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I hope you'll love what we've been working on for Hangouts! 

Remember it's not just for Android - Your friends can get it on desktop and iOS as well!


Yes Virginia, you will be able to get it on your favorite tablet soon - minor technical glitch we're working through!
Hey guys - get Hangouts for your Android device now!

Note: the Play Store displays Hangouts as unavailable for tablet devices like Nexus 7. We worked hard to make sure Hangouts works great with tablets. Hang tight, this should be resolved shortly!
Hangouts brings one-on-one and group conversations to life with photos, emo...
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It's pretty good. It's still very disappointing that it doesn't include SMS integration though.
Dileep G
Should have included SMS from the begining
Vik Arya
+Matias Duarte I appreciate the efforts but where are the google voice/sms integrations?  Or am I missing something?
Will we see a new version of Android in this IO?
Ditto on SMS! Still, a good product.
First impression, looks great; works great. Now axe G+ "Messenger" app.
the desktop app is REALLY bad
+Randy Magruder There is a bug with compatibility, but google is already working on a fix with tablet compatibility, stay tuned (desktop version isn't even out yet...)
I'm digging it. Can't wait for nexus 7 and 10 support! IOS version working great as well.
It's taking FOREVER to download onto my Bionic...
Not compatible with my N7? D: Rats!
Nexus7 and 10 not supported. :(
And if it's not using SMS's why would I confirm my mobile number at start?
Bill Jung
+1 for SMS integration
...but not on original iPad sadly! 
"Also, there's a minor quirk that's making the app report as incompatible with tablets. A fix is already coming."
already installed and it looks great so far...but yes, an SMS integration from start would have been a good thing.
It was a slight disappointment to see that it didn't include SMS.
First off, the chrome app still doesnt do pictures.
Second G+ app still has + messanger
They had to rebuild a whole new chat protocol from the ground up. I think we can be a little patient for SMS.
Mhh. No status visible? No syncing of group chats to my N4? The Chrome app is in the way all the time and minimizing it is tedious. I can't really see ANY benefit at the moment. 
What's the point of leaving the messenger app ? That should also be removed just as talk 
+Brandon Golway did you actually try receiving an sms and see if it still opens in the default app? (I can't try it yet)
Has it reached iOS yet?
Why no SMS integration. That's the main feature everyone wanted. Complete unification.
Side loading the hangouts apk on my Nexus 7 worked fine. Go for it!
One MAJOR let-down - when you add people to a conversation it doesn't go to desktop!!!!!!!!!! :'(
+Thaddeus Pecorak I agree however that day from a behavior standpoint is still a ways off I would guess
People please, stop bitching. Appreciate the work that Google is doing and have a little patience.
Wait...iOS devices beat Nexus 7 and 10???? Wow.
+Teodor Poparescu I messaged my roommate who doesn't have hangouts installed and he said it just came through as a talk message. Haven't actually tried yet.
Anyway if anyone would read the article they'd see it's coming for the nexus 7 soon...however I still don't have access on my phone. Kinda sad. lol
+Brandon Golway try sending yourself an sms (through the SMS app) close the app fast, and see if you can set the default sms app to be the hangouts. 
+Matias Duarte, I appreciate the work, but honestly, I dislike it. For so many reasons it's so disturbing for me. you focused more in G+ messenger than Gtalk app, and some of us wanted a Gtalk enviroment, more than the messenger. I can't enve filter the contact list, I have a huge mess in there, circles, contacts, gtalk contacts, all mixed. I can't block a person from hangout without not blocking then in the Gmail chat. I don't have a option to avoid any person from circles to send me hangout request. I really dislike it. 
I need an option to filter out contacts i don't need. All i want to see is my phone contacts. WhatsApp is much easier to use.
Why do I still have the old Google Chat UI in Chrome?  It's been updated to Hangouts but it's still the old UI.
when is the integration of sms going to happen?
The calls for SMS/Google Voice integration are kind of drowning out the issue, which is that users were asking for a tool that unifies the various messaging tools that Android/Google users use to communicate with people. Bringing together Talk/Messenger/Hangouts helps to solve the issue inherent to communicating within the Google ecosystem, but there are still issues with reaching out to other people. SMS is the first gateway, but the XMPP underlying Google Talk was Federated, allowing other XMPP systems to interconnect and communicate.

