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I wanted to take a moment before I go to work and thank everyone who weighed in with comments and suggestions in the post I made yesterday about my quest for a new Android phone. I was kind of blown away when the thread maxed out at 500 comments so quickly. (Also, Google? Maybe allow longer threads.)

It doesn't do everything I want, but it looks like the Galaxy Nexus 4G on Verizon is the best option for me at the moment. (Also, Verizon? Maybe get off of CDMA and join the rest of the world with GSM.)

Seriously, though: thank you, everybody. I really appreciate your input.
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+Matias Duarte I can't wait for jellybean. I'm using ICS now, and I'm thinking how much can you improve on it cause you really set the bar high on this version of Android. Its just too perfect.
You may want to turn off LTE until Verizon finally pushes the 4.0.4 update unless you want to see your battery dye in 3 hours.
+Wil Wheaton good choice! although, owning the verizon Gnex myself, I would go for the unlocked gsm version you can buy in the Google Playstore for $400 instead, that way youcan join the rest of the world on GSM ;)
I also have the VZW Gnex. Disappointed that I am on 4.0.2 when Google has released 4.0.4, had to work some magic to get Google Wallet installed (last I heard this was still an issue), and overall, just hate that VZW has taken every opportunity to make this a bad experience with this phone. I recommend GSM. But I do love the phone overall.
+Tom Brooks maybe rooting it would be a good idea... I'm on VZW and currently on 4.0.4 with new radios and phone is fast, stable, smooth, and full of extra features on a stock ICS look and feel... ;)
Andy L
My question for Wil would be.... what doesn't it do?!
+Wil Wheaton made a good choice. As I wrote him, for me it is the best phone at the moment. It also has a awesome price (under 350 Euro). So I will buy one too.
+Ace Ferdinand When it was time to upgrade from my OG Droid, it was between an iPhone 4S and the GNex. I don't think I will ever use another Android phone that is not a Nexus because of the update problems, and I don't think this is something users should be expected to 'fix'. I understand what you are saying, but I wanted a powerful, functioning phone that I didn't need to fiddle with to get that way - the VZW GNex should be this, but it isn't, and it's a huge disappointment.
+Tom Brooks gotcha ;) ... that's why many people call it the "fake" Nexus I guess... I wanted to keep mine stock but when VZW started falling behind I decided to root.
Loving my Galaxy Nexus. Can't go wrong in my opinion.
Falling behind? Because it's on 4.02 instead of 4.04? Really?

I understand the principle, but it's just that; principle. I prefer vanilla Android because it's finally a fleshed stock OS, and overlays tend to filter my photos, contacts and overall experience. But I'm not losing sleep over the delay in a 0.02 upgrade.

Now the fact that my Galaxy Tab is still on Honeycomb, that's another story...
I have #GalaxyNexus unlocked on At&t and just love this phone.
Just got my first ICS, and it's so bloody good... Why would one buy anything else...
+Jimmy Ramirez, +Matias Duarte works on design (look and feel) of Android. I don't think battery life is his department. And the #GalaxyNexus is awesome. I blame Verizon for keeping users on 4.0.2
ICS is truly beautiful, and far more pleasing and functional than the competition. More original, too.
LTE doesn't really seem to adversely affect my VZW GNex battery life. I get 15-24 hrs depending on use. But when it has to hunt for a signal, it saps big-time. Hoping 4.0.4 will heal the 4G-3G hand-off issues when 4G gets spotty.
I wouldnt feel bad being how Verizon Xoom owners are still on 3.2
Oh yes to 'keep working to bring that webOS magic to Android'. I keep on wishing that swiping over the Recent Apps key would activate it, or some smooth thing like that.

A friend, by the way, is an even more serious webOS fan than I: she's using a Pre3 that was on eBay. :)
Love my unlocked gnex on T-Mobile. ICS still needs a bit of polishing though: why can't you name favorite folders, why other folders don't work like favorite folders,etc...
Here is another one: the landscape view works left and right. Why don't the portrait work with phone down?
What is this talk about favorite folders? You've always been able to name folders
My mistake. I meant to say that one cant see the name of the favorite folder unless you open them. I just dont know why folders work differently. When it comes to open and close them, i like the favorite better- you click at the same location.
Having your phone rotate in that way is stupid even much so apple agrees
Works on my Galaxy tab... Does it on the ipad? Consistency (or lack there of) is my biggest pet's peeve with google even though it is getting better by the day. Here is one that drives me crazy: why is the 'archive' icon in gmail different in browser and android app?
Tablets are different from phones and you ant site Google for that specifically
The phone and the tablet are not going to be different on the Asus padphone. I don't understand what the big deal is anyway. And personally I don't care so much about what Apple does. But here is another lack of consistency, talking about widget this time: you can't create a event from the calendar. However you can from Gmail or Voice. But why don't both icons show a '+' like for Gmail?
Different use cases and different design buddy
Jerome is right- consistency is required for an enjoyable and intuitive experience. Gmail and calendar DO need to work better together for a seamless experience: see Microsoft Outlook for a popular example. There are no excuses, just solutions.
Sorry for being off-topic, but I think Android tablets need a more productive interface like this:

So Google should either buy them out, or make something similar that is a lot more advanced than iOS and Windows 8 from an interface point of view, but also manages to be very intuitive as well. I don't know if this is exactly if that's the best possible course for Android's UI (even though it looks very cool), but you should definitely think about it, +Matias Duarte , and maybe make an even better one.

Take full advantage of Android's widgets. People don't want to see just 50 icons on a screen, and I think there's a serious lack of multi-tasking on tablets right now, too (including Android). Multi-tasking means doing more at once, not more one after another. I'd certainly like a splitscreen feature for example. Anyway, just something to consider for Android 5.0.
You are a pretty good man since Webos.
The Galaxy Nexus is the best Android phone I've ever owned (and I've owned many including the original G1)
Wil, the LTE network is basically an evolution of GSM, Verizon still needs to maintain CDMA support for the short term at least though; as millions of subscribers still own CDMA only devices.   Eventually, I think you will see more LTE-only devices come out as the network saturates the markets.  I don't think you will ever see them support traditional GSM though, as LTE renders it obsolete.
+Lucian Armasu actually multitasking is much more than that and you could be downloading, transferring info, and watching YouTube at the same time
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