I agree with him. But I think 16GB should be the starting point for internal storage. I understand cloud based service. I have 85GB on Google for storage as well as 10GB on dropbox and 25GB on Minus. 
+Vito Cassisi you should give Firefox a go. It's got the smoothness and a better UI for touch but nothing's perfect - it doesn't zoom well and doesn't use intents.
+Jason Rudey exactly. Why do they have to be so backhanded with their praise? It's a great device, but...
+Alex Hernandez 
I hadn't read it before, but I understand the concept Google's shooting for with fragments and having apps adjust to any device size.
You guys are rocking it... have never read so many positive reviews across websites.... Hope you guys don't have plans to curtail the availability and distribution like Nexus 7
Does anyone know if multi user feature stores multiple copies of an app or the app is installed once and the user data for each app is in user dir ? Multiple copies of an app can take space quickly..
I do think the Play Store should do more to promote Holo apps that scale well on tablets.

We can't stop developers from making bad UIs, but in the absence of a good stick, I think a higher ranking on the Play Store could be a pretty good carrot.
+Thaddeus Pecorak Thanks I thought so but was not sure since its not in my hand yet. The app binary is shared between users and user data is separated per user which is how it should be.
Still no good Facebook or twitter apps!
Chrome browser still very choppy/laggy on the Nexus 10. :(
plume is still pretty ugly
what is a good twitter app then on a different ecosystem?
Anandtech found the Cortex-A15 was about twice as fast at SunSpider in the Chromebook as it was on the Nexus 10. (690ms in the Chromebook (dang) vs. 1384ms in the N10, specifically.) Is that a clock-governor thing, trying not to waste battery in a tablet? Hardware differences? (I don't know what they'd be--RAM speed maybe?) Or software, as Anand suggested? Still a neat piece of hardware, just an interesting difference for similar CPU cores.
I think that the iPad uses its screen space unwisely by giving it a bunch of icons, but Android tablets really allow for richer experiences by other stuff that it adds.

The only question is how many developers will be given the incentive to develop for this device. I hope it's many.

+Matias Duarte I did read the review and I do wonder why the back is rubbery and plastic. Is that something that you had a say over? I'd like to know the reasoning behind that choice.
+Johan Orstadius  Yep, I just saw that Anand suggested it could be indirectly because of the resolution--not that SunSpider's actually testing render speed, just that some memory bandwidth may be set aside for driving the display, and SunSpider's pretty bandwidth-intensive.
Carm N
how does it compare to the Samsung Galaxy 10.1?
After Mac book pro I stopped counting how many devices you own. Is this an average American household owns? 
Life altering.  My Nexus 7 did the same thing. =)
Nav Gi
I am proud to be a hard core Google fan 
No, the new Tablet UI is bad! It doesn't suit for tablets.
I thought tech crunch was an apple-centric website?
Surprised to see such a positive review of the nexus 10 
I know what I'm getting for Christmas
All these excellent reviews are making it difficult to be patient. What time does it go on sale the 13th?
Matias Duarte+ I will love you more if you support apps to external sd!!! 
Strange that my post about the Tablet UI doesn't appear if I'm not signed in. A Google+ bug?
+vir ingens I fully agree, on a 7" tablet I can understand the phone UI but on a10" tablet it's awful
will be with the HC/ICS navbar... that center buttons makes me think im using an iOS... and i dont like two bars wasting space...

my hopes are in community...
Good day Matias,
We would like you to know that we love your products especially the NEXUS 7.
Can u ask ASUS to sell the NEXUS 7 8GB for $99 or $149 this coming thanksgiving or before the christmas time?
If ever it will happen, there will be millions of kids and even old people who likes the Nexus will be so happy  this coming holiday season.
We are pleading to your great heart to make it happen.
GOD bless you & more power to GOOGLE...
Hola Matias!  un poco de feedback desde Argentina.

IMO, the way you implemented the quick settings menu on JB 4.2 on the Nexus 7 is very very wrong.  The idea of splitting the screen in 2 halves, the right one for quick settings and the left one for notifications is flawed.
The most important of the two is obviously the notifications.  And people hold tablets with both hands. So if you are right-handed (like most ppl are) then the normal reaction when you get a notification is to use your right hand to access the notification menu (not your left one) and to go the shortest distance.

So if you are holding it portrait, then typically you will use your thumb or index finger, and pull down somewhere from the middle of the screen or a little bit to the right (cause you are using your right hand).  Only to find the settings menu instead of the notifications.

And if you are holding the tablet landscape, hands are further apart, and in a tablet the size of N7, you typically will directly use your right thumb, without changing the position of your grab on the tablet.
Again, you will pull down settings instead.

So, my recommendation after a week of heavy 4.2 use on N7 :
Please bring back the notifications panel to the middle (like it was on 4.1), and implement the settings menu exactly like it is on the phone (N4).  I don't have it yet, but I've seen how it works.  If you really want settings  you have to pull down a second time, or just pull down with 2 fingers.

Congrats , and keep it up. I love your work guys.

Saludos desde Argentina
it looks awful in an effort to make it differentiated from the Apple products its now ugly ! However the best thing about the ipad has NOT been adopted which is the screen ratio - 16:9 or 16:10 is too narrow and tall to be used as a web browser or e-reader in portrait. .  . 4:3 is better at everything except maybe watching videos but mostly one uses it to browse and run apps not watch videos 
+Kent Reynolds that's why 4:3" monitors are still popular, right?
Video: no contest 16:9 is much better.
Books: The most popular book size in my library is 150x215 mom which is about 2:3 ratio but the text is printed in a 105x175mm area which is 9:15 ratio (much closer to 16:9 than 3:2)
Games: game developers are used to use 16:9 format for PC and console games, ports to other platforms are much simpler is this ratio maintained.
Web: most web pages are much longer than they are wide and fit much better on a portrait held 16:9 screen.
PD: I've both an iPad as an android tablet.

Yeah 16:9 is much better and also much comfortable to hold. But the notifications panel is not ergonomically right now.
Quick idea for the Nexus 10:

Since the on-screen capacitive navigation buttons take up the small sliver of screen, keep the icons in the same location but extend the input area all the way to the edge of the screen so I can easily use my thumb to tap back or multi-task when holding it in landscape. Test it out! Jelly Bean rocks.
Is there any information on the office Nexus 10 cover that was demoed and reviewed?  It's not available anywhere, and there's no reference to it.  Not having a cover like that is one of the reasons I haven't purchased an Android tablet yet.

Also, I'll give you an idea for free.  If you can't figure out a way to attach a screen cover with out magnets, if that is the hold up, since it's clearly the ideal way, then just make a bumper case (like the Nexus 4) that has a flap on the front.  The opposite edge of the case can have a magnet in it to keep it closed, and then the case would provide some edge protection, protect the screen, stay closed on it's own, and not add any bulk to the tablet.
Matias have you seen the comparison videos of Nexus 10 v Ipad 4? The ipad 4 canes the nexus 10 in smoothness and GPU peformance why is this? why are apple able to do this and you not? its shameful and so every time people are going to choose the ipad becuase you get a smoother faster experience 
$ 100 more. I guess with $100 they can afford a faster GPU. You have to look at the whole picture. Products are developed with a price target as one of the main design goals.
its not the money if you look at the parts they are top spec its android that lets it down 
+Matias Duarte when can I purchase this in Canada again???  Eagerly awaiting a 32 gigger!!! ASAP!!!
its worth waiting for one with a quad core Arm A15 chip . . like what will be in the galaxy S4 
I'm confused about where the cover went.  It's the main reason I was looking at this tablet.  
its too slow too many pixels to push 
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