I think what we're looking for is some sort of indication that Hangouts will eventually be an overarching structure that allows input from multiple protocols, whether directly Google-managed or not, and not just a reflection of an XKCD comic:
It doesn't synchronize the conversations between multiple devices? 
When G+ updates will we get integration with chrome? Right now can start a group conversation but cannot see this on the PC(computer)
Bon K
I would like to be able to filter out the contact list. I don't need every single person from G + on my contact list plus the circles. 
+Matias Duarte: The current state of "contacts" within Hangouts is a nightmare.  Users should be able to filter out G+ circles and gmail email contacts.  The user should be able to chooses just how much data they want or do not want.

There's no contact list, and there's no way to customize it so that it behaves like the old Talk buddy list.  That's a problem.
Amy reason can't update on our old Nexus S?
yup its just a mishmash of everything with no way to order or sort or filter either(aside from putting everyone in a special circle and only displaying that one) its a HORRIBLE update... and i wont even get into the location of the chat windows even with the hangout bar closed. this makes me feel like ditching g+ and just going back to pidgin and gchat again.
I didn't receive the update yet, Samsung Galaxy S3!
Emil W
No simple way to see who is online or offline. And the contacts list is full of duplicates.
I would like to be able to customize who shows up in my "frequently contacted" list on the app and on Google+. At the very least, the ability to remove people. Better yet, the ability to instead show a custom group or Circle of people would be best.
I really want to be able to filter who shows up in the Hangouts contactlist. Also I find it difficult to see clearly who's online and not. It's a bit of a mess right now. Also I would love to see a native Windows client and not only a chrome addon. Not everyone uses chrome, even if I use it myself, I still would prefer a native client so I can retire the old talk.exe app.
+Matias Duarte, +Vic Gundotra, +Larry Page, +Sergey Brin, +Eric Schmidt+Sundar Pichai: Please read these concerns about privacy / data organization.

As it stands, I can invite all of you to video hangouts, right now.  And just because I follow you on G+, doesn't mean I should be able to directly reach into your phone and ping you.  And just because I follow you, doesn't mean I have the desire to bother you (he said, as he bothered them via G+).

You would probably be annoyed.  Users will be annoyed.  Please give us better controls for displaying our data, in products such as Hangouts.  Yes, we want technology to "get out of the way."  What we don't want, however, is a visible database of literally everyone we've ever so much as spoken to or followed via social media.
Then as i noted before if you go into gmail and select circles as the contact list you can see all configured emails in a nice easy to harvest format ;)
+Matias Duarte thanks to all of you at Google for the hard work and great softwares. But after an hour of the new #Hangout app, I'm going to uninstall it. I was using #GTalk for years now with a couple of contacts and it is great to see their online status and to sort them by their status. Now I've got my whole contacts including all G+ contacts and circles and I can't see who is online right now. And I don't understand why I can only send text and pictures with it. Hope there will be an update soon. Otherwise I'm happy that my Nexus 7 can't get it right now.
Sorry but this hangout application is another way for you to force people into using Google+. I love Google + but I hate when things get forced upon me.
I've just been trying this new app for a bit and I'm sorry to say that it's quite unusable.
1) No online status
2) no way to separate contacts other than the Google+ circles.
3) no way to hide contacts and show just the ones I want.
4) having to press the + in the top right, then find the person, then press message, then write the message is to dam complicated and annoying. 
Any reason this doesn't update Nexus S?
Jeff F.
I installed it on my Galaxy Nexus, but it doesn't update Talk. Talk still launches.
Friend of mine just installed it from the play store app on his Nexus 4, but when he opens the hangouts app, it always opens Google Talk instead, any idea what went wrong?
Uninstall not possible because its a system app...
this thing on iOS is soo nice and fast!!! great design guys great design, now give me a version for my n7
Kinda disappointed there's no SMS integration with this app
where s the tablet applications ? :(
+Jeff F. Friend of mine has exactly the same problem! Launches GTalk instead of hangouts... I have no problems on my galaxy s1 running cm10
I have to laugh at the lack-of-SMS apologists: this is a major feature for a unified messaging platform. If I have an iPhone, BlackBerry or use Facebook Messenger I'm able to communicate with my mom in a single application even though she may only have a dumb-phone.

It's great we finally have a semi-unified messaging app but it's just not good enough.
+Yann Lacour Tablet support is coming soon, technical problems with the compatibility...
You should make the calls easier. To call someone I must videocall him and then disable the video and select the headphone, too many clicks.
+Eddie Jr: But anyone in your circles can send you an annoying notification, and you must dive into a settings menu to correct that.

It's good that there's something, but it's still not ideal.

And as most have been saying: the data organization for the "list" is a major concern.  Not just for privacy, but for UX.
The reason Talk was great was because it archived chats in Gmail making it possible to search both mail and chat conversations in one place. Very useful. Hangouts doesn't even have a search and to add insult to injury it is much slower to start on my Galaxy Nexus. 
No Nexus 10 support? Is this a joke?
+Matias Duarte disappointed you have to use Chrome browser for it to work, Chrome doesn't work on my computer at work so I need to use Firefox.  Also, will Hangout chats be archived somewhere other than in the chat itself?
It's a welcomed change, but it still needs a little work. I'm just a little turned off by the fact that you can't see or send pictures in the chrome app. 
I'm hoping that the G+ messenger  which serves no purpose now, will be removed in a soon to come G+ app update. 
I know that all of this has been a lot of work for the Google team, and so far it's very good. I'm impressed by how smoothly this whole thing has gone to this point. 
+J.J. Valenzuela I'm going to guess at this,  I'm guessing it archives the way Talk did. But I don' t really know yet. Simple enough to test. have a chat with someone and then archive. 
How do I see if someone is online? And why doesn't pressing on a contact photo open the quick contact popup?

Did someone at Google want to kill Talk by removing all its useful features?

What a mess. 
How is the Chrome app supposed to work with two people on the same computer both using the app? If they communicate they instantly get notified of their own message all the time. Arghhhh.
+Joe Avery Unfortunately it doesn't. Archived hangouts are only visible in the app with no search. 
My phone tells me I have it installed, but Talk opens up when I open it from the Play Store :(
Oh, ok then Archived is the same way it is on Gmail, meaning hidden from view. 
Uninstalled it, too many essential features missing. I hope Google doesn't kill Google Talk anytime soon. 
SMS, pictures support on Chrome and spelling who's online vs offline really need to be added.
I see a reason for not including SMS support. If I have more than one Google account, with which one would text messages sync? What if I have one person in address book of multiple accounts? 
I don't like.
Great UI.... but poor features. I can't filter my contacts, I don't want my G+ circles but only my e-mail contacts.
1 star. I don't see if someone is online.
+Robert Nasiadek Or they could've added a more contact centered messaging hub feature to the People app that others could plug into instead of this user unfriendly abomination. Who thought removing a searchable archive and online status was a good idea? The most frequent tasks you do when chatting are either missing or take a lot more steps now. :-( 
The icon is still the old Google Talk icon on my gn2... nice features tho. Anyone else have trouble downloading the app tho? The play store was showing that I all ready had the app when I didn't, I mean, I had Google Talk but it was still the old Google Talk. Now I have hangout features with the old Google Talk icon......
I'm also going to uninstall it. As I said before, I think it misses many necessary features for a good messaging app. 
I like it but like many other people I'm disappointed by the lack of Google voice and sms integration and I wish you could also paste photos you want to send instead of alway having to take a new picture or going to the gallery to select one.

I hope the above features are added quickly.

Keep up the good work Google/ Matias
I love the new app, but no sms? 
Expected SMS support, please add it. Otherwise, looks a lot better than Talk.
I really like it so far. The two things I've noticed so far is that  the google talk windows client is still in its own little silo. And SMS, but it does feel like that will come soon or was removed fairly late in the process. 
I cannot believe the amount of ppl wining about sms... Seriously? This is 2013. 
Sorry +Matias Duarte but breaking the concept of online/busy/offline kills it for me. I respected people status and asked for people to respect mine. Now I will be disturbed any time because friends will not know if I am available for chat.

Snooze notifications for fixed times isn't a solution either, the Snooze concept is created in order to force the system to make us "online" as fast as posible, and to hide the sign out option inside the setting doesn't help either

All previously stated as an user, now ditching XMPP sounds awful as an Open systems advocate but understandable from the developer view, to use some cloud messaging infrastructure instead of permanent open connections by each XMPP is really needed.

Will be a open standard proposal for this?. Apple FaceTime protocol was promised to be published but it never happened. For all the failures that Wave had, at least it was something that was based on open protocols from the start, or was it the reason Google marked it a failure? the need to switch to IM walled gardens?
Quit complaining about online statuses, because they have a far better system of do not disturb now. It's a way more effective way of protecting your time.
On my Note 2 it doesn't update, only says 'open' and up pops Talk :(
"Couldn't sign in because we couldn't reach Google.  Try again" :(
+Matias Duarte I have a simple question - for the sake of simplicity will we finally be gettin rid of the g+ messenger app and have it integrated into hangouts? Time frame?
Great great product so simple so clean. But the Chrome extension thing looks so unpolished, specially on retina screens.
Is there an API available for android for hooking into hangouts?
I'm not getting notifications on my galaxy s4 from people who are using the iPhone app. Messages from other androids come through fine. 
It looks good. Unfortunately no Google Voice or SMS integration so I'm forced to stay with Facebook Messenger. I was really looking forward to this app. Oh well, maybe next year. :-(
+Dominic Powell yes. That's one of the main goals of Hangouts eat all the fragmentation Google HAD on messaging.
+Kevin Kingsmore Matias is a designer, that question may be better for one of the developers.
Play recognizes this as a replacement for Talk. But Phone system still says Talk and UI is still the old one? Not sure how the roll out is going on...
+Tyler Brainerd it does not protecting callers time blindly dialling and waiting for it to timeout to realise my friend is not online. Or not even bothering to send a message if my friend is gonna see it and respond to it 2 hours later. By then I either got my answer or don't care anymore. 
+Dominic Powell As my friend Randall posted, "Hangouts replaces--and improves on the functionality of Messenger. We are working quickly to bring your Messenger conversation history into Hangouts. Until then we will continue to keep Messenger available for users in the Google+ mobile apps."
+Matias Duarte   1) Nice shirt at I/O always styling.

2) thanks for the response, I was just interested to know what action you guys were taking on this application. I have a community where we run a 100 person chat for sporting activities 1-2 times per week and was wondering what would happen with those which were chiefly  held through the original messenger application, but now that we can add people through the web/computer interface it will be much more engaging and inclusive. Thanks for the update, and I am really looking forward to your work on 4.3 / 5.0 whatever is coming next with api 18
Very beautifully designed app. Love what you've done as far as aesthetics is concerned but the app is only an update to Google Talk and it doesn't address the fragmentation.

Here are some suggestions to make it much much better:

Looks beautiful but it's less useful than Google Talk and it does nothing to address fragmentation.

Here's what's missing.

1) Google+ Messenger integration

2) SMS integration

3) Google voice integration

4) Paste copied picture or video from clipboard rather than having to go to the gallery or take a new pic

5) Bring back voice only calls

6) Night mode / dark theme

7) Intuitive status indicators - online/ offline/ busy/ camera

8) Bring back the cool effects in Google Talk

9) Allow sending different types of files - PDF, word, apk

10) Searching for contents of conversations.  
I really miss the ability to see which friends are "online" on their computer. I usually dont want to annoy them by sending them a message unless they are sitting at their computer. Now I have no option but to send a message at random asking "you there"?
On the pc. It gives a green underscore on those who are on line. 
Really need text messaging and Google Voice integrated.  Otherwise, great start.
I would also like to see a status like "active" or "available" à la Whatsapp

My contact list on Hangouts is now pretty huge. Does that mean that every contact is actually using the new app, or could messages end up floating in the ether

[Edit: answered... just found the "looking up contact" function on those contacts]
Why is everyone saying the same complaints over and over again ?
Waiting for it to actually download or install on my ICS Xperia S. It shows it, but won't let me update from Talk. 
+Greg Macek go to the Play Store on a web browser and remotely install it from there. That worked for me
Updates look amazing! Hope to be able to try it out on my asus tf700 soon. : )
Unable to get it on my Nexus 4, says its already installed but when I open it just goes to the old Google Talk.
Its doesn't show who is online like Gchat used to do?
+Joe Avery not EXACTLY. In the google talk app i can see on the top of the list people who are online, even those who do not have a G+ Account or i basically rarely talk to. OTOH the hangouts on the side of the G+ page shows only my "most talked to contacts" and if they are online or not...most of my google talk friends are rarely online, and i would like to know if/when they do come online. In gmail/gtalk i can tell it to show all contacts with online ones on top can't with hangouts even in desktop..this is REALLY poor, and ASSUMES a certain type of people in your circle, assumes that everyone in your circle lives in a place where u have smartphones and they are online all the time and can recieve hangout invitations..if they wanna talk to you they just send you one etc.
Wow... So I found the camera icon, it's in the chrome app, G+ app on the lower right of the chat window before you type anything. Needs a darker color pallet, I really can't make it out on my desktop. 
So for me everything is awesome, just waiting for the removal of the G+ messenger and addition of google voice. 
Good work Google team!
Love this app great work guys. But yeah was also looking for SMS/MMS integration and GVoice. Kind of disappointing considering almost all competing platforms have sms integration, e.g. iOS, Blackberry, and Facebook specifically. But this is a brand new product and I'm sure as time goes on that you guys at Google will continue to add features and improve on it as always 
+Anthony Kelly I tried that last night to no avail. I'll try it again later today. "rollout" to devices huh? :)
+David Anderton same thing happened to me. You can't install it from your phone. Go to the play store online from a computer and download it. It will ask which device and you select your nexus 4.
Extremely bad, gtalk wasted step!
I can't see who is online or status messages? Odd features to miss. And no link to hangout with someone from the contact cards?
Why does it matter who's online? The point is to always be able to reach someone regardless if they are in front of their computer. Its suppose to replace texting.
+Jon Foose lots of reasons, if I know they aren't online maybe I won't bother with a hangout, maybe I will call or text them instead. Also there is no way of knowing when someone will actually come on-line. I have contacts that are on every day and other that are on once every 3 months. Also no chat status is a bummer as well. Last, if I have two accounts it doesn't appear that I can sign out of one of them while remaining in the other. Two steps forward, three steps back.
Calm down, It's being rolled out. If you watched i/o keynote you know that google can do staged rollouts. Consider this one. 
If you want to force it, delete talk from your /system folder (root required, or via ADB) then install from playstore. Otherwise, chill out and wait a few days. 
I don't like the icon. It's bad. I can't even think it's a google app. The original Gtalk icon is much better.
Matias por favor mas publicaciones en español
This is going to be YouTube, Google Maps BIG!  Love it already and it's not even done.  SMS is going to make it THE app to have on any platform.  
Need more features and fix a lot of bugs. But i cool
It's great in a lot of ways... But, it needs more features to be competitive with other solutions. I think it needs an availability status. 
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